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User Blog

You guys! SU Women on ESPN3 right now


Go watch it while not paying attention to the Bengals-Chargers game

Mack Brown retiring as head coach after bowl game


Here's hoping they promote from within and GERG winds up head coach.

Eastern Michigan kicked off the college basketball season earlier today


Dashonte Riley had 7 blocks for EMU in a 77-45 win. Okay, so it was a DIII opponent, but still...

Other assistants going to Buffalo


Henderson, Wheatley, Adkins, and Rebrovich were all SU assistants.


No game thread again?

Last time there wasn't a game thread, we lost to Temple. Maybe Sean's trying to unjinx it, because we can't possibly lose this game, right? Here's hoping for a nice easy blowout win with tacos. ...


Anyone else getting a malware warning?

I fired up this morning and Chrome gave me this message: contains content from, a site known to distribute malware. Your computer...

Yahoo Sports article on the Jones brothers


Yahoo Sports wrote a feature on the Jones brothers leading up to tonight's NFL draft. I didn't know they lived in Rochester when they were little before moving to Endicott.


Notre Dame got robbed!!!

Did anyone see the end of the ND-Xavier game. It had a really controversial ending. ND was shooting free throws to potentially tie the game in the last 3 seconds, and they called... wait for...

A Husky wielding knives


UConn Blog posted a video that was made to gather support for this weekend's SU-UConn game. It has quite the serial killer vibe. All I can think is that Sean made one too many Octonion gay Husky mascot jokes.

ESPN: No Melo vs. West Virginia


ESPN is reporting that Melo is expected not to play in this weekend's game.


new media story line for the new year

So it seems that, with the changing of the calendar, the SU basketball story line that will beaten into the ground has also changed. It is no longer "Will the Coach Fine situation be a...

Boise State, San Diego State, Houston, SMU and UCF will join the Big East Conference in 2013


Looks like this is finally happening. Official announcement to happen tomorrow according to the article. Hopefully this means SU will be able to go to the ACC after the '12 season.

Let's all take our minds off the happenings with the SU basketball program for a minute


And enjoy this thread over on the Uconn Blog. Apparently Alex Oriakhi called coach Calhoun an idiot on Twitter (in his native Nigerian tongue). The trolling in that thread by someone claiming to be Oriakhi's sister (and maybe is, how would I know?) is epic.


I'm really pissed off right now

But that's not why I'm posting.  I'm posting to say that this is not the end of the world.  We lost a game we had no business losing.  How did it happen?  Well, 5 turnovers, 3 missed kicks (2 of...

NY Times reporting ACC in talks with SU and Pitt


I've been mainly ignoring the rumors around conference realignment, but this seems like a more credible source than your typical rumor mill.

SU softball playing for Big East title today at 5pm on ESPN2


The SU softball team had a come from behind 2-1 win over Pitt, and a 2-0 shutout of DePaul to get to this point. They play Louisville for the title in a game airing on ESPN2 at 5pm today. So, is anyone going to watch?


Big East chaos

In the Rutgers game thread, Cardinal&Orange said it would be funny if there was an 8-way tie for 3rd in the Big East.  I took it as a challenge.  I was able to do better than an 8-way tie for 3rd....

Mike Williams arrested for DUI


Mike Williams was arrested, blew a 0.065. That's not over the legal limit for DWI, so all I can think is that he must've pissed off the officer who pulled him over. Oh, and just to get it out of the way: ITS NOT BEIN ARRESTED FOR DRUNK DRIVING IF YOUR BLOWING A .065 REMEMBER THAT!!!!

See SU Coeds Disrobing!


What? What did you think I was talking about?

Implied, or Implode?


Totally not SU-related but here's video from inside the Cowboys old stadium as it was being imploded. This is really slick, it basically gives you a panoramic view where you can drag around to see any end of the stadium.

SU tip off 7:07 Thursday


SU tip off 7:07 Thursday

I don't see it on sportsline yet, so I don't have a link. But they announced it at the end of the Purdue-A&M game. I didn't make a mental note of any other start times.

It's 9:32


It's 9:32

and Georgetown just lost to a 14 seed.

Boeheim was just on PTI

Coach Boeheim was just on the Five Good Minutes segment of PTI.  He said he likes Kansas to win the whole thing this year.  He also said he doesn't expect Onuaku to play this weekend.  They asked...


counterfeit tickets

I was in Section 107 Row F for last night's game.  There were 4 seats to my left, and then the tunnel that the SU team comes out of.  At least 3 groups of people (other than the rightful seat...

Auburn @ Florida on ESPN - seriously?


SU-GTown, both top 10 teams, are shoved onto ESPN2 so that the flagship network can show Auburn-Florida? Florida is barely a bubble team, and Auburn won't even make the NIT. For shame, ESPN, for shame.

Jay Bilas is a fine college basketball analyst


The latest ESPN power rankings are out. Not only is SU #2 (ahead on Nova by 6 points), but Jay Bilas was so touched by the Hoya Suxa victory dance that he removed Georgetown from his rankings entirely. Only one of the 10 analyst (Mark Schlabach), has SU lower than 3rd (he has us 4th, behind #2 Kentucky and #3 Nova). Kansas is a unanimous #1.

Washington Post's Sports Bog links to Hoya Suxa celebratory dance


In a move that has generated lots of hits and comments from Hoya trolls over on Hoya Suxa, Dan Steinberg of D.C. Sports Bog (part of the Washington Post site) posted the link to Hoya Suxa's recent victory dance. He added, "[T]here's no chance that you could watch this and not immediately root for the Hoyas to beat Syracuse by 380 next time they meet."

I'll be in my mansion, prank calling Boeheim, like I do every Wednesday. You'd think he'd catch on...

I'll be in my mansion, prank calling Boeheim, like I do every Wednesday. You'd think he'd catch on at some point, but he nevah does. Jim Calhoun, to assistant coach Blaney, concerning what Calhoun will be doing tonight during his leave of absence. (Note: Dramatization. May not have happened.)
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