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Rumors, rumors, rumors.

So I figured I'd write up a fanpost for the next couple of weeks which figure to be pretty dang busy if last year and JAF's posts are any indication. I'll weigh the bigger rumors and figure out...


Al Jefferson

So I created a fanpost a while ago to check your guys' interest in Al Jefferson and got a decent response. I just wanted to check back in to see if you guys could offer up any ideas for deals that...


Pass on DMC?

Here is a great video of DeMarcus Cousins and I would encourage anyone who says he has attitude issues to watch it and see what they think. It looks like he's definitely worked with his PR guy over...


More with GS to clear our frontcourt

So this deal will probably disappoint a lot of people for what it does to our team... and that is not make it ridiculously better. But it is realistic and it should help both teams. We both get rid...


Paul George or Xavier Henry?

So the Paul George love around here is starting to overwhelm me (this coming from the guy who is entirely too infatuated with Kevin Seraphin at 23) so I figured I would make a post to compare the...


Those who do not learn from history...

So first I must give credit to PagingStanleyRoberts for his recent fanpost and the link to DX that he provided. It shows all of our NCAA prospects and their shooting efficiency from different spots...


Speculation on 4 for Randolph trade

So it recently came to mind that maybe this is more than just the fourth pick for Randolph and the 6th... now trades in the NBA are often easier than us fans make them, but I feel as if we are just...


Official "Kevin Seraphin at 23" Movement

So I am constantly becoming more and more excited about the prospect of adding Kevin Seraphin with our 23rd pick this year so I figured i would make this fanpost to see who agrees and disagrees and...


Houston and Portland, revisited

So of all of the deals that will inevitably be made between the MN Timberwolves and these two teams to let them move up to 4... they also said they were interested in the 3rd pick and talking to...


Prokhorov, my new best friend!

So it hasn't really been mentioned yet, but if Kahn truly is that low on Cousins, I'd much rather talk to NJ to see what it would take to get Favors. While I am not too concerned that Favors will...


My crazy offseason plan is crazier than your crazy offseason plan

So I was recently looking at all of these "bad" contracts and teams trying to create cap space and I came to some not-so-logical conclusions. And before you start responding about how this will...


Part 2: 2010/11, The case for Jonny

Well I started this "series" a couple weeks ago with my argument for Darko. Because I am not even remotely tired right now I am going to start my case for Flynn. Again, I will try to keep some...


LOLOLOL @ Epic Canis Hoopus Fail

Well before I start, let me just say that if you didn't pick up on this already, the title of this post is a bit of a satire. But my point of this post is basically to request a few things of the...


Trade with the Timberwolves

Barragan (The Minnesotan Rocket fan) recently posed a question about trading for Jefferson on the MN website, Canis Hoopus. I don't think either of us knows if Morey would go for Jefferson at all,...


Trade with the Rockets?

Barragan (The Minnesota Rockets fan) recently posed a question about trading for Jefferson. I don't think either of us knows if Morey would go for Jefferson at all, but that's beside the point...



So it seems to me as if the CH community is pretty much agreed that Josh Childress is the way to go this year in FA. Obviously there are reasons that we wouldn't go through with it, but assuming we...


Four Team Trade

AnotherDraftPickBitesTheDust brought this situation up a couple days ago and TheEvilProfessor just inspired me to take it a step further. On the surface, it seems as if Charlotte isn't getting...


Moves we need to see

So it's not secret that our Wolves are crappy. And yes I cleaned up the language there. So here are some moves that I would like to see and that have been mentioned around here already. I tried to...


Part 1: 2010/11, The case for Darko

So I don't have nearly enough time in my weeks to be doing this as I am currently struggling to keep up with the most ridiculous 12 credit course load I have ever known (16 credit semesters are...


Happy Fun Time

So I made a post a few weeks ago that you can read here: I had completely forgotten about making this post johndough's post reminded me....


David Kahn v. Canis Hoopus: Open Thread

Time to get ready for the chat with David Kahn. For those of you out there who won't be able to make it to the Hoopus Night Q&A with David Kahn, for those who will and don't like asking questions,...



So it seems to me as if the Hoopus community is going through another one of those times where everything seems hopeless. Understandable, seeing as they haven't even been in a game won a game for...



So I figured I would try to give us something (besides the lottery) to be happy about in our current situation. We've lost March so far and that doesn't look to change with our next few opponents...


Open Game Thread - Gophers v Evan Turner

Here it is folks, the biggest game of the year for Timberwolves fans! Our Golden Gophers take on -Evan Turner- Ohio State at 2:30 today. I figure why not get together and have an Evan Turner love...


The votes are in!

As many of you may have noticed (or participated in), I made a post a couple days ago about the Charlotte pick to see what people wanted to happen with that. With the amount of talent on this team...


The Charlotte Pick (dun dun dun)

So it occurred to me that there have been a ton of different suggestions for who to take with the Charlotte pick. That is of course if we get it. As of now it's looking to be a race to the finish...


Defensive player of the year

I've been absolutely amazed this year by Arron Afflalo's defense. Specifically against Kobe Bryant. So far this year Arron has won 2 of the 3 contests. And I'm talking about quite a wide margin...


Kevin Love Nicknames - rerererevisited

I showed up a little late to the party for this, so I thought I would make a fan post to revisit the idea. I recently suggested that good nicknames have all but died out recently. No longer do we...


I've got to know

So as the title may suggest, I want to know what the new popular opinion is. Two months ago, I think I was the only person that actually still believed Corey could put it together. So rougly 5% of...


Wes Johnson

So as Andy G pointed out in Oceanary's weekly post, Syracuse was playing Georgetown today. I could only watch about half of the game, but up until then I have been left unimpressed. Not just by Wes...

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