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Dallas Cowboys fan since I was 7. UNC Tar Heel Grad and fan (football and baskeball)! In central North Carolina.

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Another reason to laugh at ELI! Direct TV FFF Video!


LOL ELI and Peyton t it again. ELI is better at dumbface but I do like laughing at their commercials and videos.


2014 Pre-Season Roster with numbers

I have taken the Roster that OCC put together and published at the link below and spaced it to 3 separate pages, added jersey numbers and highlighted certain position groups to make watching the...


I just want to say THANKS!

I just want to say THANKS! THANKS to our amazing Front Page Writers for putting in the time and effort to do an utterly incredible job with articles and great information PRE-DRAFT only to...

Sport Science: Anthony Barr


The link is to Barr even tho it seems mis-identified. Impressive look at him through espn sports science yday and today.

Johnny Manziel posts video showing off slam-dunking skills


Manziel dunking with style. You can't deny he is quite an athlete!

Where Exactly Did It Go Wrong for the Dallas Cowboys?


Aside from BTB and Sturm, one of my favorite (although a bit arrogant) Cowboys writers in Jonathan Bales. Sadly he is now writing most of his Cowboys stuff for Bleacher Report (or maybe that will raise their level of reporting lol) BUT THIS PIECE - I would staple to Jerry's and Jason's Foreheads if I could. I can't help but think that unless Jason and Jerry school up on these concepts their running of the team and game management will continue to be less than we and the Dallas Cowboys deserve!!! School up GM and HC - YOU 2 are what needs to improve most this off season!!!

Cowboys Won't Find Success Before Massive Culture Change in Dallas


Not normally a BR fan but this article really has alot to think about.

Cowboys vs. Packers: The Numbers Behind the Cowboys’ Late-Game Collapse


Bales does a nice job of explaining why most of the responsibility lies with Garrett for this loss. If you read the MMQB article on Romo's first interception - the 2 articles pose a nice difference of opinion on running or passing ON THIS PLAY yet both agree Garrett failed in not running the ball more in the second to shorten the game. I truly believe Jerry and next year's coach (whomever it may be) need not to ignore analytics!

Stephen Jones Expects Something Special From The Cowboys


Dear Lord why can't Daddy GM and AT LEAST GM, Jr. realize that no other GMs are constantly trying to motivate their team and manipulate the media and public opinion by opening their mouths so much! The old saying about "Better to have people think you are stupid than open your mouth and prove them right." comes to mind. I have hopes Stephen will do better than JJ but hes learning the wrong lessons....

Cowboys vs. Lions: Dallas Continues to Ignore the Percentages


We need these analytics in our coaching! Please Mr. Garrett and Misters Jones! We'd actually like to start winning these close games we tend to gift to other teams! Hell, instead of having him write articles for their website we need the FO to hire Jonathan Bales, learn from and listen to him!

The Morning After: Lions 31, Cowboys 30 (4-4)


Bob today is a great read, sad but true. "Now, since the final gun in Tempe at the end of Super Bowl 30, when Jerry and Barry were having a laugh and holding the trophy, the Cowboys are 144-145 in the 289 games (regular season and playoffs combined). This team is 4-4 and should not be attached to teams that featured Clay Shiver and Eric Bjornson, but they invariably are. They have to prove - with play in games like this - that this team is of different quality to those that helped fashion this reputation of mediocrity over the last 18 seasons. And on Sunday in Detroit, they did not. They played well enough to win and yet found a way to lose. "

New Desktop I put together for the game tomorrow! Go Cowboys!


Excited for our Cowboys and the game tomorrow so I put this together for my desktop. I;m not the best with image programs but it was fun anyway! Go Cowboys! All images are owned by the represented entities (Dez Bryant, Calvin Johnson, The Dallas Cowboys, The Detroit Lions, Transformers and The NFL respectively) and are not made nor used here for commercial purposes nor should they be used without permission of the respective owners.


Why are the Texans infringing on our Star!!?

Yes, I know they are wannabees! Yes, I know they use their little star as the eye of their cow or whatever it is. BUT why would Jerry Jones or the NFL allow them to infringe on our Star with a...

Decoding Callahan: Week 2 - Kansas City Chiefs (Really Good Stuff by Sturm)


Great piece! Pictures on the awful call to T-Will on 3rd and long that Garrett said in his presser - needs to be done more effectively - instead of going to Dez like they shd have! This one really addresses why things turned around in the second half and some of the issues about our run game and Romo dealing with blitzing!!

Report: NFL pressured ESPN to abandon PBS concussion project


PFT reports about the NFL pushing ESPN while taking a jab of their own - " But there’s a difference between fair criticism and over-the-top twisting of facts in the hopes of advancing an agenda."

Oxnard Blog: Competition Spots On Offensive Line (Bob Sturm's Take on Camp - diluting the Koolaid)


Bob seems to be anti Koolaid lately but I usually respect his analysis. His piece Monday is worth a read too - here:



Inappropriate texting to a Hooters Girl on and before your wedding date??? Not something Id normally be inclined to look for or post but.... Ok I heard Jay Leno refer to this and went looking because I was thinking NO WAY but lol looks like its highly possible RGIII is more of a Playa then just in the NFL. Kinda sad if it is true. BUT hes our NEMESIS so I hope this blows up into a huge distraction for him haha!

DT Ratliff To Undergo MRI Sunday After Hamstring Strain


Guards... now RAT injured on Day 1! Say it isnt so Joe!! =(

Bomani Jones knows fans of America’s Team!


I was watching Around the Horn today on ESPN and Bomani Jones won and got to have the final say. The topic he chose related to recent comments about Cam Newton. I’m in NC and my Dad is a Carolina Panthers fan so my ears perked up. Apparently in response to a question from reporters, Cam Newton said that he was a Falcons fan in his youth and to this day he pulls for the Falcons when they are not playing the Panthers. Jones, in his commentary, went on to say that Cam Newton was a Falcons fan in his youth and will likely be a Falcons fan in his retirement and YOU DON’T WANT TO GO AROUND ASKING THAT QUESTION OF NFL PLAYERS, BECAUSE IF YOU DO, YOU ARE GOING TO FIND OUT JUST HOW MANY DALLAS COWBOYS FANS ARE OUT THERE. Anecdotal evidence for certain. But this really struck me as a fan of America’s Team! Go Cowboys! (Link is to the Around the Horn podcasts page)

Aaron Hernandez charged with murder in Odin Lloyd cas


Wow! Awful! Hernanadez charged in murder of Odin.5 gun charges too!

NBCSN to broadcast 17 CFL games, including Grey Cup


Football in late June!! Well CFL but its better than the summer doldrums! ;D

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