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I play music for a living, and now I live in Montana.

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Could OPP please catch me up?

So, after all the nastiness of the Dwightmare, coaching change, front office housecleaning, [me probably becoming increasingly nasty on this site,] and my own need to move and establish myself 2500...


A Response To Evan's Article About Jason Richardson

Evan's article about Jason Richardson's recent performance led me to do some number-crunching of my own. First, to recap the stats: In Phoenix, Richardson averaged 19.3 points in just 31.8 minutes...

From SI's Point Forward Basketball Blog: These quotes from Arenas to’s Chris Mannix would...

From SI's Point Forward Basketball Blog: These quotes from Arenas to’s Chris Mannix would frighten me if I were an Orlando fan: "I think for us to be successful, I need to have to start trying to dominate the second unit," Arenas said. "I think that’s how we had success early. When I look back at our games, when we were on the nine-game winning streak, I was dominating that second unit. I need to get back to that." No, Gilbert, you don’t need to dominate the second unit, if by "dominate" you mean take a lot of shots. As a ball-dominator, Arenas has been a disaster in Orlando. He’s shooting 35 percent overall (25 percent from deep), getting to the line fewer times per minute than ever before and turning the ball over at a career-worst rate.

A letter to Reggie Hayward: Ex-Jaguar

Dear Reggie, Thanks for the good memories and great times. Those 8.5 sacks in 2005 were magical. I wish you could've helped us in 2006, but I'm glad you got to experience the excitement of 2007....


Jaguars Should Not Bring Back Hayward: An Opposing View

(pic via ESPN) With the signing of Aaron Kampman and the continued improvement of Derrick Harvey (not to mention the massive contract), it is already apparent that Reggie Hayward's starting...


Maybe the Jaguars aren't so bad at pass rushing

I'm kidding, they really are, but I did see this article on the Sports Illustrated site. The full article is here, but here are a couple important quotes: "There have been just 521 sacks in 7,630...


Rebuilding The Jaguars: Jack Del Rio is our best hope.

A look at potential coaching candidates and if they would be an upgrade.


Rebuilding The Jaguars: The aliens came and took everyone's brains

What has happened to Jaguar fans who want Tim Tebow and are calling for Jack Del Rio's departure?! Insanity... A Pro JDR, anti-Tebow rant...


Jack Del Rio is not the problem

Let me start out by saying that this is nothing personally against some posters here that have recently called for JDR to be fired. I am also completely ok when BigBlueShoe and those crazies over...

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