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High school history teacher in Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar (Burma). [Exciting update--in Surabaya, Indonesia since August of 2013!!!] Can still taste the congealed nacho cheeze I bought at the Silverdome during Game Four against the Lakers in "88.

On the K-State side of things, my lunch room supervisor at Bluemont Elementary in 1973-74 was Steve Grogan's girlfriend. True story!

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So, What Do We Realistically Have in Peyton Siva?

Well, to start with, we have the presence of Peyton's #1 fan (with a bullet) in KC3 and we're all really glad to have her here. And no one will debate that. As the excitement brews for next...


Piston Pride

DBB reader MrHappyMushroom makes a good point, if you think about it.


Where were you when Joe Dumars was drafted?

Lots to say about Joe Dumars. Most of us still love the guy and appreciate what he did. (Watching his HoF acceptance speech today really further convinced me that he's a genuinely good guy in...


When the Pistons Win...When the Pistons Lose...(Installment #3)

The Answer: When they have a day off...When they play... That's an intro joke that writes itself. 'k, a pet project of mine has been following to what degree lotsa/few shots in games by...


How Bad Has It Been?

The other day, I was perusing PistonPowered and saw that Dan Feldman wrote: "The schedule softens in the next month, and I could see the Pistons at .500 15 games from now." I had been...


Proposal for an Impotent DBB Protest: An Alternative Game (Boycott) Thread on January 5th

'k, these past couple of weeks have been pretty grim. Aside from an unlikely comeback win against the Celtics (which the Pistons actually did what they could to blow it at the end), the guys have...


When the Pistons win....When the Pistons lose...

Following up on an earlier post in which more shots by Brandon Jennings correlated with fewer Pistons' wins, I've taken a new look at what the numbers are saying. Once again, Smith's tendency...


Balibago and MrHappyMushroom--DBB's latest BFFs!

Fresh on the heels of the much ballyhooed MFBWPTD-MFOKFJ meet up in Osaka, MFBB and MFMHM have bonded over beer, spicy Indonesian cuisine, and our love of the Detroit Pistons. Following a...


Who Da Thunk It? Smith and Jennings Chucking *Not* Good For Detroit!

Whilst awaiting a "health screening" at a local hospital, I had a wifi connection and some time to kill. Despite the nearly unanimous calls for Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings to start firing up...


Poll: Where are we on Josh Smith?

'k, we can all put down our hatchets and agree on one thing--Josh Smith has looked not good more often than he's looked good. And though the schedule hasn't been a cakewalk, 4-8 is pretty much the...

Wages of Wins on why the the Pistons haven't been good


DJ makes very clear that nine games (at that point, it was nine games) only means so much. But thus far, he sees the Pistons on par for 33 wins. At the beginning of the season, he would have anticipated 43. Where is the ten win drop-off based on play so far? Smith ... Singler ... Monroe -- they account for a projected nine of the 10.

Can Dre improve at the line?

DBB reader MrHappyMushroom examines the career trends of 10 other horrible, horrible free throw shooters ... and doesn't have good news to share.


The (Ongoing) Problem with Jake Waters

Looking back at what I wrote on this site following the NDSU loss in the opener, I'm having a hard time seeing any of my stated concerns being mollified. To repeat what has been acknowledged many...


The Problem with Jake Waters... not that he isn't talented not that he didn't play well on Friday. *not* that he is the reason the Wildcats lost. He is talented. He played pretty well and should improve. He...

The Faried Story


This is just an incredible story. It amazes me how difficult it must have been for him at times growing up, but also the strength and confidence he shows by not only getting through it, but making him a better person. A whole lot of prejudices and stereotypes could disappear if enough people read this story.

Tay Read Merriman-Webster!


Will we ever be able to look at that word the same way?


Rodney Stuckey is still Rodney Stuckey

DBB reader MrHappyMushroom checks in on Rodney Stuckey's disappointing season.


Happy Holidays from MHM and His Pal Santa Dude!

Long before I was Mr. Happy Mushroom, I created Santa Dude. Each year since 1984 (well, minus three where I was in a bad mood), he's reappeared, bringing holiday cheer and/or indifference....

Okay, now this is just mean!


They wouldn't say this about the 2-9 Pistons, would they?


The Hidden Yards: at TCU

I guess it's my little pet item to explore, but I've been trying to quantify the number of extra yards that the Cats pick up every week as a result of four differentials: penalties, net kicking...


The Hidden Yards

This is a follow up to a couple of posts that I've placed that tries to quantify the "little things" that have given K-State such a huge advantage this year. Certainly, the 24 : 4 turnover ratio...


Advice to Bill (from a Guy Who Has No Business Giving Him Advice)

Right--obviously, this team still needs to win three tough games, and that takes precedent. And it barely needs stressing that if Collin has *any* sort of lingering concussion issues, he should be...

1989--UNT..."The Drive"


I suspect many of you don't know this is online. I, in fact, only learned of it this morning from someone else at BOTC. Had never seen "the drive" before. It's wonderful to see the crowd--virtually none of whom are wearing purple--storm the field. But it's also, in its own way, wonderful to see how awful this team was. By my count, Carl Straw gets clobbered on *EIGHT* occasions by #58 on the final drive. Eight times.

All's I can say is that a shocking upset would definitely be humiliating


I don't see it happening. But if Bill and the Boys fuck this one up, we may never live it down. KU may have hit a new low.



Yeah, it's just piling on the poor guy. But how the hell does anyone get to be $25 million in debt? I hear sympathetic claims that these guys get "bad advice" or get taken in my crooks. But ya know--their own greed has to be at the center of it, right? A single year of a two million dollar contract should have someone set for life, if s/he is happy living a comfortable but not excessive lifestyle. Among the things I'll never understand in life is why millionaires--even billionaires--want *more*. What for? "For their families"? Frankly, my family (and everyone I've ever known) will be just fine if someone pays me $2,000,000 to teach high school for a year. Rant over. No personal reflection on John L. Smith who may well be a good guy and who is only wholesale adopting the "more-more-more" mindset of our culture.


Which Piston Are You?

Been thinking about typing this up for a couple of years now. To appropriate one of the more inane cliched aphorisms of our age, "There's no time like the present." As BWPTDs and others have...

OMFG--The most amazing article to ever see publication.


The writer and editors of this paper need to be shot before a live audience. I positively guffawed when reading it.


Has Bill Snyder Finally Come of Age

I was never fully comfortable with some of the conventional wisdom concerning Bill. During his first run, there was a sense that his teams didn't make mistakes and that he was likely to outcoach...

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