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I'm Chris Meirose - AKA Big Chris if you've been around Sonics sites over the years. I’ve been a Sonics fan since the early 80′s, and was part of the original team at When I’m not editing posts and monitoring comments you’ll find me raising a family, pastoring a church, or lifting some weights. Heavy weights.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Minnesota Twins
  • NFL Minnesota Vikings
  • NCAAF Nebraska Cornhuskers
  • NHL Minnesota Wild
  • MMA Benson Henderson, Johny Hendricks, Jon Jones
  • EPL Newcastle United
User Blog

In the NBA Today - April 29th, 2013


Catching up with NBA news.

In the NBA Today - April 28th, 2013


A preview for today's Game 4's in the first round of the NBA Playoffs.

News from around the NBA


A few news items related to the Sonics, former Sonics, general NBA, or in one case a new NBA General Manager.

OT: 2013 NFL Draft Thread


We are a basketball blog, but we know full well that fandom in our readers and commenter isn't limited to spherical ball sports!

The end draws nigh - Sacramento Open Thread


While there are still questions, both Seattle and Sacramento fans remain confident in the Kings' relocation saga.


Seattle Fans praying for Boston

Your town is in our (and our nation's) thoughts and prayers. Be safe and be well. I caught the video of the finish line explosions. Truly a nightmare. Blessings on those who first responded,...

Chris Hansen Ups the Ante


An Update from Chris Hansen via We would like to announce that we have reached an agreement with the Maloofs to raise the price we are offering to purchase the controlling...

Sacramento Commentary Thread


This is an open thread where we allow all our readers to join in the conversation. Play nice. Don't make it personal, and don't take it personally. Remember, we're two great fan bases, not...

If the NBA wants Seattle back


Nice piece by Jerry Brewer. "While commissioner David Stern and his owners are vetting two potential ownership groups and their arena plans, they should consider another thing that will complicate this weighty decision. This isn't just a good chance for the NBA to return to Seattle. It's quite possibly the league's last chance, too."

Concerns about Sacramento's new arena deal arise


Cal Watchdog in a two part series lays out some deep concerns with the accelerated process of approval for the proposed new arena in Sacramento.

ESPN: A good way to steal a team


It can be a terribly powerless thing to be both emotionally invested in an NBA team, and not a billionaire. Here's my question, though, and it's an honest one: Could it really have gone better? Is there a good way to steal a team and move it from one city to another? Or is that just kind of how the sausage gets made? This matters now, of course, because Seattle is in the thick of it, hoping it'll soon be backing up moving trucks to the loading docks in Sacramento, Calif., where another passionate fan base has hearts in throats. It is not a crime to want an NBA team. Who can second-guess Oklahoma City, Sacramento or Seattle for that? Are there things that are off-limits, however, in how you get one?

Journalistic integrity is important


How trustworthy are the sources you use to keep informed on the saga of whether the Sacramento Kings will move to Seattle?

Sacramento, Seattle ready for fight to call Kings their own - By David Aldridge


Two cities, each with rich history in the NBA, want a team. Only one team is available. It may be the only one available for quite some time. And thus, one of the most expensive games of eeny, meeny, miny, moe ever will begin Wednesday in a swank midtown Manhattan hotel, as the City of Seattle and the City of Sacramento have at it. Fifteen rounds, for a 27-47 team.

Brian Robinson on Q13


BR announcing the move to SB Nation on Q13 - 3/31/13.

Creative new design proposed for Seattle Arena


Seattle's Chris Hansen pushes the boundaries of what an Arena can and should be like.

Sports Radio KJR


Your radio source for Seattle sports.

Sonicsgate: Requiem for a Team


Official site for the documentary film "Sonicsgate: Requiem for a Team."

Sonics Arena


The Sonics Arena Project is a public/private partnership to build a world-class, multi-purpose sports and entertainment Arena in Seattle’s Stadium District. A majority of the investment is being made by private investors, and the project represents one of the largest private investments for an Arena project in North America.

Rendering of proposed new arena in Seattle


What might the new arena in Seattle look like? Here's a preliminary first look.

Test: Clippings Test Run


Just giving it a whirl.

Hurricanes and relocation - via Denver Stiffs


Denver Stiffs writer Jeffrey Morton has a very nice piece today called Hurricanes, relocation and arenas...oh my. It seems to be a pretty fair summary of what has brought the NBA (and thereby us)...

More thoughts on the arena situation


A couple of interesting reads today on the Sacramento Arena deal that was recently announced. First - Field of Schemes - Dissecting the term sheet. And - The Stranger - a step by step comparison...

Off Topic - Percy Harvin to the Seahawks!


As your resident Minnesota Vikings fan I thought I'd throw this out for discussion since there are undoubtedly some passionate Seahawk fans here at SonicsRising. Reports from John Clayton say that...

Get your new post here...


When posts start to get in that 250+ range, we like to start a new post just to keep things running smoothly and for readability.  Thanks for putting up with that. With that said, an even greater...

A Sonics fan was born


I was a 4th grader growing up in Sioux Falls, SD.  I went to a YMCA basketball camp, and they divided us onto teams and gave our teams NBA team names.  I was on the Sonics.  I had never heard of...

NBPA bounces Billy Hunter


In a unanimous vote yesterday the NBA Players Association voted to remove Billy Hunter from his post as executive director.  While on the surface that sounds like a done deal, Hunter has stated...

The redemption of Vin Baker


Vin Baker.  A name I haven't thought of for quite a while.  Years really.  When you think back on the time Vin Baker was in Seattle, what are your memories? I'll admit, I was hesitant to embrace...

Sports and politics


Seeing it is time for a new thread, and the fact that Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson continues to hold press conferences to grandstand his efforts, I found myself thinking about the intersection of...

Schultz confirms that Stern threatened him


David Stern warned the former Sonics owner that sticking with the lawsuit would become "very expensive" for the Starbucks CEO.

Settlement Thread


Trying to keep comments on threads under 250. Thanks for your help! Sounds like it is $75million from Clay, but less if Seattle gets another team - KJR.

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