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Big 10: Face meet Palm

I think that the rest of the world is coming to the realization of what a disaster Rutgers is. Adam Rittenberg and Brian Bennett - ESPN's Big Ten bloggers have this to say in light of what's going...

Dc3's TD

He also had a hug run on 4 th down leading up to the score


Run or Pass

While our offense has put up huge numbers (for SU), the game does not always seem to flow as easily as it should. At times, SU has thrown the ball well and, at times, we have run the ball well. ...


Recruiting update

EO has us out for now. According to some of the pay for websites, SU is no longer in his top 4 after recent visits to asu and ole miss. Guess his desire to play with some local NYC kids has been...

Interesting idea on acc scheduling

Kinda like BE basketball scheduling, except pairs teams by rivalry factor - ie number of times they've played. SU would then get to pay Vpi and Miami regularly


Early Thoughts on the game with the bums representing America's armpit

or Buttgers if you prefer The last few years it seems that Marrone has his team ready to play. It looks like he has done extra scouting and the defense plays well and the offense is able to get...

Former #1 recruit and former SU commit

Missouris freshmen suspended. Brantley was a former commit before he flipped commitments before signing day.

Recruits doing work

Sounds like our big recruits are still trying to go after smith and EO. This is big as many major programs sustain recruits this way. While I am still not exactly sure what happened with the orange fizz writers and ishaq williams,mand I think they should not be trying to contact recruits again, I appreciate the update.

It could be worse

Maybe . . . Marrone could like the word "neat"

One of the best parts of college football

This is part of what SU football is missing. For many the excitement of tailgating and preparing to hang out is as big as the game . I Don't think anyone's ever disagreed with the need for tailgating at games, but if DG creates more of an experience to go, more seats will get filled. The More fun people have hanging out, the more people will go to away games. This is an under appreciated aspect of building a program, a following, and revenue. We need a physical space for this.

George Morris Reports

and posts sweet pics of this years gear


Cuse nation is proud of zach Allen

ZA is out of the elite 11 high school quarterback competition. No one has had anything by great things to say about him. He finished second in an accuracy competition and ran a great 40. This...

EO to wait til Dec to commit

Not sure if this is good or bd for us, or if he's just overwhelmed by the whole process. He also is on track to graduate in dec and early enroll. Him and AO are the big recruits left

Sb nation hall of fame

Not many other schools boast the number of impressive candidates SU has up there

Pretty solid 2012 SU football preview

It is featured on the front page of The article is much the way I would have written it. Acknowledges that we are largely a relevant team that has fallen on hard times, how Robinson decimated our program and marrone has not been able to bring us back quite as quickly as hoped. Makes some good points about the defense and teams ability to "make plays" overall. My big thing is how close we come to winning a few games that would drastically change the outcome (no I do not need to be reminded about the breaks we got last season) 2 years ago we should have pulled out the Louisville game at the end - we were up late, lost the lead, then didn't win it with a minute to go. Last year we were up on rutgers big early, squandered that and the a bailey overtime fumble sealed the loss. The writer asks what success is and I think it's about a game to game thing. It's about beating northwestern, being competitive with USC and Missouri, beating rutgers and uconn, being competitive with Louisville, cincy, and usf and at the end of the season finding 6 wins.

Best post I've read on tv money yet

Explains contracts and how the big 10 and Texas are winning the game


Realignment - A return to Independence?

Now, I'm not calling out Florida State, Maryland, or anyone else involved in recent talk. My question is why independence has not become a bigger move. 30 years ago, many football programs enjoyed...

I hate shift switching

Apparently cool guy myles davis will move from linebacker to fullback. i wish he could try out for linebacker or wr, his natural positions. he joins james washington on the move. i just hope we dont miss on his talents elsewhere.. fullback could go to the little bus or we could do dual tb or one of our awesome tight ends since were loaded there now ( at least for a season)

early report wayne morgan to good guys

he was one of the huge gets left lets hope some rutgers guys flop also we need bigger lbs maybe some DEs to lb and our lb can play more natural positions


Loeb and the excitement is back

First off, it is great to be excited about football again. I didnt know if I'd ever recover after the way we didn't blow out rutgers. I know this team has the ability to best anyone and that they...


Make it the Loud House, start out the season with the right precedent. Do your part for the team and make noise!


It is 3:30 . . . and Pitt still sucks

So shame on me. I went to the Pitt-ND game to meet up with some college friends instead of going to the SU game. Judging by the attendance, I was needed at the Dome. So a few observations. First,...

Our voices have been heard about Rutgers

We deliver how no one follows Rutgers and that people actually care


Traditional Rivals

In Sean's post on quotes from SU coaches, he comments that despite HCDM's positive quote about joining the ACC, Sean belives HCDM is a traditionalist and that he would be sad to see the end of the...

More accurate portrayal of rutgers

Maybe the students at rutgers will get some much needed emphasis on learning without the school spending money on athletics at the expense of academics


Latest on realignment -and ACC divisions

I'm starting to regret all my excitement about the move to the ACC. I appreciate the stability. It seems however, that for the most part this is a lateral move in football. The northern...


Thoughts on the game, not the acc

So mcallj was right. I thought our running game looked night and day better. Bailey looked like he may be able to handle the load. I really liked the empahsis on running with the wishbone and the...


Thoughts on Today

First, I'm not completely convinced. Rumors are always flying around. This seems to have more people excited, but I don't buy anything until it's over. I think that the ACC is an outstanding fit....

Hogue/Smith 1st preseason game

Doug Hogue is credited with 2 tackles, 1 solo, and 1 pass break up and Derrell smith got 3 tackles, 2 solo in his first game as well. Not sure if there's anything else of note with them

Fan Fest Report is Keon w/ dislocated shoulder

I've been hearing great things about this kid. I'm glad he doesnt have to sit out another season. Kids are usually out 1-4 weeks with dislocated shoulders. Hopefully we can take him slow til we get to the meat of our schedule

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