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Mullayo's 2012 rosterbation feat. new QB!

FIRST attempt at a rough offseason solutionn. New quarterback coming with new HC. New 'hybrid 3-4, 4-3 defence Using the Draft's strengths: Good year for 4-3 middle linebackers, CBs, WRs, so lets...


NFL Film's Greg Cosell completely writes off Blaine Gabbert.

Uber expert film analyst for NFL Film's, Greg Cosell writes off Blaine Gabbert in the Yahoo Sports Shutdown Corner podcast. At 12min 45 secs Greg Cosell: "You know what I do. I watch tape, I do it...


Sports Illustrated speculate about our next coach and QB!

Sports Illustrated's Don Banks previews Black Monday and offers his views on Jacksonville's and Indiana's next head coaches. h...


Jags vs Colts is really Rams vs Colts?

UPDATED: The St Lose Rams have gleefully goose-egged against Pittsburgh 0-27 giving them the same 2-13 record as the Colts, who unfortunately hold the tiebreaker to pick first in the draft by...

Shahid Khan interview with Peter King of S.I.


In an interesting podcast Shahid Khan tells his story to Peter King of Sports Illustrated. His background, his Bears affiliation, the Rams attempt, the Jags buy, the head coach hire and Gabbert's future.


Why we should draft a new QB with our first pick!

1) RIGHT NOW GABBERT IS BAD: If Indy select Andrew Luck and we stick with Gabbert we will arguably be starting not only the worst QB in the league but the 7th or 8th best QB in the weakest...


Which QB should we draft with our first pick?

If  Indy select Andrew Luck and we stick with Gabbert we will arguably be starting the worst QB in the league but the 6th or 7th best QB in the weakest division in the NFL. Think about...


Mullayo's Mid-season Roster-bation

Pre-season, me and others posted our depth charts, unbeknownst to us Gene Smith went postal and blew up the roster in a fit of reality checking. In the hazy aftermath, we can see improvements but...

Matt Roth interview + footage


New DE Matt Roth talks is interviewed while at Cleveland Browns. Seems to be a hardcore throwback kinda guy in the nasty Ray Nitschke/Butkus way. Great.


know your enemy Part 2: Tennessee Titans

Earlier, I made a FanPost taking a stab at the Houston Texans depth chart under the new 3-4 alignment. Now I'm proud to present and claim as my own the Tennessee Titans complete depth chart (albeit...


Division rival depth charts: TEXANS

Know your enemy...Keep your friends close and your enemies closer...etc. I was enjoying our free agency and our improving defence but before crowning us division champions I realised I should...

Kuharsky hails Jags backers as best in AFC South


ESPN South blogger Paul Kuharsky claims the Jags have the best linebacker corp in the division ahead of the vaunted Texans. There is a poll so vote. He also claims Sessions is getting $29m not $30m. What's a $1m between friends? Probably just dropped it somewhere...

Agent says free agency could have lots of holdouts


Agent says free agency being foreshortened could mean fewer visits and maybe more holdouts. He says teams may only really get one shot they have to nail it or miss out.

Full list of UDFA signing updates?


Finally, found a site attempting to update all the UDFA signings team by team. We are by far the busiest team, twice as many as anyone else.


CAPital situation for Jags

The salary cap is set to see some established players cut and late additions to the upcoming free agency class. This ESPN article speculates on who could be on the chopping block.   h...


UDFAs positional depth chart

Here is a breakdown of UDFAs by position from NFLDraftBlitz. Ones I am interested in are bolded.  Ones I have concerns about are italicised.

MJD: Garrard is still our guy


Article on Mojo backing Garrard from NFP.


Post Draft depth chart

Looking at what we've got in the cupboard at the moment before FA and UDFA.  I consulted with Ewdtrey and came up with this rough depth chart using our roster as it stands. I also roughly ranked...


Team of Smiths

I was thinking during the Draft that there are a lot of quality players called Smith - three went in the first round. Then because we have no CBA or FA or play until September I'm feeling a bit...

Pro-Football Focus AFC South Draft analysis


Pro-Football Focus analyses how the drafted rookies will slot in at their respective AFC South teams. Different from most draft grades etc. PFF look at who the rookies are battling with and what needs the teams were addressing with their player selections.


Gene has "extra draft class"

Pro Football Weekly  (May, 11edition) is reporting Gene Smith is claiming an "extra draft class in some ways" because 12 of our 14 IRs last year were rookies. Injured DT D'Anthony Smith is expected...

Rod Issac drills video


Stocky Rod Issac goes through Combine-like drills. Show's strength and speed (has short arms and small hands). Note grass is wet which slows him up and he's still fast. Says he can run 4.3s.


AFC South Draft grades

We have 5 picks and possibly the least contribution for this season of any draft class. Let's look at our rivals in the AFC South. Unfortunately,  they seemed to have drafted responsibly at Indy...


Draft Day 3: 3 picks left who do we sign?

We have 3 picks left. Round 4 pick 17 + 24, Round 5, pick 16. I suggest we will trade down somewhere  (probably pick 4.24) or use a future pick because they have done to much work on this draft and...

Gabbert and Ponder put through their paces by Mariucci


Re post of a video on Yahoo Sports of Ponder and Gabbert working out with Mariucci. In light of our recent draft. I think Gabbert is less defensive.


This year's draft full of busts and cuts?

Giants OL David Diehl is interviewed on ESPN Football Today  podcast by Matt Williamson and makes some telling points about the what the lockout will do to team rosters and rookies in particular....

Mullayo's final draft - 1 round, no trades

I have reasons for most of the picks I've just forgotten them now. Bring on the real thing. Feel free to criticise but only for a few hours because then it will be over and anyone can criticise in...

QB Kaepernick under the microscope


Interesting analysis of Kaepernick at Universal Draft and The Sun Sentinel outlining his shortcomings as a NFL QB.

Jags to trade up out of 2nd for QB?


Dan Pompei (National Football Post) "A number of teams already having investigated moving up from high in the second round into the first to land a quarterback. Among those teams that have made calls are the Jaguar, Titans, Bills and Vikings."

Ponder+ Gabbert training video


Steve Mariucci takes Gabbert and Ponder through a training exercises and analysis. Interesting. Gabbert listens better.

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