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Proud to be Native American


TV Commercial denouncing "Redskins"

The Battle of Washington


Daniel Snyder says it honors the heritage of Native Americans; critics consider it nothing less than a racist slur. We set out to gauge the real sentiment regarding the name ‘Redskins’ among Native American leaders and in grass-roots tribal communities around the country. The short answer: It’s complicated


Has the time come to refer to Washington's NFL team by another name?

Today I read an article on the National Public Radio (NPR) website . The article discusses if it is time to pull back from using the racial slur "R**skins" when describing or talking about...

Sport Science EJ Manuel


Video of EJ in the sports science lab and how he compares to Kapernick and Luck.

Christian Ponder: Bills' 'exotic' defense confused Vikes


Christian Ponder acknowledged to reporters after the game that the Bills' defense did an effective job disguising looks and coming at the Vikings with midseason-level trickery in a 20-16 preseason win.

Posted July 08, 2013 Are Patriots still the team to beat in the AFC East? Dolphins linebacker doesn’t think so


Opinions about the New England Patriots’ 2013 outlook are broken down into two camps: 1. The Patriots, in light of Aaron Hernandez’s arrest and Rob Gronkowski’s lingering health problems, are mid-tumble from the NFL’s elite to a middle-of-the-pack team, their hold on the AFC East weakening by the day. 2. New England’s actually being underrated, with more than enough talent to overcome lowered expectations.

Packaged Plays


Could this be where the Bills new offense is headed?


I am Not Buddy Nix and I’ve never played him on television

You don’t have to be the General Manager of a Pro Sports franchise to appreciate how difficult it is to do the job well. Anyone in the position of GM must be multi-talented, a keen judge of...


Arizona and Tennessee


How you gonna stop us?

With the acquisition of Mario Williams and Mark Anderson, Buffalo future seems much brighter than last year. As a fan I can honestly say I am borderline giddy as I await the regular season....

Coach Killers, Week 6: Drayton Florence


Every week, we’ll take a look at a player or team whose bad performance did the most to raise the stress level of their coach.

Sunday NFL Countdown


ESPN Has a great sense of humor!



At the end of the Buffalo Bills' 38-35 win over the Oakland Raiders, fans had filtered out of Ralph Wilson Stadium despite the fact that there was not a conclusion to the game.


Tip of the hat to the Raiders

I would like to extend a tip of the hat to the Raiders organization and their fans. It was an exciting game today, and either team could have won. As they say, "on any given Sunday..." I for one,...

Buffalo Bills Rushing and Passing Tendencies


This website focuses exclusively on the AFC West and their opponents. I found the breakdowns quite impressive.

Gailey Monday Update


It must be regular season, the coach's vests are back!

Denver player Head injury vs Buffalo


In my opinion Denver deliberately downplayed the players injury by waiting until he was in the tunnel to put him on a gurney.

Troup has cracked bone in hand


Troup admits there’s pain in his hand, and he did not practice on Wednesday night, but his plan is to eventually play despite the injury.

Just a tweak for Dareus


Bills top pick Marcell Dareus appeared to turn his ankle while in pursuit of Fred Jackson the tail end of a run play. He was down for only a few seconds before popping to his feet and heading back to the huddle. He lined up for one more play, but that was it for the night after that.

Lapham’s NFL career on hold in Buffalo


Could this explain our remaining roster vacancy? A couple of web sites, including the message board, had postings in the last week saying that the 6-foot-8, 320-pound offensive lineman and Amherst native had signed with Buffalo, as did a couple of other sites, including However, that is not the case just yet, according to his agent, Noel LaMontagne.

Lionel Dotson Wikipedia page


DE Lionel Dotson signed with the Bills today, 6'4 290lbs.


If you think things are bad now....

If you think things are bad now, what about when Han Bullough was coaching the Bills. How many folks would love to have Stephenson back at the helm. Let's not forget we practically tarred and...

NHL players union files suit supporting NFL


They claim union decertification is not negotiating and has a negative affect on all sports leagues and player unions. WOW!

Quarterback coaches response to PFW Newton article


The last two paragraph's of this article were a real eye opener for me and I am already a Newton fan.

Newton Has the Intangibiles to be a star


But when it comes to character, there have been no problems. By all accounts, he doesn’t cut lines at school, doesn’t blow off classes. He rides around campus on a scooter and is friendly with the student population. Gil Brandt vice president of player personnel for the Cowboys from 1960-89.

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