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Respect from Buffalo

Bills fan Munchausen stops by to pay us a compliment!


Press Conference with Robot Marrone

So I've managed to build an android which simulates Doug Marrone in every way but one -- all his answers come in the form of movie quotes. Personally I think Robot Marrone passes the Turing Test,...

Nix Steps Down as GM


Nix Steps Down as GM

NFL network

A "Buddy Nix" Post

What? Where am I? Oh yeah. Hi there, Buffalo Bills fans. I'm gonna come on your blog and explain some of what we're thinking with Buffalo Bills football now. Let's see here. Five five...

Bengals Sign Aaron Maybin


I heard they were impressed by his metabolism and painting skills.

Bills under Pettine Will Play Multiple Fronts, not just 3-4


This should relieve many people after all the talk of switching to a 3-4 again.


Abayarde Translated into Queen's English

NOTE: This "translation" is based off Abayarde's most recent opus, available here in full. Alert and Alarum! Rouse thyselves to the sticking place, fellow travelers in this mighty vehicle of B...

T.O. Back in B-Lo?


If the latest reports are correct, Terrell Owens is coming back to Buffalo! Well, sort of. Reports are that T.O. has signed with the Seahawks, who will be visiting Buffalo on 12/16. Unfortunately that is the Toronto game (Thanks for the heads up Joner). Still, I wonder if he will be cheered when he makes a play or scores?


Don't Do It Stevie!

Ugh. Apparently Stevie Johnson is looking for ways to take his TD celebrations to a whole new level next year. Please, please, please Stevie -- don't do it! It is not funny, cute, or cool. It...

Fitz Expecting Great Things, Especially from CJ


Fitz is excited that the ball goes where he wants when he throws, which I guess is important for QB's. He also remarks on how CJ Spiller is so into things now that he's telling other players where to line up. I say we shake up this can of hype soda and then explode it all over the Jets in week one.


TJ Graham's 40 Time -- 4.29 low

I've read reports that TJ Graham's 4.41 time reported at the combine is inaccurate. It was Graham's slower time. He ran a 4.41 and a 4.29, which gives him a 4.35 (fastest combine WR time this...


Terror in the Backfield (Poll)

How many sacks will the Buffalo Bills defense produce in 2012? Recent articles have studied the evolution of the Bills D from 1994 to 1995. In 94', the Bills were 3rd last in the league with a...


Super Bowl Prediction

On September the 25th, year of our Lord 2011, one of the happiest days of Munchausen's life, the Buffalo Bills defeated the New England Patriots by a final score of 34-31. They went down 21-0 in...


Happy with Dareus? (poll)

We are now 11 weeks into the 2011 NFL season, and most of the top rookies in the 2011 draft have had a tremendous impact. Cam Newton has been setting rookie passing records in Carolina. Von...


Not as Bad as It Looked

Well that game stank worse than Rex Ryan doing cardio. But when you look at the numbers, it wasn't nearly as bad as it looked. It was also wayyy better than our previous outings against the Jets....


These Guys Are Good

I have to do this. The Bills DOMINATED the Chiefs last Sunday, and now everybody is like, "Oh, it's just one game, the Chiefs aren't that good, we all remember 2008...."  yadayadayada.... We are...


The Most Interesting QB in the World

He went to Harvard for college and they studied him. He has the heart of a lion.  In a jar on his mantle. His beard caused global warming. He invented the chicken wing. His medals win trophies. He...

Jets Fans in Love with Aaron Maybin


I can't believe this! The Jets blog actually wants Aaron Maybin to get reps with their starters! I think we should all go over there and encourage this. Be sure to see my comment (#33 or so).

The Bills' new 150+ yard practice field. Weeird.


The Bills' new 150+ yard practice field.  Weeird.


Poll: Who Are Top 5 QB's in League?

Ok, so any rational person's top 5 list begins as follows: 1. Peyton Manning 2. Tom Brady Who gets the remaining 3 slots?  To me, #3 is obvious as well (though some may disagree): 3. Drew Brees A...

Jasper a work in progress


Giff Smith, Bills DL coach: "He’s a guy that you hope can be a scout team guy for you the first year and learn the ropes. We’ll see in training camp. With the depth that we have now and not having to force the issue and put him on the field, hopefully we can just watch him develop and have him help us on the practice field this year."


Odd Man Out: Jasper or Heard?

If we do have a preseason this year, Bills fans will pay close attention to the competition over the 7th roster spot on the defensive line.  In all likelihood, Kellen Heard and Michael Jasper will...


How Will Kyle Williams and Marcell Dareus Work Together?

After the Lions drafted Nick Fairley, the interwebs exploded with sentiments of "OMG Suh+Fairley=doom".  But the folks over at Pro Football Focus were not entirely persuaded.  In their analysis,...


Suspend Mike Richards

The NHL needs to step up and suspend Mike Richards for his disgusting hit from behind against Tim Connolly, where he viciously forced Connolly's head into the boards face first:   With his history...


Suggested Products for OBD

To help support the Buffalo Bills in this time of difficulty, I suggest they begin marketing the following products: 1.  "Aaron Maybin's Secrets to Success" -- A blank notepad. 2.  "Kyle...


Would Bills Benefit from Lockout in 2012 NFL Draft?

Regardless of what happens with the NFL labor situation, the Bills will have the 3rd pick in the 2011 NFL draft.  But suppose that the entire 2011-2012 NFL season is locked out and there are no new...

Welcome Wanstedt


May your tenure be victorious.


Respect the Fitz

"The incomparable Ryan Fitzpatrick" Did anyone else hear that phrase in the first half of the Bills-Ravens game?  What Bills QB could anyone say that about since Jim Kelly? You know what, I'm not...


You Know You're A Bills Fan When...

When the old lady who directs cars at church asks you to park "wide and to the right", you run her over. When you watch any non-Bills football game at any level, you think, "Wow, what a great...

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