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Tactics Talk

via i.imgur.com Given the massive overhaul that is going to occur to Brendan’s tricky Reds this summer I think it may be prudent to discuss tactics going forward given the comings and...

Xabi Anfield Quote


"Anfield makes a huge impression on you, it motivates you -- it's a place with a lot of charm and, for me, it's one of the temples of football," he said. "There aren't many but Anfield is one of them. It's a no-frills stadium but it's got a lot of soul."


LFC Confirm Maxi Exit


Liverpool Football Club can today confirm that Maxi Rodriguez has joined Newell's Old Boys in Argentina. Maxi Letter to LFC Fans: Dear Reds, I am leaving Liverpool FC today. Before signing for LFC, I just saw the club as one of the greatest institutions in football. After my time here I can confirm that this is not just a great club but also a great family. I have tried to give everything every day that I was wearing the LFC crest. It has been a great honour to defend this shirt during two and a half years. I am returning home with a suitcase full of great memories, good friends within the team and also within this great family that works every day in the club. Thanks a lot for your support. You can NOT imagine what a great honour it was for me when the Kop sang, 'Maxi, Maxi Rodríguez runs down the wing for me da da da da dada...' Hasta la vista. Maxi

LFC News 6.4.12: Forge Ahead Edition


All things new. Sam's story below sums up how a lot of us feel about the old LFC contingent. Dirk was a very respected member of the LFC family. His workrate and love for all things LFC were...

Brendan Rodgers Presser


Brendan Rodgers Presser

New Warrior LFC Kit Detailed Unveil


New Warrior LFC Kit Detailed Unveil

LFC News 6.1.12: New Beginning Edition


Today marks the beginning for LFC in many different aspects. Brendan Rodgers will be announced bringing with him a solid support staff. Also, the official release of the new Warrior kit is today....

6/1/12 LFC Presser: Beginning of a New Era


Tomorrow LFC will be streaming their presser at 10 AM BST. Seemingly to announce Brendan Rodgers as new manager, unveil the new Warrior Kit officially, and perhaps announce some updates on the Stadium situation or future naming rights? Best part of this is that the great folks at LFC and FSG are streaming this even free at LFC TV Online.

LFC News 5.25.12: Istanbul Edition


Today marks the 7th anniversary of the best comeback in Champions League history. Seems like only yesterday we were all sitting on the edge of our seats during the penalty shoot-out with Milan. ...

Chang and Hogan Join LFC


Official announcement of Jen Chang as the new LFC Corporate Relations and Communications Director (think Suarez-gate) and Billy Hogan as the Chief Commercial Officer (think business development - a la stadium naming rights). Twitter rumors had these two pegged for their posts a couple of weeks ago, so no big shock here. So what does this mean? I would expect a DOF named in the next week or so, with a decision made on the manager shortly after. Hogan announcement link: http://www.liverpoolfc.tv/news/latest-news/billy-hogan-joins-liverpool-fc

AVB to Anfield?


It has been an intriguing last few weeks to be an LFC fan. After the sacking of legend Kenny Dalglish the club has been left in apparent turmoil. Many pundits and fans are asking FSG for a...

Tomkins Statement Re: FSG


Paul Tomkins - noted LFC historian and blogger (has written several LFC books) has released the statement on his website. He has been abused on Twitter today by fans lashing out at him claiming he is partly responsible for the sacking of Kenny Dalglish. He is an excellent Red and expands on his relationship with FSG and the capacity of his relationship with John Henry. Above all I am encouraged by this quote in his post: Like any fan, I am not going to turn down my club if my opinion is sought, by owners interested in getting feedback from many sources. But I am not – and here I italicise – an advisor. The FSG style is to canvas the opinion of many and work with the wisdom of the crowd, and on top of that, they will have an inner circle of key people, of which I am not one. I think we are in good hands

Roy Hodgson named England Manager


With names like Pep, Jose, etc linked with the position why not chose Roy Hodgson. The FA once again shows their brilliance. Expect the English national football team to be disgustingly average or perhaps worse the next four years.

Pep Guardiola leaves Barca


Was widely speculated and today has been officially announced. There are even rumors that he told the Barca brass that he wanted to step down at the end of the season back in November. Why is this bit of non-LFC news here? Let's all agree that Pep is not coming to LFC and leave that rumor alone.

LFC News 4.26.12: Is Is Summer Yet? Edition


Every European footy fan knows that as their respective league seasons wind down there is the inevitable onslaught of rumors buzzing around. Everything from players, managers, ownership, and to a...

Aqua Milan Move Off?


Two bits of huge transfer news this morning. Aqua could stay at Anfield. Apparently chances at striking the 25 match clause in Aqua's loan are dwindling. I have also read that Milan will veto any move for Aqua. There is also this article below saying that Jackson Martinez is now an LFC player. http://www.ligapostobon.com.co/noticia/jackson-martinez-nuevo-jugador-de-liverpool-12654 Video of Martinez here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwRjW5t4RfQ&feature=related

LFC News 4.20.12: The Return of the Hodgson


The Baggies come to Anfield with former LFC caretaker Roy Hodgson on the touchline. Kenny Dalglish seems to think he'll receive a warm welcome. Perhaps because their Premier League record at LFC...

LFC News 4.13.12: The Apprentice Addition


Well, lots of pink slips delivered by FSG yesterday. I read one tweet yesterday that said they imagined a child sized goal in the LFC board room yesterday and all that were on the chopping block...

Liverpool vs. Aston Villa Player Ratings


There is a quick turn around this week as Liverpool travel to Ewood Park tomorrow to face Blackburn. But let's look back for a moment at this weekend's frustrating draw against an Aston Villa side...

Ashley Young earns spot on British Olympic team with fantastic dive vs QPR. Approach, flight, and...


Ashley Young earns spot on British Olympic team with fantastic dive vs QPR. Approach, flight, and entry were perfect. Certainly a 9 plus. Please check back here for an updated roster including Mr. Young. This post is a bit tongue-in-cheek and out of spite that Manure is closing in on their 20th PL championship. Check out Bromantic's great article on the dive in the lovely game here.

Caption Contest! I figured that you all could come up with some good ones for this! Training...


Caption Contest! I figured that you all could come up with some good ones for this! Training pre-Villa match can be found at link below http://www.liverpoolfc.tv/news/latest-news/pics-reds-get-ready-for-villa

LFC News 4.5.12: Dutch Master Edition


Good Morning AA. Host of news today. Hope you enjoy. Be on the lookout for the Villa preview later this week! Dirk to leave this summer via telegraph.co.uk I expect this to happen with his old...

LFC reserves highlights of 4-1 win at Villa.


LFC reserves highlights of 4-1 win at Villa.

State of the Club Address


Sorry for the length of this article, this is a good form of therapy for me right now. Please feel free to weigh in. If you dabble on the site please join and throw your comments in the mix. Your...

Awesome Trans World Sport Video feature on Luis Suarez


Awesome Trans World Sport Video feature on Luis Suarez

Sign of the End Times?


Is this one of the signs? Should we be worried? One world Football governing body?

LFC News 3.30.12: Just Win Baby Edition


Good morning AA! Massive match this weekend vs Newcastle. As always prepare yourself for Sam's preview, they are truly one of a kind! Also, expect Adam(Bro) to have a spot on player rating story...

FC Magdeburg Fans showing their club where the goal is. They have gone scoreless in the last 5...


FC Magdeburg Fans showing their club where the goal is. They have gone scoreless in the last 5 matches. If this tactic works I am not above the Kop doing this at Anfield to help our wayward strikers

Beat Your Marker and Finish


Perhaps our strikers could view this series

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