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Barcelona situation and Chelsea's handling of Bertrand Traore. (Need some answers)

In light of the Barcelona-Fifa situation, I was hoping that I can get some clear answers to how their situation differs from that of Bertrand Traore. From the little i can gather/understand,...

From RBM


A look at Everton(Chelsea)'s Romelu Lukaku

Josh vs Israel


every touch vs Israel u21

Esk Weston Series- Lewis Baker


Westons getting highlight packages of academy players looking up for a loan next year

Rom back in training...exciting


from his instagram: My last night of being lazy like this.. From 2morrow on my pre-season upcoming season will starts. I will train every single part of my body to be twice as good than last year.. Stronger, faster, bring more quality into my game just to be as deadly as the great masters of the game. It will be hard but when you work hard you will play hard.. Season 13/14 is the season when i stop playing like a boy and will play as a MAN!! #ambition

Lazar report


To benfica for coming to Chelsea?

question about ffp


when do penalties first start to come out? has it been put on hold because of the legal debate? curious because gosh i dont see how Monaco can meet it with some of their potential signings in such a small stadium within a league with such little tv revenue

Q about FFP and B teams


Does B team expenditure and financial figures get tossed into the A teams account? IE if Barca B buy a player is that included in Barca A's figures? Similarly does Barca and Reals B teams make money/are in good standing?


Debate on Nat Chalobah and internal development

Now we all love Chelsea. We all appreciate efforts by the academy to develop Chelsea class players. Now it is without a doubt that the clubs philosophy is to use the loan system to evaluate and...

ArseVsChels NextGen highlights


shout out to EskWeston whos always good at fixing extended highlights of youth games

Impact of the Rafalution on the English language


the portmanteau has a deeply personal impact on my vocabulary. whenever i hear revolution, my head processes it as RAFAlution. its a real shame and mostly depressing. compounding this is the fact that i am a history student who does enjoy studying rafalutions. is this a problem for anyone else?

Brief Lukaku evaluation by a Birmingham beat reporter


Written in lead-up to the WBA-Sunderland match he touches on some of Lukaku's improvements briefly towards the end of the piece


Creative solution to shirt pulling preceding corners

While commentators and supporters alike bemoan extra-curricular activities around the box these same groups readily admit that it would be too harsh to start handing out more and more cards for...


A question about Marko Marin

Why does it seem as though Marko is getting the injury plagued label? Even Stephen tagged him as such sayign that hes missed games these last four years. The four seasons before last he didnt play...


Recommendations/suggestions for a fan's first match at stamford bridge

Im going to the Newcastle match May 2 for my first Chelsea match. Any suggestions to match decorum or recommendations before or after the match. My seats are in the East stand. How does that...

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