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User Blog

Mock Draft Sunday!

Okay, so it happens to be a slow Sunday afternoon so I thought why not give my opinion on what I think the Colts might do in the draft this year. Mocks are fun and this is not to serious so I did...

New Hires


The Colts hired two new people: an assistant head coach and a new marketing manager.

Offensive Vision for 2013


The NFL Network just published this article over Pep Hamilton's offense and it included some quotes. The article is quite interesting.

Our punter is cooler than yours!


Our punter is cooler than yours!

Since We are looking for a Head Coach.........


This is an article that Micheal Lombardi wrote on what he thinks the Colts should do for the head coaching position. While I'm not exactly sold on anything he says, he does make several valid points.

Irsay's Interview on the NFL


The interview that the NFL did with Mr. Irsay is the video at the top of page. Anyways the title says it all, and in it Irsay talks about some interesting things such as Peyton Manning's future and the media's shots on the Front Office. You should watch it.

G.M. Notes


This is an interesting article that the NFL did on the G.M. position in football. It also includes a list of the top G.M. canadites


Why The Colts Shouldn't Draft Luck

   I know with all the uncertainty surrounding Peyton Manning, and his ability to return next season coupled with the Colts amazing record right now that there is certainly merited conversation as...

Nice piece on UDFA RB Darren Evans


This was a nice write up I found on Bleacher Report on all of Virginia Tech's UDFA going into the league. There is a good section on Darren Evans.

2012 Mock Draft Colts choice at 30th pick


This is a good Mock draft I found curtsey of the guys over at mocking the draft. you have to chose which numbers you want to navigate to, and even has a second round. It based off the needs teams didn't get last year, or areas of need that everybody sees. Anyways it is really interesting.


Jim Tressel to Indy

                Since Chris Polian has been granted a large amount of control over Indy personal this year, and in light of some of the recent changes to Colts staff, I figured I'd write about the...

2012 WR class


Since the NFL is locked out, I thought this article, which happens to be really good by the way would give us something positive to read. It is also pretty relevant seeing as how the Colts will probably be in the market for a receiver in the draft next year, there are some pretty freakish athletes in this bunch.

Chris Rucker


Article on Chris Rucker on Colt's homepage, says he could play safety.


Jaiquawn Jarret potential colt

  It’s quite obvious to everyone that the Colts have three pressing needs to fill in this year’s draft; OT,DT, and SS.  Several mock drafts have us filling these needs in the first four rounds of...


Greg Salas Potential Colts Fourth Rounder????

   Knowing that Austin Collie and Anthony Gonzalez are going to be big question marks heading into this season (hope they both can play), and Blair White (Blair White is to Austin Collie as Kitna...

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