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Let Me Have My Hype!!!

Let me have my hype I’ve had my false hope for so long Have been force fed Spurrier and Jim Zorn I’ve seen past prime free agents And fat guys that wouldn’t play once they received payment We’ve...


Mock Draft (Rd. 3-7) Using PFW Draft Value Chart

The mock that I am about to present is based off of the Draft Value Chart that Pro Football Weekly has posted on their site (h...



Definition: (Linguistics) having a clear, articulate, and socially acceptable accent and way of speaking Can we please stop with the "well-spoken" description of RGIII. The media uses the term...


OL Insanity Continues!!!

So it would seem that some folks are still losing their mind because the team has not "addressed" the OL. While I do believe the OL needs work, the level of insanity has reached epic proportions...


FYI - RGIII will be in the area on Saturday.

The Washington post is reporting that RGIII will be at a Sports Card & Memorabilia Show is Dulles this weekend. (h...


Impact of Manning's Choice on Redskins

Manning is making his rounds and hopes to have a decision by Monday according to numerous reports. So far it appears Denver, Arizona, and Miami are the places he has narrowed down his desire to...


The Ideal QB Carousel

IMO this would be the ideal QB carousel for the Redskins and the other teams as well. Peyton Manning to Arizona Cardinals Kevin Kolb traded to Cleveland Browns (To: Arizona - 1st Round (#22)...


TRADE w/ Rams: 1st (#6) & Raheem Morris for 1st (#2)?

I know it sounds crazy. But Bruce Allen was the GM who traded John Gruden to the Bucs for two 1st Rounds picks & two 2nd Round picks, plus $8million. If Greg Williams is pink slipped due to...


Laron Landry Injury Prone?

I never got a response from my comment the other day, so I thought I would turn into a fan post. The History The guy plays 3 seasons and misses only one game with an injury (at FS = not his natural...


Trade Up BEFORE the draft possible?

Multiple teams already have had preliminary discussions with St. Louis about the possibility of trading for the Rams' second overall pick, according to league sources. The Rams are willing to deal...


What about this option?

I think a ton of focus has been placed on DHoward and the big names, but what about the lesser names that together with Wall and Mcgee would make a great team and jump start a rebuild IMO. What...


What about Steve Johnson?

I haven't heard much chatter on the blog about he idea of adding Steve Johnson as the deep threat #1 WR. I'm sure that some of that is due to the drama surrounding his big drop against the Jets...


Update on Diggs

I know folks are wondering, so wonder some more. Here's an "update" on Diggs from FWIW As they say, the last visit is a crucial one, but it appears while Maryland is a serious...


If you are Peyton Manning...

Would YOU choose to come to the Redskins? Seriously, I'm not bashing my team, just being absolutely realistic about the Redskins chances. I don't care what the Shanahan's want or what the fan base...


Moving on to WR

The QB talk has ben pretty much run into the ground and only time will tell what Shanahan and company will actually do. So I thought a realistic look at another position of need WR would be a...


Possible Replacements for Flip - To Soon?

ESPN had a nice article about potential coaching candidates ( I figured it was worth posting for discussion...

Ike Hilliard Hired as WR coach.


Ike Hilliard hired as WR coach. He interviewed previously back in 2010 for the same position and has been an assistant with the Dolphins.


Trade Back: Not So Fast

I made this comment in response to another fan post and would really like any of the trade back fanatics to help me out with an answer. I LOVE the trade back gang and their use of last year as...


RGIII Decision by Tuesday?

According to the Baylor Blog (Our Daily Bears): confirmed the meeting...


New Defensive Coordinator

Maybe I missed something along the way, but I thought the prevailing rumor was that Bradford was out and that possibly Larry Johnson Sr. or Randy Shannon could be an option. Then I began to hear...


Trading Up - Why Not?

I'm not quite clear on why everyone is so opposed to the idea of trading up. If Shanahan decides that the future at quarterback requires the team to trade up for him, then who are we to question...


Kyle Shanahan Rocks

Great quote from Kyle overheard by someone at CSN Washington via Profootballtalk. “Hey, about an hour ago, all right, their [defensive] coordinator [Juan Castillo] told us, told [offensive line...

Mike Shanahan has started evaluating college QBs.


Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said that although the season has yet to come to an end, he already has begun evaluating the top college quarterbacks.

Vanderlinden denies any interest in returning to Terps


"I am not a candidate nor am I interested in returning to Maryland as the defensive coordinator. Hopefully, that will clear things up," the Nittany Lions coach very succinctly stated in the email to the Sun.


Why throw the kitchen sink at one else is.

I don't know what all of the details are surrounding the trade offers for Dwight Howard, but if he would resign with the Wizards, I think the Wizards offer would be able to include better than "no...


BCS Bowl Games to Watch

Actually....we should watch them all. However, for the purposes of QB watching here's the lineup. Just wanted to provide a space for some open discussion. Last year I believe Roy Helu was wathed...


Couch GM: 2012 Mock - FA (Updated)

Sitting at home on a Saturday with the kids as they are down for a nap and decided to fiddle around with what the Redskins could look like in 2012. All draft picks are projections (using...


Cut Beck and Promote Jonathan Crompton from PS?

I believe that everyone is absolutely clear that John Beck is NOT an NFL caliber QB in any way shape or form. I think we would all agree too that we know what Rex is and isn't capable of. Arguments...

Matt Barkley files for draft evaluation


"This is a normal procedure, but it’s the logical next step for the USC junior. Barkley joined NBC SportsTalk on Thursday and admitted that he’s "possibly" played his last game at USC." Here comes Barkley?


Redskins SHOULD Lose (Week #12)

Now...the title of this post is mostly attention grabbing. As I stated last week, and was helped along to better clarity of my point by some of the posters who understood my underlying thought, I...

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