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Fantasy Football TE and DEF Preview


An Preview of the TEs and DEF for this years Fantasy Football Season.

Lito Signed by the Raider


Eagles get Nnamdi and Raiders get Lito… Fair Trade.

Fantasy Football: WR Rankings


Hey everybody, this is the second post of the new fantasy football section of BGN. In case you missed it here is the first post breaking down the QBs and the RBs. It seemed to get positives reviews...

Fantasy Football Preview: QB and RB


A Preview of the QBs and RBs for the upcoming Fantasy Season and some helpful drafting tips


Some Thoughts on the Preseason Opener

When I got back from the game I had so many thoughts in my head I had to write them down. First off, the game was awesome. So happy football is back what would I do without. Also, if you ever get a...


Mr.Electric's Take on the Eagles Offseason and 2011-2012 Preview

Hey everyone, hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I havent been on here as much as I wanted but once the season starts I will be here a lot more. Like most of you I am thrilled with the...

Detroit Lions Sign Former Jags LB Justin Durant


This is interesting to me. It has been reported that the Lions and Eagles are in a bidding war for Stephen Tulloch the free agent LB from Titans. If the Lions are signing a LB does that mean that the Eagles out bid them or is this irrelevant and just a coincidence?

Doug Free stays with Cowboys 4 year 32 million with 17 guaranteed


FUCK FUCK. Man i really wanted this guy. Not a good way to go to night.

Eagles Player Rep Winston Justice would vote yes and wants to get back to football


This follow an interesting point brought up last night that the NFLPA might be holding off the vote because they know at this point too many people just want to get back to work.


Meet the Newest Sixer...

Nikola Vucevic wait I mean Spencer Hawes 2.0. After the jump I will show how similar these two actually are. 

John Clayton's All Underrated Team


3 Eagles made it: Shady, Celek and Allen.

NFL and NFLPA Meet again in Undisclosed Location


UPDATE: Meeting was in New York both Goodell and Smith in attendance. Chris Mortenson tweeted talks are heating up. "This is the second time in the last week that the two sides have met, including a three-day session outside Chicago that included Goodell and NFL Players Association head DeMaurice Smith." Not a deal but it seems like finally we are moving in the right direction.

PFT Talk is highlighting the Cowboys Worst Moments


This should be awesome. An hour dedicated to making fun of the cowgirls. I suggest everyone watches this and DVRs it in case they have any cowboy friends.


Why do all Giant Fans love Eli???

The Eli love by Giants fans confuse me. First off, I'm not trying to bash the Giants or say Eli sucks. I am honestly confused. I dont hear the same love from Cowboys fan about Romo or Falcons...


Why do all the Giant Fans love Eli?

The Eli love by Giants fans confuse me. First off, I'm not trying to bash the Giants or say Eli sucks. I am honestly confused. I dont hear the same love from Cowboys fan about Romo or Falcons about...


5 Potential First Round Options for 76ers

Before I start with my projections I want to say some stuff about me. I love the draft I may be the only fan who gets more excited for the draft than the regular season. This year some people are...

NFL Gets Stay


Only word to describe this: FUCK


DSmith215 I got a Question for YOU

This theory could be completely wrong but I'm bored and figured why not take a shot. DSmith215 are you CNCITFO???  Before everyone calls me stupid for saying this I have two clues that point toward...


Fan's Guide to the Eagles 2011 Draft Days 1 and 2

So after the draft was over I was eager to look more closely at the picks. After carefully analyzing the picks it became quite obvious to me that this draft class was all about now. I'll explain...

Lester Munson: Dream scenario for NFLPA


Great News for the fans and NFLPA. Munson says he thinks the ruling is so pro-players a stay from the Appeal Court may not be granted.


Stuck at Passover missing game

I have my passover dinner at 6 going to 10 so I miss both the Flyers and the Sixers. The Sixers I can live with but I cant miss a flyers game so… my plea to all you true flyers fans is tell me some...

Eagles War Room


Hey guys, MTD (Mocking the Draft) is running a Mock this weekend and I would love to get a mini-warroom for it. I think it could be a lot of fun. The rules and times are on the site. Hope some of you will decide to do it.

Mock Draft 3.0

My Mock Draft 3.0 TEAM   PICK 1. Carolina (2-14) Marcell Dareus 2. Denver (4-12) Von Miller 3. Buffalo (4-12) Cam Newton 4. Cincinnati (4-12) AJ Green 5. Arizona (5-11) Blaine...


My Predictions

Hello, I decided to try and pick all 37 at large teams this year. Here they are: Locks (27) UNC Temple Notre Dame Georgetown Wisconsin Villanova Louisville Purdue Pittsburgh S...

Packers Re-sign A.J. Hawk


There goes any chance of the Eagles Signing him.


Texans Draft Needs Help an Eagles Fan

So I'm at eagles fan and over at BGN we are doing a 2 round NFL mock draft and I picked my favorite AFC team the Houston Texans. Yes I guy from Philly's second favorite team is from Texas. Heres...

Jets to Cut RT Woody


Definitely old and he is coming off an injury but I wouldn't mind paying him the minimum and seeing what happens.


NFL 2011 Mock Draft

[Note by JasonB, 02/26/11 10:15 AM EST ] Here is another community mock draft for you. Keep them coming! The reason I make these Mock Drafts is for one simple reason: I love the draft. I think it...

Mr.Electric's New and Improved Mock Draft 2.0

Again just like last time this as of now and will definitely change by the draft. Also this time I put the needs of each team. But, for every time except the eagles I could be wrong so please tell...

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