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The future at QB

Seeing as we're the first 0-5 team in the NFL, and based off a tweet from Peter King, I wanted to pose a hypothetical situation. The Colts go between 0-16 and 3-13 this year and land the first...

For all you Hitchhiker's Guide fans.


For all you Hitchhiker's Guide fans.


If Manning was going to miss time, this is the year to do it.

As I look around the rest of the division, I can't help but think that if Manning was going to have to miss time due to injury, this was a good time for it. The Jaguars are releasing David Garrard...


The realignment carousel keeps spinning - Big 12 Edition

As anyone that's paid attention to college football has noticed, the realignment carousel is spinning again. Reports are that Oklahoma and Texas A&M are preparing to blow up the Big 12 because of...


The ongoing mess up north and west

I know this is probably mean spirited, but it's at the expense of Purdue and Illinois, so I'm okay with it. Since the Sampson fiasco, I've had to listen to my Purdue and Illinois friends crow about...


Happy Patriots Schadenfreude Day!

Just wanted to wish all my fellow Colts fans a Happy Patriots Schadenfreude Day! Because if there's one thing almost as good as a Colts playoff win, it's a Patriots playoff loss. It's days like...


A sense of perspective.

As I watched the seconds tick off the clock before the Jets used their final timeout, I paused for some reflection on this season. Yes, we were the defending AFC Champions. We came in to this...

A new hope for the playoffs! Full version at


A new hope for the playoffs! Full version at

Return Of The J'Addai! Full image on my site,


Return Of The J'Addai! Full image on my site,

Whipped this up after the game. Here's hoping our "Stormin' Mormon" gets better!


Whipped this up after the game. Here's hoping our "Stormin' Mormon" gets better!

For all Colts fans, the "Blue Crew"!


For all Colts fans, the "Blue Crew"!


A quick word from the artist

As a few of you know, I create a lot of the Colts wallpapers you see floating around the web. I provide these at a high resolution (1680x1050) absolutely free to the community, because I love the...

It's Colts O'Clock somewhere.


It's Colts O'Clock somewhere.

Peyton's Language... Run an out route!

Peyton's Language... Run an out route!


Don't panic.

As I was following along after the game, I noticed that there were a lot of people that were up in arms and in full on sky-is-falling mode. Here's a thought: don't panic. When you look around the...

And now, I feel bad for Tom Brady, which means I feel bad for a handsome guy with two healthy kids,...

And now, I feel bad for Tom Brady, which means I feel bad for a handsome guy with two healthy kids, three Super Bowl rings, $100 million in the bank and a wealthy supermodel for a wife. Funny. He's finishing a six-year, $60 million deal ($26.5 million guaranteed) signed in 2005, one year after Peyton Manning's colossal seven-year, $99 million deal. At the time, we hailed Brady for leaving money on the table and needled Manning for selfishly grabbing as much cash as he could. And for the next five years, the franchise that spent enough to keep its core around its expensive franchise quarterback was ... wait a second ... Indianapolis??? Yup. The Colts consistently paid market value for their own players in a concerted effort to maintain continuity and do right by Manning, sometimes overpaying to protect that Colts DNA. (Of their big-ticket guys, only Edgerrin James was pushed out the door.) By contrast, the value-conscious Patriots lost too much of their DNA; guys like Adam Vinatieri, Deion Branch, Richard Seymour, Daniel Graham, Asante Samuel, Tully Banta-Cain and Willie McGinest were always deemed expendable. In some cases, they were. But how much winning DNA can you lose before you're not the same team anymore?

ESPN's Adam Schefter: "Raiders preparing to cut JaMarcus Russell"

From ESPN's @Adam_Schefter "RT @TheRedzoneorg: ESPN report: Raiders preparing to cut JaMarcus Russell" Anyone think he can put on 25-50 more pounds? I bet he'd be a...


Phillip Wheeler is either very brave, or very stupid

A conversation on Twitter: RT @Koopa209: @philgood50 R u followin Bob Sanders btw?--naa I seen that fool the otha day about 6 hours ago via Echofon @Philgood50 calling Bob Sanders a fool is the...


Just met Jerraud Powers

So a lady friend of mine and I are at the Pacers game tonight, and she had to take a quick call from work. I was checking Twitter, and saw that Jerraud Powers was at the game. I tweeted him, asked...


Colts fan needs some help from you Boston folk

Pats fans! Colts fan here! I need some help from all you Boston-area folk. I have to travel to Boston on business this weekend and will, unfortunately, miss watching the Colts here in Indianapolis....


Need some help from Boston-area Colts fans

So, I'm headed to Boston this weekend for training. Unfortunately, this was scheduled months ago, so I can't reschedule it for a weekend that's not the friggin Super Bowl. I'm flying in on Sunday...





Who is on the line?

I was reading an article somewhere, and came across this quote Rex lined us up on the sideline and said, "OK, everybody who’s made the playoffs step walk in to the numbers." Fifteen, 20 guys...


The Road to the Super Bowl: Playing the AFC's Big Five

So, intrigued by the idea that you can't represent the AFC in the Super Bowl playing more than one of the Big Five (Colts, Patriots, Chargers, Steelers, Broncos), I decided to test out the theory...


Percy Harvin, WR/KR -MIN, named NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year

As reported by ESPN: Minnesota's Percy Harvin was named the NFL's Offensive Rookie of the Year. Baltimore OT Michael Oher was second with 6...


Shanahan to Texans?

In the wake of the Texans disintegration against the Colts yesterday, it's pretty clear that Kubiak isn't going to be back for a fifth season. ESPN's John Clayton had this to say: The surprise of...


The Onion - Patriots Lead Colts at Halftime

The Onion - Patriots Lead Colts at HalftimeHilarious article.   Barring an almost inconceivable and utterly out-of-character mistake by head coach Bill Belichick, the Patriots have virtually...

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