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Grizzlies Lock up Conley


5 years, $45M. What? Let's take a second here... Conley $9M, Gay maxed out, Gasol and Mayo needing an extension soon... Where does this set the market for these two? Zach Randolph is coming off the books, yes. But this is a lot of money that is going to be locked up into 4 guys. Does this make Thabeet and Henry extremely available? Especially considering their dealings with Xavier this summer? There's no way that Memphis can afford these contracts in their market. Something's got to give. What is it?


The Upside

No real revelations in this post, just wanted to sum up some of my steps for success and put some numbers to them. I don't think they are incredibly out of reach and if all of this happens, I think...


Eyes v. Statistics, An Auditor's Perspective

So I was recently reading my textbook for my auditing class when I came across the section on statistical and nonstatistical sampling. I became extremely distracted and started reading everything I...

Game recap


The only video highlights I've been able to find of the game against the Bucks. I haven't looked for any from Indiana, but I'm guessing that would be available as well.

Coaches pull out new tricks to try to solve old problems


Very interesting read for 2 reasons. 1) The beginning starts off talking about Rambis and how we are using iPads instead of playbooks. 2) Coaches weigh in on statistics and technology. Seems as if there is a healthy dose from both perspectives, but none of the coaches write statistics off completely. Couple comments about balancing them with what you see to make sure they match up. Those are now my favorite coaches.


Predict - a - Roy, v2.0

So I know I just posted this thread last week, but I just wanted to check in again. I know it's only been a few preseason games, but I just wanted to find out if the consensus had changed. Griffin...

Joke of the Day, because everyone needs a laugh in these dark summer days


"There are people with knowledge of the mild contract discussions that say Randolph is seeking a deal similar to Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol (a former Grizzly). Gasol signed a three-year, $65 million extension in December. It is not known what Memphis is willing to pay, but the franchise is also faced with paying Marc Gasol next summer." I personally blame the Rudy Gay contract.


Predict - a - ROY

So a recent thread made me want to poll all of CH on who we think will win the rookie of the year this year. I will list all of the top 5 and include some others that went aftewards who have...

Insignificant news of the day


Maurice Ager to join the Timberwolves in training camp. Why you ask? Well let me tell you! Once I figure it out for myself... His basketball-reference stats for those who care: Looks like he had a pretty darn good showing in the playoffs that one time... That's about it. Otherwise it looks like he could fill the role of 2011 Sasha Pavlovic.


Random Thought on a Slow Day

So with all this chatter over our starting lineup this season, I thought I'd take some time to think a little outside of the box. Our best 5 players will probably look something like this: PG:...

Love WANTS an extension???


Kevin Love says he would like to get an extension out of the way. Some other things as well. Sounded kind of noncommital about it. But still nice to hear.

New uniforms coming soon


This link (just to twitter) says it's scheduled for 8/16. I also think they meant to say "Tweaked" instead of "Teaked" though maybe I should Urban Dictionary this word before I make that decision for sure... What are you guys hoping for? What do you make out of "tweaked" instead of just "new"?


Kevin Love Timeline (with pictures!)

Well I was inspired by a picture and all of the recent talk that Kevin Love is fat, slow, and unathletic chump. So whether this is true or not (it's not), we can all take solace in the fact that he...


Asset Maximization

So Kahn has certainly taken a lot of crap over the past year for his moves now. I don't think it is deserved, though I do think he has done a poor job. I really can't find any deals that blow me...

Kahn on Beasley in interview


Really interesting. I'd listen to the interview, which is that media bar on the top right of the link. "Beasley smoked too much marijuana in Miami" haha... yeah...

Chris Paul wants out


Chris Paul is now moving down my list of superstars that I like. Wanting out? Yeah whatever. Giving a wishlist of teams (all contenders with superstars) when you are not even a free agent? Ugh. Superstars have too much power now. That is something that should change in the CBA.


The Second Year Curse

Listening to the Ridnour Press Conference right now and apparently Flynn is a question mark for the season with his hip. The second season curse lives on in MN, apparently. Kahn said he has no...

Akron woman finds out LeBron pendant worth thousands


Just wanted to point out this article to people who care. I thought it was kind of funny myself. She's putting it up on eBay because she thinks it's value is related more to how Lebron James' brand moves than to the value of the actual diamonds. "If he got a ring it might go up in value. You never know." Hahaha. Sounds like she is trying to inflate the value because she is afraid it's worthless now that he's not in Cleveland.


Twitter Open Thread

It's pretty overwhelming right now how many comments are coming up on Twitter. I'll post them below. Some don't apply directly to the Wolves, but they're still interesting. Send any updates that...


Pros and Cons (also come here for the next Love v. Al fight)

Al Jefferson to Utah for cap space and two heavily protected future first rounders. No idea what the protection is on the Utah pick yet, but we really have to hope Memphis can duplicate their past...


Vegas Summer League Open Thread, Game 1: Spurs

We're less than 90 minutes away as I publish this thread! This evening at 5:30 Minnesota time, we'll be taking on the Spurs in our first summer league game. Obviously the big game is Wednesday at...



So it's obviously difficult for us to attract top tier FAs like Lebron, Bosh, Wade, Lee, Gay, JJ, Boozer, Amare, Ridnour, etc. But Kahn seems to be on the right track (By accident? Who knows) in...


Thursday at 8PM

So I am officially boycotting ESPN this Thursday at 8PM because an unnamed narcissist will be exploiting his signing at said time. If anyone would like to join me, I will be offering a list of...

Josh Smith available?


Nothing too conclusive. They are just saying that the Hawks have been exploring the possibility of moving Josh Smith. Sounds like the new main target to me. What wouldn't you guys be willing to give up for him? Rubio and Wes Johnson only? I like Love, but he's on the table for Josh Smith in my book. Perfect complement to our current roster of bigs.


Dealing with Darko

There has been a lot of chatter recently about what Darko is worth to our team. $7M has been thrown out a few times as a reasonable number. On the other hand, $3-4M was thrown out as a reasonable...


A Summer in (P)Review

Well now that the draft has gone by and we have some semblance of balance to our roster, I'll give my review of the draft (With grades!) and provide some options to preview the rest of the summer....


Kevin Seraphin

Hey guys! I'm a MN fan and a regular poster over at Canis Hoopus. I made this post about Kevin Seraphin about a month ago and just thought I would share it with you guys. Basically it's a thread...


PA Rumor + Bosh?

Before I get too far into this, keep in mind that I give the chances of this happening about 1%... probably not even. But the puzzle pieces fit, I just wonder if they're not fitting pieces from...


Game 7 Open Thread

Just wanted to start an open thread for anyone watching the finals right now. Looks like a really really good game so far. The atmosphere in the building is insane. Lots of Boston fans too. Garnett...

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