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Cowboys Scout Bryan Broaddus not a fan of Eagles DC Todd Bowles


LOL. I'm not a Broaddus fan at all, but dang someone is a little sour and didn't hold back...Goes as far to say "I like Costa more than I like Todd Bowles. Of course this all the way a decade and a half ago. However, on Talkin' Cowboys the day before, Mickey said he was a "good teacher". 35:00 in the video.

Jason Garret's NFL Record tied by Norv


Up until yesterday, our very own Jason Garrett was the only coach in NFL History who's team blew a 24 point second half lead (vs Detroit) But now it has been tied by Norv Turner who successfully blew a 24-0 lead in the second half last night vs Peyton Manning's Broncos. You're in good company Norv!

Dead last in PD's and INT's.... pathetic.


Dead last in PD's and INT's.... pathetic.

Eagles C Kelce out for 6 weeks, possibly season - full torn MCL partial ACL tear


Another starter lost on their O-line for atleast a month. Too bad to see injuries like that where someone just falls on you and something get's twisted the wrong way. If he decides to pursue surgery on his ACL, he will be out for the season. With the MCL tear he is out for atleast a month.

Why Y(our) Team Sucks: Dallas Cowboys


"Few coaches would have the Princetonian gumption to ice their owm kicker, but I, Jason Garrett, know that it's a strategy far ahead of it's time." This article made me LOL.


2012 Dallas Cowboys Record Prediction Thread

Record Predictions...

Miles Austin likely out the remainder of preseason


It's really getting kind of old. I just want him to earn that huge paychech because he hasn't done quite enough to earn it. This tweak was only supposed to keep him out for a week, then it got extended another week and he isn't likely to practice at all this week.

Terrell Owens agrees to 1 year deal with Seahawks


Golden Tate has no. 81 and the only number available for him is 84.... See ya week 2! Owens and Moss in the same division...and Fitz who is always fun to watch

Y'all come to that stadium and watch us beat the Giants' ass.


Y'all come to that stadium and watch us beat the Giants' ass.

Jerral Jones

The details of the alleged assault of his mother Angela


Dez's mother Angela claims she asked Dez to leave her home and when he refused things got physical. She claims he grabbed her causing her shirt and bra to tear, slapped her in the face with a ball cap, pulled her hair, and repeatedly stuck her hands and wrists while she tried to push him away. He also picked up a ball and tried to hit her with it. Witnesses during the assault include her brother, son, and a friend. During the 911 phone call from a nearby neighbors home she claimed it was not the first time her son had assaulted her and that she needed to put an end to it. A day later her injuries surfaced which include swelling in her wrists, bruising on her arms, and complaints of hand pain and chest pain do to her son pushing her... ~ I don't know if I'm more upset or angry, I really felt like he was coming into his own as a player and person. If he actually assaulted her leaving her injured like that.....I want him gone. Especially if her claim of past violence is true.

Dez Bryant details emerge


He apparently used his hand to "rough up" an unnamed female relative who called the police Saturday. The woman claims to have been assaulted by Bryant. Police say she mainly suffered bruises on her upper arm . After a warrant for Bryant's arrest was issued Bryant turned himself in, spent a couple hours in jail, and left after posting a $1500 bond. **Edit: Some sources are saying the woman is Bryant's girlfriend and apparent fiance. Others are saying the relative was his mother.

RGIII shows he's an athlete before a football player


So I don't know if any of you compete in or follow Track and Field, but I'm a big T&F advocate. If you do, then you've known all about RGIII for awhile. He was one hell of a hurdler prospect coming out of high school. He set Texas state records in the 110m and 300m hurdles (2nd fastest high school all time). He graduated High School a semester early and joined the Baylor track and field team and competed in US Olympic Trials that summer in the 400m hurdles where he made it all the way to semifinals. He went on with life, football and track and this past season he went from nobody to first round QB. Then he saw his draft stock elevate further and further all the way #2 pick. He seemed to pick football over track. He could probably make this olympic track and field team if he wanted to, but he took his football talents to our nation's capital. He had a decision to make between track and football. But there's a risk to Track, he'd go back to school if he didn't make the team and could see his football stock drop far. Track and Field doesn't give you near the stability of an NFL career unless you're Usain Bolt. RGIII watched Olympic Trials, he's still a track athlete at heart keeping his options open. He hasn't actually picked football or track. He's just picked football for now. If he doesn't work out well in Washington he'll just go back to hurdling, with a good chunk of change. I don't know about you but if I sold the farm for a potential franchise QB I'd atleast want him committed to the sport of Football, which RGIII isn't. He potentially has 10 more years and 2 more olympic teams as a backup plan. It's not really a back up plan though. It's just a later plan unless of course he turns into an NFL superstar then goes out the window. Now I'd probably do the same thing if I were as talented as him, I'd keep my options open. NFL quarterbacks and 400m hurdlers can have long careers. So if one career doesn't work out, you can go back to the other with enough money to retire. The reason I bring this up is because RGIII could potentially be the biggest bust at QB ever. Just imagine if he sucked for a couple years, then just hurdled walked away and went pro in another sport.... Let's say he's a 5th 6th or 7th round pick. What sport do you think he'd be playing? Is he in the NFL because he absolutely wants to be over anything or is he because he can be? What is his heart really in? Does he really want to succeed as an NFL QB above all else? Washington's newly anointed franchise QB has tons of potential, but you can't deny an extremely high bust meter.

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