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Kings Post-Game Interviews


I just had to post this on account of Donté. Brockman had some good things to say too. But the quote of the piece is from Té: "That's that basketball IQ kickin' in."


The View from Seat P-7

That was really a blast!


What a Difference Six Months Makes

These 20 statements would have gotten you laughed out of Sacramento six months ago.


A Formal Apology to Beno Udrih

(From the FanPosts, with minor editing for language. -- TZ) Dear Beno: I would like to take this opportunity to apologize publicly, solemnly, and unequivocally for all of the bad things I said...


My Thoughts on Tonight's Game

  Even though this was preseason, I felt that the Kings really needed a win. They outplayed the Warriors for most of the game with the exception of the second quarter and a period spanning the...


Hate Poll #3: Your Least Favorite Sacramento King of All Time

The late returns continue to trickle in from the previous two ballot initiatives. In Hate Poll #1, the detestable Kobe continues to duke it out with the odious Rick Fox for...


Hate Poll #2: Your Least Favorite Active NBA Player (not named Kobe)

  The polls are still open on Hate Poll #1: Your Least Favorite NBA Player Ever. And as of this writing it is a neck-and-neck race between the two most detestable players in NBA history: Kobe...

Another Great Jerry Reynolds Interview


Our favorite Hoosier chimes in on the Hall inductions, plus a few choice Kings tidbits (pre-Desmond Mason).


Hate Poll #1: Your Least Favorite NBA Player EVER

  OK comrades, The Two-Minute Hate is over. The nominations are in. And it’s time to put this exceedingly important issue to a vote.


The Two-Minute Hate

Look, it’s a long off-season, and we’re trying to stay occupied while we wait for the action to start. So sometimes we need to get creative.


Revisiting the Webber Trade: Wise Move or Colossal Screw-Up?

(From the FanPosts, an excellent post mortem on the Chris Webber trade. - TZ) There has been much discussion lately about the relative merits/demerits of the second Chris Webber trade. I am of...

Latest Scoop: Scott Howard-Cooper moves to


After a brief but very successful gig at, our man Scoop has changed (web) addresses again.


Player Anagrams Poll

It's gonna be a loooong summer. The Dog Days are upon us, and there's not a lot of hoops news to talk about. So I thought we might entertain ourselves a bit in the meantime. And what better way...

Jerry Reynolds on the Rise Guys


JR talks about Reke, and has an interesting take on Rubio.


14 Worst NBA Contracts

(From the FanPosts. We're only on the list once! - TZ) We all know that there are a lot of onerous NBA contracts out there. So I thought it might be fun to try to rank (or at least list) the...


Future Shock -- Projecting JT

I will now engage in a statistical exercise where I will attempt to project the future performance of Jason Thompson based on his past (college) statistics. Already a mere two sentences into this...


Judging Geoff (redux)

Last week, I presented a post titled "Judging Geoff" in which I presumed to offer an assessment of the body of work of Kings President of Basketball Operations Geoff Petrie. With the benefit of...


Judging Geoff

It has often been said that hindsight is 50-50. I’m not sure that quote means anything, but in any case, we have the luxury of looking back on the past achievements of others (or ourselves) and...


The top 5 picks in the 2009 NBA draft will be...

OK kids, let's play prognosticator. The question is: Who do you think will be the top five picks, in order? The question is NOT: Who do you WANT the top 5 picks to be? Let me qualify this post...


Thoughts on Acquiring #5

This is my first post so please bear with me. There appears to be a growing consensus that Washington does not want the #5 pick because of the luxury tax hit they would take from the comparatively...

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