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Un-Redesigning SBN version 2

I have taken another shot at creating a userstlye for the updated SB Nation United redesign. If you missed the first attempt at this, or want instructions on how to install it you can take a look h...


Un-Redesigning SBN

I stopped by recently and put my two cents into the discussion about the redesign. A lot of you had the same complaints that I did to the redesign. I got bored tonight and tried to make a user...

Wages of Wins Grades the Chicago Bulls Offseason


The Wages of Wins people break down the Bulls have had one of the worst offseasons in the league.

Bears at Georgia Pro Day


I know SMD has been leading the charge against this idea, but "Another workout was held later for teams to get another look at Glenn and Jones. The Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles and St. Louis Rams each had coaches there to work out those players."


How to Upgrade Our Offensive Line and Still Afford Nice Things

I am often found preaching on my WCG electronic soapbox about the dire condition of our offensive line. Throughout the comments section of various threads, many of said that our line is fine. If...

Newsome’s past words could undermine effort to squeeze Bears


When the time comes to make their case to the league, the Bears should consider something Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome said eight years ago, after a non-trade between Baltimore and the Vikings caused Minnesota to pass their pick. "The deal was not consummated," Newsome said at the time. "A deal is not a deal until I talk to [league executive] Joel Bussert, and I never talked to Joel Bussert."

Cleveland Browns fan sues over NFL lockout


A Cleveland Browns fan sued the National Football league and its teams over the player lockout, claiming it violated his contract to buy tickets through his personal seat license.


Brady v. NFL: Breaking Down the Players' Complaint

I have read a lot of posturing of what the legal battle between the NFL and the players means. Most peoples opinions are based on journalists taking quotes out of context.  To help clarify what is...

Team Run Chart: Chicago Bulls


An interesting breakdown of the percentage of wins produced per player by week.

Deconstructing a Model (APM)


A great breakdown of the flaws of adjusted plus/minus.


Steroid Statistics: Chael Sonnen

Nobody understands statistics.  Not that everyone should, but doctors should.  Dr. Johnny Benjamin stated: Could this all be due to lab error? Possible, but not likely. The lab in question is the...

Do NFL Teams Pass Enough?


This article has a nice discussion of loss aversion in the context of sports. It seems especially relevant with the ongoing debate of whether Mike Martz runs the ball enough. This article would at least suggest that his eschewing of the running game is a wise decision.

UFC 2009 - Clinch Explaination video


The guys over a have a nice post with a video from UFC 2009 going through the different types of clinching available in the game.


Bulls Interested in Marcus Camby?

While most trade speculation revolves around the Bulls potential aquisition of Amare Stoudemire from the Pheonix Suns, there is some recent speculation of the Bulls aquiring Marcus Camby from the...

Throw Noah Off the Boat?


The Wages of Wins Journal responds to the debate between and Rick Morrissey over at the Tribune about the value of Noah. In Short WoW concludes that Noah is currently the most productive player on the team.

Tampa Bay Handcuffs And Ejects You For Rooting For The Opposing Football Team


I know this is general football and not Bears related, but a Raiders fan getting tossed for failing to support the Bucs deserves some attention. I know the controversy revolving around the quasi-public nature of sports stadiums and its effects on free speech, but this is ridiculous.

Lamar Odom Trade Ideas


Chad Ford mentioned the Bulls might be interested in Lamar Odom in an article published earlier today at This article quotes the relevant passage and offers up some trade ideas; I am partial to #6 myself.


Gordon - Howard - Odom Trade

Sign and trade ideas involving Gordon are running wild, so I thought I would add my thoughts.   Bulls: Ben Gordon     to Dallas Andre Nocioni to Dallas Drew Gooden  to Dallas           D...

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