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No regrets about my name! I loved Kendry(s) and always will

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The Greinke Dilemma

The Angels head into the offseason with 3/5's of the rotation missing and holes in the bullpen that need to be fixed. Dipoto's going to have to get creative with the money available (even with...

Angels may be interested in Howell


I hope so, him and Fujikawa would be great additions to the bullpen and it wouldn't break the bank

Angels interested in Kuroda


I was hoping the Angels would look into Kuroda. Greinke and Kuroda would provide a pretty good rotation

Mets shopping R.A. Dickey


Don't know what it would take, Mets are looking at outfielders and young talent both areas the Angels can't trade

Sox, Doyers talking massive trade


I think I did something like that on MLB 2K12 once or twice

Lineup against King Felix


1. Trout CF 2. Hunter RF 3. Pujols 1B 4. Trumbo LF 5. Morales DH 6. Callaspo 3B 7. Kendrick 2B 8. Aybar SS 9. Iannetta C

That other guy in the draft taken ahead of Trout


Yeah Grichuk is on absolute fire! Too late to count on him being in the outfield with P-Bo and Trout? On another note, Steven Geltz/Jeremy Berg need to get the callup ASAP


Which was the better catch?

After Mike Trout's amazing catch to rob Gordon Beckham of a homer today it led me to think, which was the better catch? The one in Baltimore or the one in Chicago?


Peter Bourjos vs. Kendrys Morales: Why Morales should be dealt

As the trade deadline looms, a look at why the Angels might want to hold onto Peter Bourjos and trade Kendrys Morales.

Angels interested in James Shields


Shouldn't come as a surprise. The Angels have looked at EVERYONE but this is probably the best fit/deal

Jeremy Hellickson?


If the Rays become sellers then the Angels should definitely look at acquiring Hellickson

Marlins become sellers


Not that I care but they have two pieces that could intrigue the Angels, Anibal Sanchez and Randy Choate. A solid middle of the rotation starter and lefty reliever, just what we need to stop the bleeding

Angels scouting Hamels, Phillie scouts at Angels/Yankee game


Probably P-Bo but I still don't think we have what it takes to get him

Jean Segura


A debate to keep Segura around instead of trading him


Angels starting pitching a strength?

I'm worried as an Angel fan. Going into the season the starting rotation looked like the best in baseball but as the season progresses two of the quote-unquote "four aces" have been more of...

Angels dangling Bourjos...again snooze*


I'm so sick of seeing this bullshit with Bourjos. I'm beyond fine with acquiring another "really good bullpen piece" but if that means dealing Bourjos I'm saying no gracias!


A case to trade Morales

Kendrys hasn't quite been what the Angels-or me for that matter- expected which is a damn shame because of his road to recovery. I think Morales added with another player could net us some decent...

Angels trading needs


Pretty obvious needs with a lefty reliever and starting depth. Brian Duensing from Minnesota would be intriguing

Steven Geltz


If Takahashi goes down this is the guy I want up

Travis Witherspoon's breakout season


I've kept an eye on Witherspoon this year. Outfield of Witherspoon, Trout, and Bourjos in a few years? (Mark Trumbo at DH of course.)

Angels watch Ben Sheets throw


I'm saying no gracias! Probably just checking in



Hey Ranger fans! Not here to troll or anything just to ask one question about someone that does comment/post on this site. How in the hell do you stand "The Ahmad"? Please ban him from existence


Angel Co-MVP's

Just some numbers: Trout- 33 runs, .350/.407.548 (.955 OPS!), 10 doubles, 5 HR, 13 SB, 24 RBI, 15 BB/33K, 2.4 WAR Trumbo- .326/.380/.632 (1.011 OPS!!!), 14 doubles, 14 HR, 39 RBI, 16 BB/46 K, 1.7...

Today's lineup


Trout CF, Hunter RF, Pujols 1B, Trumbo LF, Kendrick 2B, Callaspo 3B, Aybar SS, Hester C

Today's lineup (with Conger)


Best lineup right now for us: Trout, Boy King, Pujols, Morales, Trumbo, Hunter, Callaspo, Conger, Aybar

Time to call up Conger?


Let's not sit around and watch another Bobby Wilson AB. Conger would definitely be an upgrade over Wilson until Iannetta comes back


Lower Back Plague

Haren was reported of having lower back stiffness during his early season struggles. Weaver's decline in velocity over his last few starts (less than 4 K's in his last 4 starts) has been noted...


The Angels bullpen

This month there's 4 pitchers that have 0.00 ERA's. Downs, Frieri (who hasn't even allowed a hit), Walden, and even Takahashi! And the only ones to give up runs, Isringhausen (ERA if 2.00) and...


The Most Frightening Word in Baseball: "Rebuilding"

I am sure everyone on this site went into this season predicting the Angels to finally challenge the Rangers for the showdown in the revitalized AL West. I'm sure a decent number of you even had...

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