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Is there any sport but football? Not where I grew up. I'll pull for the Hornets because they're New Orleans; I'll pull for any college team playing any sport just so long as they're wearing Purple and Gold and calling themselves "Tigers."

But other than that...golf? Nascar? SOCCER?! WTF?!

Saints fans don't need any other sport. There's football season, and there's party season, and they overlap. And the best part is...Hell has frozen over!

A Fan Of...

  • NFL New Orleans Saints
  • NCAAF LSU Tigers
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Could Manny Lawson play 4-3 Will?


Jonathan Vilma, Martez Wilson, Manny Lawson...could it work?


If not Ingram...who?

What if the Saints hadn't traded back into the first to get Mark Ingram? Who might we have gotten instead? We'd be pretty much limited to who was actually available between the 56th and 72nd...


The plot thickens: Ingramania, Chapter XLVI

According to CBS Sports, DeAngelo Williams has a strong hankering to be a Dolphin. Williams was in town to participate in a charity triathlon. There has been speculation linking Williams to the D...


NFL Fan Association

Strictly a "what-if" scenario... A lot of commentators have complained that it's the fans who are the real losers in the current labor dispute between the league and the players.The problem is...

Draft countdown: Pick No. 24


"...PFW found some of the league's top talent came from the No. 24 spot, which is held by the Saints this year..."

A perfect illustration of what's wrong with sports reporting


This article about the players' response to Goodell's letter gives two short quotes: "Your statements are false," and "worst economic deal for players in major pro sports." But it does nothing at all to explain either why the players responded as they did, or to provide evidence for their counter-arguments, or even to note whether the players' response took the form of argument at all, rather than retort. But apparently they have the text of the letter. This is the Internet, guys--post it!

Corey Liuget == LaRoi Glover?


"Illinois coach Ron Zook compared Illinois DT Corey Liuget to former Rams DT La'Roi Glover, who Zook coached during the 2000 and 2001 seasons while he was the Saints defensive coordinator."


Did the players opt for a Pearl Harbor scenario?

To continue the World War II scenarios (with metryman's permission)...something cscmember said on my previous post got me to thinking along these lines. A lot of people are speculating about just...


The players are blowing it

Negotiations broke off because the NFLPA preferred to take things to court. If it was the court of public opinion they had in mind, they're already in the process of blowing it, big time. It's...


Have you ever invaded Poland? [CBA Related]

Oh no...has it come to this? Is the dreaded Hitler analogy rearing its head? Okay, forget Poland. Let's imagine two countries: Goodellia and Smithland. These two countries have a treaty which...

Good news: There’s a Rooney at the negotiating table


"Now, before you reach for your natural Steeler hatred, hear me out..."


What If: Julio Jones

A fascinating report prompts me to post this. According to a "prominent NFL front office executive," Julio Jones is not climbing up the draft charts because of his phenomenal Combine performance...

O.J. Atogwe available


The wish list just keeps getting bigger...who wants him?

Shaun Rogers? How about Marcus Stroud?


Granted, he's not large enough to be the entire defensive line, but he also doesn't have the "play when I feel like it" reputation that Rogers has.


I have seen the future, and it stinks

I rarely watch the Pro Bowl; actually, I never do. But I watched it this year, out of the fear that it might be the last chance in a long, long time to watch Drew Brees in action. I can't claim to...


Shakespeare Understood How I Feel

"Shame and eternal shame, nothing but shame! Let us die in honour: once more back again; And he that will not follow Bourbon now, Let him go hence, and with his cap in hand, Like a base pander,...


Defying the Football Gods and maybe even Reason itself

Or, at least, Harry Reasoner, who's not around to defend himself. Be that as it may, here is how the playoffs are going to work out. Somewhere, there's a parallel universe (spawned by the very act...

Scott Fujita goes on IR


Now he has all the time he could want to eat Oreos.

Drew Brees: Mr. Manners


Drew is named #1 in the National League of Junior Cotillions's "Ten Best-Mannered People of 2010"

Malcolm Jenkins: NFC Defensive Player of the Week


The entire NFC has been JANKED as 27 runs away with it.

I like this guy


He's got a good head on his shoulders. "Final Projected Record, Playoff Seeding [Saints]: 13-3; No. 1 seed"


Why the hell is Garrett Hartley still kicking off?

That's all...just that. But while I'm at it, I'd also like to ask: Why in the name of all that's holy is Garrett Hartley STILL kicking off?!? Hartley kicked off seven times. He had no touchbacks....


The weather

The forecast for the Bengals game continues to deteriorate. When this thread was started on Wednesday, Cincinnati's Sunday weather was supposed to be clear and reasonably warm...around 40°. The...

Poor Sean Canfield


"The Saints signed LB Ramon Humber and waived rookie QB Sean Canfield. Humber was likely brought in for special-teams purposes. Canfield has been waived and re-signed several times this season." He must feel like the red-headed stepchild's three-legged dog.



First of all: apologies if anyone has already pointed this out...if so, I missed it. Everyone, including me, has been comparing this win to the Redskins game last year, because of the incredible...

How bad was the Redskins' defeat Monday?


On Hogs Haven: You guys wanna have a laugh? I turned down sex last night to subject myself to the snuff film they were masquerading as a football game last night.


Okay, now that y'all have stopped celebrating...

Jeez, why stop? You guys are good, and this game proved it. But more than that: you're lucky. And don't think I mean that as a put-down: it takes a lot of luck to win a championship, and the...

Shutdown Corner assigns division title to Saints


"Speaking of the Saints, I gave them back the NFC South. It's not because I think there's anything wrong with Atlanta, really, I just feel like the Saints are about to go on a run. Their next four are Seattle, Dallas, Cincinnati and St. Louis. Atlanta's next four are Baltimore, St. Louis, Green Bay and Tampa Bay. If, at the end of that stretch, New Orleans isn't the division leader, I'll be surprised, and immensely impressed with the Falcons."

Don Banks knocks it out of the park


...to mix sports metaphors. Here's his succinct view of what's wrong with the Saints, and what this upcoming Halloween game means: "New Orleans Saints (4-3) The hardest thing to reproduce in a post-Super Bowl-winning season is the single-minded focus it took to get to the mountaintop in the first place. The Saints clearly lack the consistent drive they had in 2009, and thus they've ridden the rollercoaster that most of the rest of the league experiences every year. A crisp showing at home against the Steelers this Sunday night is almost a must if New Orleans hopes to reassert its dominance in the NFC in the season's second half."

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