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RIP Ralph Wilson

I'm sure Brian will post something shortly about this, but until he does - unfortunately, Ralph Wilson has passed away... IMO, Ralph was an incredible owner and one of the reasons that the AFL...


EJ vs. Thad - I'm a little worried...

So I'll be the first to admit that I had been optimistic about EJ Manuel but also a little underwhelmed by him during his first few games here. While the Carolina comeback was amazing, we barely...


So I talked to Doug Whaley last night...

One of the things that is redeeming about the preseason in spite of the dreadful play and vanilla offenses and defenses is that the players and occasionally others are more accessible than they...


Is Mario a Pro Bowler?

Let me start by saying that the Pro Bowl is an absurd game, but the honor of being selected not only affects the player's personal bank account, but also his HOF chances and even the overall...


Stevie or Lee? A poll...

When discussing the talent level of the team now vs. during the Jauron era, I brought up how people perceive the talent level on an individual basis (player v. player) without taking into...


Grantland Article Mentions Fitz... And Not in a Good Way

I came across this article commenting mostly about how Flacco's W-L record is largely overrated, much the same way Sanchez's is - he breaks down what the expectation for other QBs would be based on...


who gets cut?

With all the talk about who we're going to add in the draft and what we need to do, it got me thinking about the other side. Of course, this is far too early for this kind of talk, but... let's do...


thoughts on this guy - round 2?

It seems that every year, talented players drop further than expected because of off the field issues. Despite having first round talent, Janoris Jenkins is a guy who could fall and fall far on...


The Myth of the Developmental QB

Hey guys - I've been reading the blog for a little while and decided it's time to finally sign up and post something. I keep seeing how people would like to draft a developmental QB at some point...

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