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Vice: The British Wrestler

'VICE looks at the UK's underground wrestling scene, from the community centres of Plymouth to the streets of Glasgow. A far cry from the now faded memories of terrestrial TV's World Of Sport and even further from the glitz and glamour of the stateside WWE, Brits across the country have been escaping the banality of their everyday lives by moonlighting as pro-wrestlers in the largely unheard scene of today.'

The Fire Inside: The Timothy Bradley Story

(A Original Documentary)

Boxers and Ballerinas

An exhibition in New York of photographer John Goodman's black & white images. From the New York Review of Books article (check that link for some photos): "In his essay accompanying the exhibition’s catalog, The Times Square Gym, the journalist Pete Hamill explains that the "mysterious quality" that motivates boxers is not merely "courage," but rather "the willingness to endure punishment in order to inflict it." Dancers, likewise, "endure punishment" in order to create beauty. Goodman’s photographs capture both dancers and boxers stretching, crouching, gazing exhausted into space, fixing shoes and gloves—those respective curiosities that both protect their wearers at their crucial points of contact, while enabling them to blast through the barriers of gravity, of flesh, in their momentary spurts of exertion."

Fight Church - trailer

Via Deadline: "The feature-length docu tracks MMA-fighting pastors who blend bruising battle in the octagon with their teachings of The Bible, as well as those within the faith community who question such a union of Christianity and violence. Pic also features interviews with pro fighters Benson Henderson and Jon Jones and is produced by Eben Kostbar and Joseph McKelheer."

Ultimate Fighting and Ultimate Ethics

Article in the latest Christianity Today magazine.

Ju Kun - martial arts expert - among missing on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

"Among the passengers missing and believed to have perished on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is Ju Kun, the veteran martial arts expert and assistant martial arts choreographer on Marco Polo, the Netflix/The Weinstein Company series pilot that is scheduled to begin production in three weeks. The 35-year old stuntman had completed a day of training and choreography and made a quick trip from Pinewood Studios in Malaysia to his home in Beijing, which was why he boarded the flight that disappeared 35,000 feet over Vietnam."

Hit Maker -- Fight scenes, physical theatre, and "Rocky."

It's currently behind a paywall but I'll draw your attention towards this article in the latest New Yorker anyway. Joan Acocella has a lengthy piece about the upcoming musical 'Rocky', a look behind the fight choreography and a man helping to make it happen, 'movement director' Steven Hoggett. "In Rocky, Hoggett had an additional task. He had to design a fight that, to people not involved in the profession, would look more or less like the real thing. And unlike filmed boxing, where the cameras can do a lot for you, his fight had to look real from right, left, and centre: everywhere the audience would be. Therefore the men did have to hit each other." The whole article is worth seeking out.

Antoine Fuqua Closes Deal To Direct (boxing film) ‘Southpaw,’ Jake Gyllenhaal Set To Star

"Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, Olympus Has Fallen) has chosen his next film. He will direct Southpaw, a drama set in the boxing world with Jake Gyllenhaal now set to star as welterweight champion who rises in his profession while his personal life falls apart. The picture, financed by The Weinstein Co., will start before the cameras this summer from a script by Kurt Sutter (Sons of Anarchy, The Shield). Fuqua was looking at a number of different projects to helm but decided on Southpaw. His deal closed last night….This is a movie that could include some breakthrough performances as the script plays to cultural diversity."

Miguel Cotto gets front row seats to the Michelle Rodriguez And Cara Delevingne show


At last night's Knicks game. More pictures here -

As concussion controversy rages, boxing writers look in the mirror

Article in the latest Columbia Journalism Review examining the realities of the fight game and our attraction to it.

Meet the "Golden Boy" of the Growing Asian Combat Sport of Muay Thai

Profile of Nick Chasteen (Lion Fight fighter) in the Phoenix New Times.

Fallon Fox: The Toughest Woman in Sports

In the January GQ - "For five hard but rewarding years, Fallon Fox worked toward her destiny of going pro as an MMA fighter—and no one knew she'd once been a man. But then she was outed as transgender, and soon her opponents were playing "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)" before she entered the arena. NANCY HASS follows the controversial Fox as she kicks, claws, clinches, sweeps, and scraps her way through the MMA world. And that's before she even gets in the cage."

E:60 - Children of the Ring

E:60 "Children of the Ring" ~ Jeremy Schaap from Bluefoot Entertainment on Vimeo.

"In this E:60 season finale episode, watch Jeremy Schaap’s journey to Thailand where he reports on the nation’s national past time, Muay Thai, a martial art, where children as young as seven are allowed to compete in arenas controlled by organized crime and gambling syndicates. "

Thailand national sport under threat

Via Al Jazeera - Professional mixed martial arts or MMA is a new sport with a rapidly expanding international fan base. It is attracting more and more boxers due to its higher prize money. However, it is not clear yet if this trending sport is legal. Al Jazeera's Scott Heidler reports from Bangkok.

Mike Tyson - My Life As a Young Thug

Mike Tyson article in the latest New York magazine.

Boxing Clever

A writer is forced to reconsider his stereotypical views on boxing after meeting the widow of an ex-boxer and concludes by saying: "there is something stirring about the spectacle of two men, more or less evenly matched, testing one another according to rules by which, at least in principle, they abide even in the extremity of their need to break them. Moreover, however much they may have insulted each other beforehand in an attempt to stoke their own aggression, they kiss and make up, even honour each other, immediately the fight is over. This is chivalry, albeit of a relatively coarse kind; but chivalry is always inspiring."

The Elvis Impersonator, the Karate Instructor, a Fridge Full of Severed Heads, and the Plot 2 Kill the President

GQ story - "Remember that crazy story about the dude in Mississippi who mailed ricin to Obama and then tried to frame some other dude in mississippi for the crime? Well, as Wells Tower discovered when he traveled to Tupelo and started poking around, the story is a thousand times crazier than you thought..."

Kelly Pavlik arrested

Via TMZ: Former middleweight boxing champ Kelly Pavlik was arrested today after allegedly stiffing a cab driver in Ohio -- and the police report is HILARIOUS. The cabbie called cops immediately after Kelly allegedly bailed on his fare early Wednesday morning in Canfield, and when police arrived at the scene ... the cabbie told officers he had been "ripped off by that drunk f*** Kelly Pavlik." According to the cabbie, he had picked Kelly up at a nearby bar and driven him home -- resulting in a $25 fare -- but Kelly didn't feel like paying, telling him, "F*** you guys. I'm not paying you. Go f*** yourselves." Pavlik then disappeared into his house.

Tomato Can Blues

Story in the New York Times - "Charlie Rowan was a small-time cage fighter who couldn’t get a break. He owed money to impatient people and needed to start over. Late one night, he came up with a plan"

E:60: A Time To Kill - The Jody Plauche Story

On March 16, 1984 Gary Plauche shot and killed Jeffery Paul Doucet, his 11 year-old son's karate coach, at the Baton Rouge Metro Airport. What drove this father of four to take a man's life? The answer lies in Doucet's dark and abusive relationship with his students...including Gary's son Jody. As E:60's Tom Rinaldi reports this is more than a story of the revenge of a father who took the law into his own hands. Now 41, Jody Plauche has taken the events of his childhood and turned them into a positive message of hope and recovery.

Vanity Fair slide show - The Big Guns

During the depths of the Depression, Vanity Fair showed an uncharacteristic giddiness for the brawniest celebrities of the day: heavyweight boxers. Squeezed in with Jean Cocteau, Cole Porter, and Greta Garbo were the likes of "Sailor" Jack Sharkey, "Old Snaggle Tooth" Primo Carnera, and "The Livermore Larruper" Max Baer, as well as the occasional lightweight contender and even wrestling stars, photographed by the pre-eminent portraitists of the day, such as Edward Steichen and Lusha Nelson. Below, a survey of Vanity Fair’s early flirtation with the less cerebral side of life, with excerpts from the original text that accompanied the photos, by Paul Gallico.

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