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This comes to mind when the Seahawks Players keep talking trash about Harbaugh.


Every time I hear another Seahawks trash talk, I feel like they are lucky he has mellowed a little with age... then again they haven't said it to Harbaugh in person either. I would die laughing if he Jim Kelly'ed a player talking out the side of their neck.

Interesting statistical analysis of Royce White


The more I read about him the better talent I think he is... he is already getting promises from late lottery teams (allegedly) I wonder how far he is moving up the ranks.

Nice story on Royce White


The more I see of this kids game the more I like it. I think he would be a good fit for the Dubs since he is basically a point forward with a post game.

How about a sign and trade for Steve Nash?


I know Curry gets compared to Nash, why not get him for 3 years to limit Curry's minutes and get him some proper point guard training. He want's about $10 mill a year for 3 years... that would be a straight up trade for RJ with a draft pick + cash if needed to sweeten the deal

Draft Kendall Marshall #7


I keep reading about up signing a veteran point guard, but with Curry in need of an extension and the lack of true point guards why not draft a player that has proven (by how bad his team was without him) to make players better. He could be a back up for now and if we went small you could play Curry at the two and Klay at the three to spread the floor. They compare him to Mark Jackson as a player... so who better to develop him. They are saying that there are 4 top players after that it is a crap shoot on finding a star, I think looking for a good rotational player rather taking the risk drafting a star player who could be a bust is too risky. If they find a player to make Klay, Lee and Bogut (and a small forward to be named later) better when he relieves Steph and could eventually replaces Steph when he signs elsewhere or we trade him. I think we could gamble on a player who has star (or bust) qualities like Royce White if we trade up from 30, then use our mid level exemption or trade Beans soon to expire $9 (or just buy him out already) to get more size.

Nice story about Bruce Irvin, his highlights and numbers were great from his Jr. season but his...


Nice story about Bruce Irvin, his highlights and numbers were great from his Jr. season but his production dipped slightly last year. Still looks like a good day 2 prospect that could move up if he blows up at the combine. He looks to have a nice combination of speed (great first step) and power.

Eric Branch at it again!


Josh Johnson on the 49ers? Things that make you go Hmmmmm



I keep hearing about the baller out of Colorado Alec Burks, I think this kid has game and would be good playing off the ball as opposed to needing the ball to create shots like Burks.

Does Kaepernick's throwing motion matter?


Another good Mike Sando Matt Williamson collaboration with a sports science video for good measures.

'Kaepernick is going to the perfect team'


I hope Matt is right! I am excited all over again... New coach and I hope soon the new QB plays!

Similarities between Harbaugh and Mallett

  1. Both went to Michigan
  2. Both are children of coaches

Sports Illustrated's Michael Rosenberg's Take on Ryan Mallett


He makes some valid points, this was a good insightful article.

Sleeper Tight End form Anchorage


Nice story especially when I read he was a life long 49ers fan!

Colin Kaepernick Montana factor by Kevin Lynch


I dug this article and I like Kaepernick's game check it out!


I just thought of a young free agent QB that played in the West Coast Offense

I was really trying to think of another QB that the 49ers could get that played in the west coast offense that was young but had starting experience...  But most important wouldn't cost us a draft...

Kaepernick at the Nevada Pro Day


He is being hyped to a late 1st early 2nd round pick in this article... The young man must be showing much improvement from under center since he was originally thought to be a 3rd or 4th rounder

Kaepernick Scores a 37 on wonderlic


Sounds was verified as a smart young man with a 37, the 3rd best score behind Greg McElroy's 43 and Missouri's Blaine Gabbert's 42 Is it a bad thing that he didn't score as high as Alex Smith who had a 40?

49ers Private Workout for Colin Kaepernick


I am happy to hear the 49ers are giving him a look. Hope he ends up our QBOTF

Ryan Mallett less then blazing 40 yard dash time


Looks like he broke Tom Brady's 5.23 40 yard dash record! But knowing that Brady ran almost in slow makes me think he won't be a good player just because of his slow 40 yard dash time.

Colin Kaepernick to do full work out at combine


Glad we can see him vs. other QB prospects but the article claims he scored a 38 on the Wonderlic which is most impressive.


Pass Rusher Discussion

If we do not take a franchise QB with # 7 and the depth of corner backs in this draft we may look at another weakness...  Pass Rusher. After the jump is some prospect profiles to spark a discussion...

Barrow's look at Senior Bowl QB's


I would not be upset with Christian Ponder out of FSU


How about Chad Pennington as the transition QB

I was reading that he is recovering from his latest surgery and still wants to play.And I thought why not?  He is a solid vet and is know for being very accurate, I posted his stats after the jump. ...


How do you feel about Ryan Mallett

We know the 49ers need a QB and we have a very capable coach to groom a young QB.  I have read very differing opinions on Ryan Mallett.  What do you think? I have included a few scouting reports...


Ohhh Holliday!

After watching Texas Vs. The Nation I think I have a 49er Draft crush for Kick Off/Punt Returner/Running Back/Wide Receiver Trindon Holliday.


Since we have two first Rounders

What are the Niners Nation's thoughts on using one signing Elvis Dumervil? 


Back on my Josh Johnson bandwagon...

I am bringing up Josh Johnson again, I do like Nate Davis but this is a local kid and he looks like an athlete!!!  Before the draft I was talking about trading a late pick for him rather then...

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