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Your favorite team doesn't give a damn about you.....

OK we all know this doens't apply to our dearly beloved Lions but this is a great piece of humor with a lot of truth to it regarding all those other selfish teams that are just doing it for the...


Too bad the Lions aren't in the AFC....

watching Broncos/Steelers right now thinking, "Damn, just Damn!"


Jon Stinchcomb just became available, should the Lions pursue?

Stinchcomb is an experienced and DURABLE RT with a Super Bowl ring and a Pro Bowl.  He's only 31, so arguably has a few years left in him.  With Cherilus coming off an injury and Hilliard not...

2 will be streaming the G-Day game. Stafford will be throwing....

in a "Legends Competition" as has already been posted.  12:00 CDT is the start time for the game.  I have no idea if the throwing competition will be streamed but it's your best shot to see Staff...


Just curious about Dick Lebeau....

Did the Lions ever make a serious effort to bring in Lebeau as an assistant?  I'm not suggesting they do it now because he seems pretty happy in Pittsburgh and he's in his 70s.  But it just seems...


Jeff Fisher chimes in on the "ground rule".....

Sorry I don't have a clip to share but I heard this on a radio interview yesterday.  A caller asked Fisher about CJ's catch and, since Fisher is on the Rules Committee, whether it will be reviewed...


Staff's alma mater (and mine) wins the Fulmer Cup....

And I must say the acceptance speech from Doug, EDSBS Associate Editor for Sensual Affairs and UGA Alum, is a tear-jerker and ranks right up there with Gayle Sayers' Halas Award Speech in Brian's...


Something to consider RE: Suh and Vanden Bosch....

I know some here questioned bringing in Vanden Bosch because he was less productive last year with the Titans.  That was largely due to the absence of Haynesworth who drew a lot of double teams...


What a difference 2 weeks makes.....

from 5 picks and 2 TDs in a come from ahead loss to 5 TDs and 2 picks in a come from behind win.  Just wanted to reiterate that the kid is nothing but a winner.  So puh-leeze stop with the Joey...


Possibly my favorite Stafford moment....

On the goal line stand when it appeared the ball had been stripped by one of the Saint's linebackers (or it may have been Charles Grant, can't remember), Stafford had been knocked on his back and...

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