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Term Limits Are A Good Thing

There is a reason there are term limits for the President of the United States. Power engulfs men and their network. In today's world, too long of a tenure becomes a problem. The program lacks...


LSU Can (and should) Forfeit the CCG

Get ready. Do you hear that? These are the rumblings from SEC country regarding the fact that LSU has punched their ticket to Atlanta, GA to face the Bulldogs from Athens for the Southeastern...


Another CFB Season Ends: Grade - Incomplete

It just does not happen anywhere else in any other sport.  As we celebrate another BCS national championship, which many feel will inevitably be removed from Auburn's record book one day in the not...


Not In My Backyard

On April 5, 2010, an opportunity was bestowed upon a university which may never occur in Division 1A college football (I refuse to call it the Football Bowl Subdivision).  In one corner, you had...

SEC Guy Calls Portland Sports Talk Show


Hosts gave him about 7 minutes...I've listened to it about 4 times...freaking hilarious. Dude is a friend of mine.


Did Stoops Open Up A Can of Quit?

Coach Bob Stoops: Men, we are trailing 36-27 with a little more than 2:24 left in the game.  I know we have owned Missouri in the past, but I am not sure if we can pick up this 4th down and 10,...

Poignant Review of D2BCS


For those too hardheaded or too cheap to buy the this. Then tell me again, why this system in place is not only good enough, but better.


Should Pollster's Votes Be Publicized?

It's starting to get fun once again.  Alabama tastes a loss for the first time in some 20 months.  Greg McElroy lost a game and I am thankful we will not be subjected to the weekly reminder that...


The Glass Ceiling

First, let me preface this post as one that is not trying to be antagonistic.  Lord knows that this season in Austin, TX is going to amount to utter disappointment unless the Longhorns figure out a...


Why I Loathe the Blue Turf...A Letter to Boise St.

Below is a letter to Bronco Nation.  I've been thinking about the Blue Turf for a while and exactly what my problem truly is with that visually upsetting and abysmal turf.


New NCAA Taunting Rule Wipes TD Off Board

I am not fond of this rule, which goes into effect in 2011, by any stretch of the imagination.  This is more subjectivity placed on top of an already too subjective situation.  Let us flashback to...


The Storylines of the Playoffs

While the majority of the games this weekend left a good bit to be desired regarding competition, it made me start to wonder about the storylines centered around the NFL playoffs this season. ...


RBR: What do you all know about this?

Being that I know how we Horns love Muschamp, I was wondering what you all know about this situation regarding Kirby... h...


What the BCS got right...

First things first:  See you in Pasadena.  It is a short drive from Mission Viejo, CA and I am looking forward to attending this spectacle of corporate sport.  Hook'Em!!! What the BCS got right: ...


Ass(u)me the Best or Worst

I know most of you know where I stand on this issue.  I certainly do not need to author another "BCS is garbage" Fanpost as it has been played more times than Sergio Kindle's blasting of Taylor...


The Annual Contenders: Sitting with the Bride and Groom

I am not sure if anyone else caught Colin Cowherd the other day speaking about the contenders in college football.  I like how Colin always uses analogies to get his point across.  It keeps things...


The Purists vs. Objectivity

I have thought about this long and hard.  Because I get it.  I get how important the regular season is in college football.  For nowhere else would I have been glued to the TV watching, practically...


The Garbage Factor of the BCS... IF the horns drop one, the polls are 2/3, and the later the loss, the greater the penalty which is the most absurd aspect of this moronic system we have in place.  You hear that OU?  No more...


Texas Struggles while Tebow Wills the Gators to Victory--wink wink

Not only is there bias amongst the media members who vote out of habit rather than analytical results, but the coaches have also ordered a full pitcher of that Kool-Aid of late.  I will note that...


So, If You Lose Early...or Late...What is Going On Here?

This sickens me.  No, not because Oklahoma is back in the mix...when we beat them, they will be relegated to BCS fodder.  What sickens me is the assumption by voters that due to an "early" loss, it...


USC vs FL chants coming soon

Are you paying attention Mack Brown and GD?  Are you truly paying attention?  Because if you are, 41-10 over Wyoming is a "B-" grade for the #2 team in the country on the road to a clearly inferior...


A Conference That Makes Sense...

I am not sure if any of you caught ESPN's proposed "reconferencing" (that is a word now) which would take the top 40 teams per their "draft" and slot them geographically with a couple of...


Here we is one of these 4 that will win the MNC

Texas Florida USC OU Since Stoops is still coaching at OU, perhaps it is down to 3.  I am more than a little concerned headed to Stillwater this season.  The talent they have at the skill positions...


Frustration is Mounting...

Kudos to Chris Fowler for actually speaking the truth...Herbstreet had the chance to make some sense of it, and chose not to.  Corso, one line as always, and misguided this time. Nothing was solved...


Reilly's article.....quite compelling.

I read it and I liked it.  I do not like the media and the BCS immediately dismissing the likes of Utah and Boise simply because they do not play in one of the 6 "preferred" conferences.  This...


Enough is Enough...

I, like most of us, tuned in last night to watch the Sugar Bowl.  Not the Allstate Sugar Bowl, the freaking Sugar Bowl.  And I, like most, expected an Alabama team to simply put Utah in their...


Dear BCS and Voters: Your Ineptitude is Astounding

I am sorry, but this Longhorn is hot under the collar still.  The fact that they have OU ahead of the Horns is laughable.  I am sick of the system.  If October does not matter, then USC should...


OUsux BCS Record...Unworthy Defined

2008 FB:  OUsux 28 - WV 48...a beatdown by the Big East...comical.2007 FB:  OUsux 42 - BS second favorite CFB moment...ever.2005 OB: OUsux 19 - USC 55...Certified Ass Whipping.2004 SB: ...


What if FL beats Bama...

Work with me here:  Let's assume the experts are right...and FL is going to lay the wood to Bama on Saturday afternoon.  Let's continue pandering to the experts, since they represent the omnipotent...

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