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Hawaii born and raised, basketball is life, creator, innovator and master motivator, creating the world around me with every single breath.

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the master of panic and the fool of the magic kingdom


the master of panic and the fool of the magic kingdom


The "Durantula" wins the scoring title.

Ok so i posted earlier in the season that KD will rank #3 in scoring by the end of the season, i admit i was wrong but with a smile on my face while doing so. The Durantula is the NBA's scoring...


Has anyone thought of this line up?

pg - Mo Williams sg - Lebron James sf - Antwan Jamison pf - JJ Hickson c - Shaquille Oneal Just wondering because that is a pretty frightening (to the rest of the NBA) line up that could prove to...


Another shot at Jamison (this time it could be done)

So according to an article in Yahoo sports and from, the Wizards of Waverly place are looking to blow the team to smithereens again in order to rebuild around Butler, Young and Mcghee. One...


Balancing the Offense is the Answer

Ok so i know all of you Cav fans out there that have been paying close attention to our offesne from the very beggining of the season have noticed that our offense is sometimes unbalanced and it's...


Durant top 5? hows about top 3!!!!!!

I may sound like i am going out on a limb here but i feel as if this is actually going to be true, this is not a whacky prediction and some outlandish post where i am taking a wild guess just to...


Big Z & Delonte for Capn Jack & Turiaf?

I'm baaaack! and beating down your doors with this sledgehammer of a question..."should the Cavs consider trading big Z & Delonte for Stephen Jackson & Ronny Turiaf? " ok and now get this (cause...


Kevin Durant beats Dwayne Wade!?

ok so this is how i feel that the NBA will go down in just a few years..actually 2!, i predict Kevin Durant will surpass Wade in the scoring columns of the NBA's elite scorers....and that is some...


In love with Lebron James???

If LBJ left Cleveland for another team in 2010( i am not saying he will or that he should), would you still be a fan or his? and would you continue to be a fan of the Cavaliers? Also, if Lebron...


New OKC Thunder jersey's!

Ok, alright this is fan made (by me) and i really am considering submitting it, but first i have to see what real fans think of this, which is why i am posting it here for you guy's and girl's to...


Cavaliers offer "Hack" of the Grizzlies a contract?

Ok so I have just got done reading an article from the cleveland plain dealer that rumored the Cavs pursuing negotiations with Hack Warrick of the Grizzlies! i am so wanting to hear what y'all...


Cavs Line-up (or how i would see it)

pg - mo williams                                         pg - daniel gibson sg - raja bell                                                 sg - anthony parker sf - Lebron...

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