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NBA JAM Rosters revealed: Clippers have four players


So the Clippers are one of the teams in NBA JAM with three present day players and one former player. The current Clippers include: Baron Davis, Blake Griffin, and Chris Kaman. Danny Manning is the former Clipper on the roster. NBA JAM had a fan vote back in early December last year. Fans could vote for three players. The choices were Baron Davis, Eric Gordon, Blake Griffin, Marcus Camby, and Chris Kaman. I really don't understand how Eric Gordon did not get enough fan votes to qualify. NBA JAM has stated that teams with more than three current day players would have four players due to a very close vote between the 3rd and 4th player. Clipper fans did not do their part in the fan vote. Now, I understand that this is a video game, but NBA JAM is iconic when it comes to video games. It is a shame that Eric Gordon, our second leading scorer, one of our cornerstone players, and gold medalist is not in the game. I will not be buying the game as I feel there are too many players missing. Most teams have only 3 or 4 players. There is no reason why each team should not have atleast five players. Thoughts..........

Coach K talks about Eric Gordon and Derrick Rose in the backcourt


It was nice to hear them even make reference to EJ's game last night. Coach K is a smart man, let's hope he is smart enough to take EJ to New York :-)

EJ talks about team USA, the season, and Lebron


EJ talks about team USA, the season, and Lebron


You say "youth movement", I say upgrades

I have been hearing many people say that the Clippers are in yet again another youth movement.  I understand that we have a roster full of guys with less than three years of NBA experience (6 to be...


The 2010-11 LA Clippers = ?

I think now would be a good time to take a look at who and what (Sofo) makeup our 2010-11 Clippers squad. I know there has been a few members disgruntled about the draft, the signing of head coach...

L.A. hosting the 2011 ALL-STAR GAME


I don't know why this isn't big news, but I guess with the NBA Finals, the free agencey, and the NBA Draft this story well isn't even a story. I see that our own Eric Gordon is represented in the unveiling of the 2011 All-Star logo...be nice to see him represented in the actual game :-). I wonder if this means the Clippers are hosting the events, or does it simply mean that it is an L.A. event...ie Lakers and Clippers.


So what exactly is Kim Hughes doing still working at the Clippers' training complex in Playa Vista.

I have not heard any rumors regarding the Clippers and a new head coach, but I certainly hope that the Clippers do not consider Kim Hughes as a serious candidate for the head coaching position. H...


Is Baron Davis really having a better season than last?

I have heard many members say that Baron is playing better than he played last year, but is he really?  I am going to take a look at Baron through 45 games this season, and then take a look at him...


Chris Kaman is an All-star snub

Yahoo Sports has just released the 2010 All-star game reserves, and Chris Kaman did not make the team.  This could come to a surprise to some, but too many this seems like the right call.   Kaman...


Is it a "Laker Day", every day?

Every website or sports show is always talking about how great the Lakers are this year.  They are no doubt one of the better teams in the NBA, but the media acts like this 09-10 Lakers team is one...


If Baron is our leader, where has he been THIS MONTH!?

Many Clipper fans will claim that Baron Davis is the leader of the Clippers.  So with the injury to Kaman the leader of the Clippers should lead this team right?  Not the case for Baron.  Infact,...


Eric Gordon to compete in the NBA Dunk contest

Eric Gordon will dunk against the Toronto Raptor's Demar Derozan at half-time of the Rookie vs. Sophmore game on Feb 12, 2010.  The two will dunk in a "Dunk In" to take part in the actual Sprite...

These are a pair of Eric Gordon rookie year game-worn shoes, that I picked up this week. EJ wore...


These are a pair of Eric Gordon rookie year game-worn shoes, that I picked up this week. EJ wore these for a few games his rookie season. He wore these in a game when he scored his first 20+ points. These are also his first signature shoe that Adidas designed for EJ.


Kobe is playing ball!

There is no doubt that Kobe is a very talented basketball player, but there is no need for him to be shooting 30+ shots in any basketball game.  The loss to the Clippers was on his shoulders.  He...


Eric Gordon will play on saturday night

I haven't heard if he is a game-time decision, but that might be b/c I live in Illinois, haha.  I would think 5 days of rest would allow him to play saturday night vs. the Pacers, but with the C...


Clippers retro nights?

I am starting to see a few teams wear their retro jerseys. The Magic and Cavaliers are a few teams taht I have seen wearing retro jerseys.  I was wondering when the Clippers are scheduled to wear...


NBATV Fan Night, next tuesday 12-8-09

Next tuesday Clips play the Magic and this game is on the list to vote for.  I say we get this game on NBATV Fan Night.  It will showcase our team and we can get a national perspective from C-Webb,...


Eric Gordon will be back....

Is there a date for his return or does anyone have an up-date on EJ?  He was injured on Nov 7th.  Today will make the 10th day since his injury.  I would think he would be re-evaluated on...


Lets take a look at what we "should" have for the next 4-6 weeks

The season is now off and running, and the injury bug has struck the Clippers yet again.  So with the injury to Blake Griffin taken into account, let us take a look at what we can expect from this...


What is the Clippers coaching staff doing?

Friday nights game vs. the Hornets was a complete disaster Big G wanted out of the game for a 3-4 minute span.  You could see it in his face.  He even motioned to the bench that he wanted out.  He...


Clippers vs. Lakers game thread

This isn't the official game thread, as I am sure Steve will have one, but this can serve for now.  I hope that this is a competitive game and both teams play their stars.  The Clippers have been...


Clippers vs. Spurs 10-14-09

This is a real test away from home for the Clippers.  I noticed the starting line-up is different from what we have seen this preseason.  Baron, Davis, Butler, Griffin, and Jordan.  Why is Ricky...


Clippers vs. Warriors 10-12-09

This game vs the Warriors was the first Prime Ticket game of the season, and the third preseason game of the year for the Clippers.  The first half was no contest as the Clippers had no answers for...


Eric Gordon will average.......

Clipper fans know that Gordon is the most efficeint player on the team and he is finally getting recognized for this by the national media.  Clipper fans already know EJ has what it takes.  We saw...

Eric Gordon rookie year Clippers Logo, only one in the world! Straight from the neck-line of EJ's...


Eric Gordon rookie year Clippers Logo, only one in the world! Straight from the neck-line of EJ's jersey :-)


Media day pictures of the Clippers

I have been looking everywhere for pictures of the Clippers on media day.  I see a few, but no actual photos that will be used during the season by the media.  Most the of the pictures are behind...


Should the Clippers get new jerseys?

The Clippers have had the same jerseys for two decades now it seems.  I was thinking that with a new team, there should be a new look.  The Sixers, Mavs, T-Wolves, Bobcats, Bucks, Pacers, Magic,...


The leader of the Clippers

Who exactly is the leader of this team?  I think Baron has the qualities, but he being a shoot first point guard and injury prone, I don't know if I can go there.  Camby is a great defensive...

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