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The Chill Pill: One Over Par

Everyone who has said this season was "disappointing" "unsatisfactory" can go ahead and suck it right now.   If you'll recall midway through 2009,  just before the season started, there was a...


The Chill Pill: Evolution

I'm not talking about the evolution of man.  I'm talking about the evolution of the Miami Dolphins.  Although if you want to truly evolve as a person, you better have some Miami Dolphins love in...


Gameday Story In Pictures: Medic Edition

Let me start this out by giving a huge shout out to Ohio.  This guy is the man.  I've said it before, and ill say it again:  when i die, i want to be reincarnated as OFF4L.   Allright,  this is a...


The Chill Pill: Going Home Edition

OHH HELL YEAH!!!  As if that message isnt already infered by the picture.  I am getting on a plane on thursday night, landing in North Carolina late friday,  then driving directly to Miami!!  I...


The Chill Pill: Friends In Low Places

Medic who?  I'm your bartender today.  Drink up people because that is the only remedy i got for you.   I did it all day Sunday,  trust me it works.   I was actually trying to pace myself going...


The Chill Pill: (your name here)

Thank god this bye week is almost over.  I thought i was going to have to kill myself.   After mulling that over,  i decided i was looking forward to the Phins Saints game too much to die...



Whats up Whats happening Phinsiders.  Doggone bye week is killing me.  Im just trying to find ways to pass the time without drinking myself into a coma,  which is actually quite the challenge for...


The Chill Pill: New Beginnings

  This past Monday was a beautiful day.  It was a monumentus day.  It marked the first day of the rest of our lives.  Well, maybe not so dramatic for you all as Phins fans,  but for me the drama...


The Chill Pill: Oddities And Observations

Well people,  i got bored and now im writing a Chill Pill.  Yeah.  Deal with it.  I can't help but notice lately that the number 13 is popping up alot.   As MainePhinFan pointed out in his post, ...


The Chill Pill: Stop The Bleeding

Oh how i wish it were just sniffles and sneezes this week.  How i wish a little guafinesen here and a little pseudophedrin there would patch us up.  But no,  this week we are suffering full on...


The Chill Pill

I know alot of us are feeling sick.  Some of our immune systems are a little weaker than others.  Monday night certainly tested mine.  I dont know if its ever taken me so long to get over a loss. ...


The Lucky Coin

While im not a very superstitous person,  i will be holding onto my "lucky coin" all day today.  I bought it here in iraq last season right around game 6.  On one side it has A Miami Dolphins...



Hello there dolphins freaks.  I know i said i wouldnt be able to post much in the coming weeks, but i ended up being stuck our here at saddamns palace for 5 more days, with nothing to do.  So i...

Brandon Marshall


This guy just got me all fired up about brandon marshall. Check it out.


Good News, Deployed Phinsiders

    I wouldnt have made this post last year, but it seems that we have a growing number of phinsiders who are currently downrange.   So the good news is we finally get to see our first Phins game...


One moment in time

One terribly akward moment that is. This terrible, yet still strangely exciting moment was had by yours truly,  the Doc.  Well, of course at the time i wasnt the Doc,  i was at that time the pizza...


9 out of 10 experts agree: We suck.

Here we are,  just counting the clock ticks until preseason.  We are all feeling rather comfortable with our team.  Theres a sense of improvement and progression within our faithful Miami Dolphins...


Steve Mcnair, some updates

I would be suprised if i was the first one to hear this.  All that has been put out is that Steve Mcnair was found with a fatal gunshot wound to the head, along with a female counterpart, in...


Is anyone else worried??

Whats up guys.  After reading that the dolphins have one of the latest starting training camps,   i started to notice a trend.  It seems like our coaches are going a bit softer this year.  Are we...



It would appear that our boy CP10 is getting pretty comfy in his southwest ranches house.  It was reported that he is installing a gym and some turf.  He is also installing a film room to watch...


Private(Mia) vs Sergeant(KC)

Yep,  this is my first official post.  I've been so busy doing the army thing i havent had a chance until now.  But i felt this game was a good one to put my two cents in considering the Sgt over...

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