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Angel fan since 1966 when my father worked at the stadium in the money room. Although I live in Thailand, whenever I'm in-country, I try to make a game wherever they might be playing.

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  • MLB Los Angeles Angels
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We're Number 9! We're number 9!


The blog, Awful Announcing, ran a listener poll grading the local MLB announcing crews and the Angels' crew came up ninth. But you have to wonder about any ranking system which places Jon Miller at #1. In last place were the White Sox crew (what a shock). At least the Halos finished in front of the MFY. Coming in at 18 was KC, headed up by our beloved Steve and Rex who had the best listener comment in the article "@StevePhysioc & @RexHudler1 are 2 baseball announcing what the Yugo & the Pinto were 2 automobile manufacturing"

Vlad to throw out first pitch in 2014


My heart is full. Angels sign Vlad to a one day contract so he can retire as an Angel. Thank you, once again, Arte.

WTF? Kuhl's bromance with the MFY continues


I know it was the holiday season and I'm sure that's why this slipped my attention, but in the admonition of the Big Lebowski to not be a dick, this guy has consistently failed.


If my life wasn't surreal enough

I'm sitting in a Singapore hotel room waiting for my Thai marriage visa and surfing the television channels through endless Chinese warlord soap operas, Japanese samurai ninja soap operas and 15-20...

Can we please end this Bromance with Napoli?


I don't really care that he doesn't like us. But please no more wailing and nashing of teeth. As he says, he's a Ranger now.

Guess they're not too happy in Boston right about now


"...starting with Lackey, who simply cannot return to this team next year. Not only is he coming off the worst season a Red Sox starting pitcher has ever submitted, but he’s a miserable finger-pointing unaccountable wretch of a teammate, and those may be his good qualities." Enough said.

Angels Travel to Beat Up on Woeful Mets 6/17,18,19. Be there East Coasters?


OK, here's a chance to get together as HHr's and watch the Halos take advantage of the unfortunate investment decisions of the Wilpons. Cath619 will be coordinating and it will prolly be the 18th (however, if I'm travelling 13,000 miles, you can bet your Sweet -- yes you, Cath -- ass I'll be at all three). Post your availability and willingness and someone will get back to you.

Rojas and Gubi get credit where credit is due


Not only does this give Rojas and Gubi credit for the extra innings game against BoSux (with photographic evidence), but relates the futile BoSux announcer's call of the Pukelous game winning HR double off the wall. Enjoy.


Good evening everybody from Pleasantville, NY

For the last time.  I'm packing up and headed for Bangkok, Thailand on the 28th.  The goal is to propagate Angel fandom among the baseball heathens.  If UK Halo, The Limey, Highland Halo, et al....


Report from the Bronx part II

Well that was not very fun.  Once again, an exciting game that wound up being on the other side of the ledger for us.  Once again, there were no Halo fans in sight while this time sitting in the...


Report from the Bronx

To be honest, that was a hell of a game. Not well played and in horrid conditions, but it was extraordinarily exciting. I froze my ass off and I may very well be single once my wife thaws out...


Rally Monkey See, Rally Monkey Do

Inspired by Zu and Zoe and Sothball, I am leading a charge of HHer's into enemy territory tonight.  Princeton11loveshalos, Cath619, and I are heading into the lair of the evil empire to watch our...


CC didn't feel right about playing for the Angels

So why didn't Sabathia sign with the Angels? "It just didn't feel right," said Sabathia (8-5, 3.70 ERA), who starts against the Angels tomorrow. "I was at the point where I wanted a chance to win...


Just listened to XM radio replay of Game 6 2002 WS

It was the first time I had heard the game (I was there for the first go around).  Memory (at least mine) is illusive.  That game still sends chills down my spine.  Selig wearing a black and orange...


If you had to choose who is the AL wild card

Now that Seattle is officially in a free fall and TB took two of three in NY, and Detroit is making a run, who would you rather have be the AL wild card?   I would rather it be NY because of...

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