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Is there any sport but football? Not where I grew up. I'll pull for the Hornets because they're New Orleans; I'll pull for any college team playing any sport just so long as they're wearing Purple and Gold and calling themselves "Tigers."

But other than that...golf? Nascar? SOCCER?! WTF?!

Saints fans don't need any other sport. There's football season, and there's party season, and they overlap. And the best part is...Hell has frozen over!

A Fan Of...

  • NFL New Orleans Saints
  • NCAAF LSU Tigers
User Blog

Chris Cooley is available


I know, every time a veteran player gets cut by his team, somebody here wonders if we should sign him. So...should we?

March 21 suddenly looms large over bounty case


As Florio explains it, I think Goodell s*** the bed. "Here’s the potential problem for the league, as demonstrated by links some of you have pasted in the surprisingly high number of (approved) comments to last night’s story. It looks like a decision hadn’t been made regarding the players as of March 21, which would mean that the NFL told the court something other than the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth."

With bounty rulings pending, Judge has clear concerns about league’s process


"Don’t be surprised if she dismisses the defamation lawsuit but overturns the suspensions. Whatever she does, whoever loses will appeal."

Dat daddy!


Dat daddy!

Okay, start the speculation: Dwight Freeney?


Campbell wouldn't say if he was hearing this rumor or starting it...but I have to admit, this one actually makes sense. The Saints could might could use another pass rusher, and they can suddenly afford one, too.

"Kill the head" in Kansas City


"The phrase was shown on the 2008 NFL Films production Hey Rookie, Welcome to the NFL, which aired on NFL Network today." In other words: the NFL is making money off of it.

For everyone who has faithfully endured this offseason campaign...the Order of the Iron Fleur. Just...


For everyone who has faithfully endured this offseason campaign...the Order of the Iron Fleur. Just as soon as Drew breaks through and liberates us.

When Blogs Collide


I toot my own horn. Sorry, Dave.

New Wang


Remember the Duncan/Varney "All the President's Men" picture? Here's the rant to go with it, and it's a doozy.

The next unknown Saint? Aderious Simmons


Raw but extremely talented, and a Katrina refugee. Quite a storyline if it works out.

Cleanup on Aisle 32


Why two recent developments could spell the death of pro football.

Is Bill Parcells playing the media for fools again?


"Bill Parcells knows exactly how to put out the fire of expectations. He simply says he's not going to do it, and the story goes on the shelf for the time being. Joe Vitt the interim head coach and suspended for the first six games? I don't think so."


A Message From My Sponsor

I have been asked by the lovely and gracious MtnGoddess, who has forgotten her account information, to post the following message. And of course, I am happy to do so. * * * * * I am a citizen of...

Another reason to love Lance Moore


WR Lance Moore via Twitter about the Saints bounty penalties: "As if we didn't need anymore motivation going into this season after the way that last ended.....thanks Rog!!" Moore is referring to Roger Goodell, obviously.


Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. That Is All.

I just watched a "report" on NFL.com on Roger Goodell's prospective punishment for the Saints' pay-for-performance system. They managed to track down the self-hating Coy Wire, who admitted that he...


Okay, I've Pretty Much Had It

When all this Bountygate crap first broke on the news, I was appalled. Only gradually did it occur to me to wonder: did they do it?

Saints offered Brees biggest deal in NFL history before 2011 season


I have a question: if these "league sources" are third parties, how come none of them is ever sued for causing economic damage to one side or the other? The only reason I can think of is that the "source" is either Condon or Loomis.


Should Drew Re-Sign...or Resign?

One aspect of this whole Bountygate mess is how it will affect the Saints' ability to re-up their best players. I have to admit: I feel a great deal of trepidation for Drew's safety if he takes the...

Here we go again: Saints might open season


...at least, Pat Y thinks there's a good chance. It'll be us, Pittsburgh, or Green Bay. I vote Packers.

Ranking the NFC South Quarterbacks


Pat Y links to an Insider article by Trent Dilfer (better analyst than quarterback) in which he rates all NFL quarterbacks, including some backups. A year ago, people were still dancing around the question of whether or not Drew Brees would one day be a Hall of Famer. My, how a yardage record changes things! Here's what Pat has to say now: "There’s little doubt Brees will be in the Hall of Fame someday..." Too true. But what about the other quarerbacks? Not having an Insider account, I can't judge how Dilfer ranked them; but according to Yasinskas, he had Matt Ryan "grouped with guys like Philip Rivers, Joe Flacco, Tony Romo and Matthew Stafford." Frankly, I still think that's too high (well, not as far as Flacco is concerned, who is ranked ridiculously high by almost everyone). Ryan just doesn't impress me. He piles up regular season stats with the help of a running game, and then embarrasses himself in the playoffs. Every. Year. To me, he's a latter-day Dave Krieg. He can look like an elite quarterback one week, and then like garbage the next. If "the next" is in the playoffs. Cam Newton? He's Randall Cunningham without the career renaissance with the Vikings. Josh Freeman? Latter-day Steve McNair: good enough to make The Show with a top-notch team around him, not good enough to win it by his own brilliance alone. Like Drew Brees.

Kitties get new image


About time they updated their logo. The old one looked like 1975. This one looks like at least 1982.

Interesting take on Falcons' playoff failures


The key point: "For all the good work done by this administration, I still don’t see the same unyielding demeanor in the Falcons I see in champions. I see instead a team that hasn’t yet decided how good it cares to be." That doesn't sound like our offense. But our defense? Different story. Wrong scheme, wrong call or no, the players let themselves get pushed around way too much.

Brees: Contract will get done, focus on keeping Saints together


Apparently, Drew has decided to take my counsel to heart: "Brees says his focus is keeping the team together. He doesn't believe his next deal will prevent the Saints from bidding for some other key members of their record-setting offense who will become free agents."

A little tidbit to make everyone feel better


"Best behind-the-scenes playoff tidbit: CBS' Charley Casserly saying the 49ers knew the Alex Smith-to-Vernon Davis game-winning touchdown play would work because they noticed the Saints' Roman Harper always lined up two yards deep in the endzone in that scheme and never moved up."

Is this true?


You guys were great in the run-up to the game and afterwards...so what's with the hooliganism at the stadium?

Hooligan 49ers fans


"...There were seven or eight large 30- to 35-year-old guys directly behind us who cursed and threatened us the entire game. After one string of profanities I turned around to look at them and the most obnoxious and combative of the bunch yelled, "Do not turn around again! Do not ever turn around again" and punctuated it with a profanity." "...I’ve been a Saints fan my whole life so I certainly know about long playoff waits. The Vikings fans in the tailgate parties before the NFC championship game were eating cra[w]fish and dancing along with the Saints fans — they weren’t threatened, they were having a great time."

Inside the playbook: Vernon Davis' game winner


If you want to find out exactly how Vernon Davis left your heart in San Francisco, here's the scoop.


Need Opinions on Mike Nolan

Hey Bronco fans...Saints fan here. First off, sorry for what happened to you, and we can definitely relate. Now: with Gregg Williams leaving New Orleans, we need a new defensive coordinator. The...


...we interrupt this playoff run for your opinion: Dean Pees

Some of you, those who aren't completely preoccupied with following the antics of that madcap Tom Brady (is he okay?), or drowning your sorrows over the failed prospect of meeting the Saints in the...


Random Thoughts While My Blood Pressure Slowly Recovers

A few thoughts on the Saints crushing loss to the 49ers in yesterday's Divisional playoff game.

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