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I live in Seattle.

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A two hour exam, dinner and drinks

Steve Ballmer is depending on the professionalism of a doctor that examined Donald Sterling in this week's court case.


Will Donald Sterling ever give up?

What does Donald Sterling have to lose that he has not already lost?


30 to 32 teams?

Will the Clippers sale encourage the league to expand?

Details are adding up for hockey fans in Seattle


A potential hockey investor is a Seattle area property investor.


Should Mark Cuban, NBA, always do the right thing?

As the NBA struggles with one of its owners being an alleged racist Dallas Mavericks franchise owner Mark Cuban backs his way into condoning the alleged racist comments. I have some advice for Mark...


Seattle Times rehashes the Port's 2012 opposition

Port of Seattle is still not in favor of the arena. They just wanted to remind you of their opinion.


I expect too much

I expect too much communication from the Hansen Group, and maybe that's by design, but it kind of sucks.

Former NBA Player Cliff Robinson is on CBS's Survivor

Personal Claim to Fame: Playing 18 years in the NBA. (Played for the Portland Trail Blazers, Phoenix Suns, Detroit Pistons, Golden State Warriors and New Jersey Nets) Robinson had some skills on both ends of the floor, and a good all around game. Good luck, "uncle" Cliffy!

"Ed will make it a priority that it gets done."


Mayoral candidate Ed Murray wants you to know where his priorities are at.

Which candidate supports the Seattle arena in SoDo


Mike McGinn and Ed Murray agree on one thing, the arena in SoDo, but only one got the endorsement of a major arena opponent, Peter Steinbrueck, and that candidate is Ed Murray. I'll tell you why...

Sonics return a billion dollar question?


Will it cost a billion dollars for Seattle, Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer, to get an expansion NBA franchise?

Sonics Fans Influence Seattle's Primary Election


Sonics Fans Could Influence Seattle's Primary Election, but Only if the Vote.

Sit back, relax, and strap on your seat belt.


Why would writers and commenters on an NBA blog spend so much energy and focus on the rumors to bring the NHL to Seattle? The following are my thoughts on Paul Rogers' article Perspective: Our...

Seattle Arena Support a political football


Arena support could influence the outcome of the 2013 Seattle Mayor's race. Only one of the four leading candidates has voiced opposition. We will keep an eye on that one, Peter Steinbrueck.

NBA, I totally antitrust you.


Would it be beyond the Maloof family, or your family, to not fight for $16 million dollars? Would Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer sue?

What if the NBA says "No" to Sacramento?


I really don't know for sure that if the team left that Sacramento becomes the first in line for another team until they have a more developed arena and property plan. Maybe they don't become first...

NBA owners seek answers for Kings sale


NBA owners seek answers for Kings sale decision, and the longevity of the association.

Hansen should add Hodgman to Sonics ownership


I make the case that the Chris Hansen should add John Hodgman to ownership group.

Seattle is not in a now or never position


Seattle is not in a now or never position. We picked up the pieces of 2008 and moved forward to today. We are in a now position because Chris Hansen and we have done the work.

Inside the NBA meeting with Seattle


Yesterday, KJR-950's Dave "Softy" Mahler's interview King County Executive Dow Constantine shortly after the meeting between the Seattle delegation and the NBA was very interesting.

The next 3 weeks are huge for Sonics fans.


Every major decision involving the Sacramento Kings franchise sale and potential relocation will be made within the next three weeks.

Are we entering a new phase, corporate sponsorship?


We have had a good debate, so far, about the merits of offers to purchase, and arena build plans. But, I don't think that's where the "bidding war" is actually being fraught at this point.

So, Chris Hansen, how is our arena plan going?


Yesterday, Sacramento had planned to announce an arena plan and failed to do so. Mark Mastrov and Ron Burkle, the duo attempting to construct both an arena plan and an ownership group, added...

A month to go


A month to go before the NBA votes on Chris Hansen's agreement to purchase the Sacramento Kings and relocate them to Seattle. What feels like forever ago, Chris Hansen had agreed to purchase the...

24 Hours before the priority ticket wait list opens, Go Sonics!


Several people have made the point, this list is to show your interest in any kind of ticket package, or potentially single game tickets. List open on Thursday, 10 am. Priority Ticket Waitlist Goes...

To market, to market, to buy a fat pig, Home again, home again, jiggety-jig


Yesterday, future Sonics owner Chris Hansen announced on his website that a "Priority Ticket Waitlist Goes Live This Thursday".

"We" need to explicitly state a few things we continually learn from losing the Sonics, and move forward when the time comes.


This is what I think, and something I had planned as a my Tuesday column on April 16th, but why not here and now? "We" need to explicitly state a few things we continually learn from losing the...

Months later... It is up to the Maloofs


Shocking as it sounds not coming from me, but from a journalist, it is up to the Mallofs who they sell their franchise to. I will pick out the points from a story by David Aldridge that would be...

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