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Long time Braves fan in NC. While I like other sports, baseball will always be my favorite and the only one I have ever joined a web site to discuss and celebrate.

I’ve been a TC member since ‘09 and can only be described as the cheeseburger option in a buffet of prime cuts laid out by the baseball chefs of knowledge and expertise around here.

You won’t find me laying out an analysis of stats or trends. Ever. I’m not much more than a self-appointed cheerleader and the occasional rant when they play poorly for extended periods of time. I will always root for the Braves to do well and unapologetically celebrate like an 8-yr old when they do.

Owner and poster at Chop&Chat.
Not a blog, but a simple forum site where people can discuss "Braves, Baseball & More".
For those times when you just have a hankering for just a cheeseburger :)

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Atlanta Braves
  • NFL Pittsburgh Steelers
User Blog

Mystery Man at Miller Park


We read so much negativity in the news and even in our sports coverage of late, it's nice to have something like THIS cross the radar from time to time.

Made my day, so I thought I'd share.


CHOPtober / OT Thread

This will be the final 2012 OT thread by me. It's been a pleasure reading the OT threads this past season and the things you all have come up with to post in them. I appreciate your taking...


OT / Reg Season End

This will be the final OT Thread for the regular season. Just typing that makes me kinda sad. I can't believe how April seems like just a few weeks ago. At this point the Braves are in a...


OT Thread / Mid Sept.

Our Braves are in the hunt for a WC spot, but if we don't improve our ability to hit with RISP, it will be a short stay if we make it there. Not really inspired by a clever question or food/drink...


OT Thread / Money or Time?

Right now, I really don't wish to discuss our current struggle to win games we NEED to be winning. So I'll leave the Braves comments to the threads designed for them. I've spent a fair amount of...


OT Thread / Coke or Pepsi?

Our Braves played well on their last home stand, and battling on the road to stay close in the standings with the pesky gNats. The next couple weeks will hopefully, have us celebrating closing...


TC Member Birthdays

I thought it might be a nice feature to have the TC member Birthdays in a handy reference list by month. If you want your birthday added to this table - either email me or post below. All I need...


OT Thread / Name Your Donut

Off Topic Thread - Name Your Donut Second half well under way now and our Braves still playing streaky baseball. To start this OT thread, let's begin by sharing with us what is your favorite...


OT Thread for 2nd Half

Off Topic Thread - Let the 2nd Half Begin! With the All-Star Break behind us, time to get minds and bodies ready to start the 2nd half of the 2012 baseball season. Summer is now in full force and...


Homestand / ASB Off Topic

Off Topic Thread - Homestand and All-Star Break edition. With the 10 game homestand we'll be enjoying as we transition from June to July, I thought we could use a new Off Topic thread. Consider...


Father's Day Weekend / Off Topic

Father's Day weekend OT Thread. This coming Sunday is Father's Day. I'd like to wish a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all of you who are dads. If you who still have your Dad with you, I hope you get...

Freeman's Mother's Day thoughts...


Freddie Freeman gave quite the candid interview about the influence his late mother. "I think about my mom every day," Freeman said. "Before I go out there on the field, I look up at the sky and just say, 'Thank you, look out for me and keep me healthy.' It's something I've always done since she passed away. She loved baseball and she was always there for me. So that's the least I can do -- to think about her every day." You can read more at the link.


Happy Birthday Chipper :)

April 24th is the 40th Birthday of our beloved 3rd baseman, and future HOFer, CHIPPER JONES! As a Braves fan, I am thankful I've been able to watch him play for our team for so many years, and...


David Ross Show Episode 4 (1&2)

EDITED 9/8/11 - to add Link to Parts 1 & 2   Our very own David Ross has a new "show" and this is the fourth episode. Episode #4 featuring Peter Moylan Part 2 HERE David Ross, with a microphone -...


David Ross Show Episode 3

Our very own David Ross has a new "show" and this is the third episode. Episode #3 featuring Tim Hudson David Ross, with a microphone - this is guaranteed to be interesting.  The first episode...


TCers in Uniform/Military

I created a post like this right after I first joined TC. It's been a while, we have lots of new members and since that one's no longer in the archives I thought I'd create a new one. I know this...


David Ross Show Episode 2

Our very own David Ross has a new "show" and this is the second episode. Episode #2 featuring Brandon Beachy David Ross, with a microphone - this could get dangerous. The first episode featured B...


David Ross Show Episode 1

Our very own David Ross has a new "show" and this is the first episode. Episode #1 featuring Brian McCann David Ross, with a microphone - this could get dangerous. One has to love BMac being such...


The More You Know (Images)

This installment of "The More You Know" will highlight the procedure for inserting images into your comments. It's pretty straightforward, but for those who like visual aids, a screen capture...


The More You Know (Profile Mgmt)

I was perusing my Member Profile today and discovered a few things I didn't know about how one can manage their FanPosts and FanShots. Then, I wondered if I was the only one that didn't realize how...


Dugan Smith - Inspiration Story

This young man named Dugan Smith from Ohio is an inspiration to say the least. Not only is he an example of perseverance in the face of adversity, but his love of the game of baseball and what he...

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