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Gus Booth, contributor for Royals Review (again) and Stanley Cup of Chowder.

Also Stathead, Psycho Graduate, Science Fiction Writer, Blogger, Camp Counselor, and my loyalties are split between New England and Baltimore teams, due to being a kid down there and growing up here in the frigid north. I have a wonderful fiancee. I like the Royals too. You know, as much as anyone can.

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Boston Celtics
  • NFL New England Patriots
  • NCAAB Maryland Terrapins
  • NHL Boston Bruins
  • MLB Kansas City Royals
  • Tennis Tory Booth
  • General Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Ravens, Washington Capitals, Montpellier HSC
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The Royals win on the 4th of July. Oh, happy day!



The Royals lose! The Royals lose!



The Royals suffer their first interleague loss. The defense is still terrible.

Meche, Bizarro Royals Offense vault KC out of the cellar. And we drafted Aaron Crow.


The Royals win behind a stellar effort from Gil Meche, and the draft outlook is positive.



Horacio Ramirez did once beat the Royals when he was not pitching for them. At this point last year, Jose Guillen was beginning to get very angry. He would go on to OBP .300. Can he do it again?  ...

On the Bright Side...


The Royals offense should perk up in the short term, but they'll need the injured Alex Gordon back to make a serious run at the AL Central.

Baseball's Back Already?


The 2009 baseball season's here. The Royals are in the unusual situation of having a shot at the division while still working on long-term rebuilding.

Holy crap


Too bad the Royals might actually be okay-ish this year.

Ramirez to Dodgers, finally?


ESPN is reporting that Manny Ramirez and the Dodgers have come to terms on a 2-year deal, details of which have yet to be released. Of course, while I'm watching this on TV right now, ESPN has yet to update their site.

The quest for respectability, 2009 edition


Craig Brown of THT included the Royals in his latest article, and it seems he agrees with NYRoyal about HoRam being put in the rotation.


"OT" - Back in Maine

Yeah, so no one cares about boring personal stuff and blah blah but just so you all now, the I'm back up at school for the last two semesters to finish off my psychology degree. What with moving...

Dear Dayton Moore, Please Call Up Kila Ka'aihue


Okay GMDM, you may have noticed we have a slight problem scoring runs this season. You may have noticed that this was true last year, as well. The player who was brought to help fix this problem,...

Game 132 Overflow Thread


I bet you didn't know that I, too, can blockquote from books! This one is from Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut, part of a conversation between the main character, Kilgore Trout, and the...

"OMFG, we won!" or "56-74"


We did it. We broke the vaunted Curse of Will Getting Married. With a heroically crappy effort by Brandon Duckworth and an offensive explosion for seven runs in six innings off former good pitcher...

Game 128 Overflow Thread


Another Bannister start, another good time at the ballpark for the opposition. To be fair, Bannister's two home runs allowed have been Miguel Cabrera solo shots. Just think, if he could avoid...



No loss ever feels good, even when you play with the grit of a Ross Gload type, but this one stings where it hurts. Gil Meche was absolutely stellar after allowing three runs early, two of which...



And so we return triumphantly to last place.   After everything that happened in that game, somehow you just knew that it would come down to Brett Gardner versus Jeff Fulchino. Blah blah blah...

Game 123 Overflow Thread


Our beloved Royals and the big market oppressor known as the Yankees are tied 2-2 and headed for extra innings. Zack pitched great, Gordon homered, and we fielded like a minor b little league team...

Game One Billion Overflow Thread


The Royals are down 3-2 in the sixth, and Jo-El has come in to save the day after another "meh" outing by Hiram. Jose Guillen is so clutch that he doesn't even have to shift when he drives a stick. ...

Jenn Sterger hired by the New York Jets


I mean, I know we're totally over her now that we have Pam (I watched a lot of Office Season 4 today, but I think Jenn would want us to know that she's doing well without us. I mean, we can still be friends, right?

Game 112 Overflow Overflow Thread


The Royals are up 12-2 in the seventh. Our offense is doing its best impression of actual major league offense yet again. There was an exciting brawl that I missed and AJ got punched so that's...

Trading Deadline Extravganza Overflow Thread


A little less sixteen candles, a little more 'touch me.' It's overflow thread time, mainly because I spent about half-an-hour learning how to use the bizarre and useless 'sarcasm font.' In the...

The Dodgers acquire Blake to save their season


Okay, let me try this one again. For the Tribe, it's clearly retooling time as they get set to see if it's next year or beyond that they're going to wait for. The younger prospect that they acquired in this deall looks like a good return. For the Dodgers...Blake seems a little redundant. But then, redundant veteran players make Ned Colletti happy. To be fair, Blake's a good supersub who can play 3B or the outfield with equal "adequacy" and who has some pop. What with the thoroughly mediocre NL West, clearly this is the key acquisition for their world series run.

Game 104 Overflow Thread


In this game, we have the best hit:home run ratio in the history of baseball. This season just keeps getting better and better. We've also committed two errors today, so we've currently got the...

Game 98 Overflow Thread - Special Mulan Edition


via Defeat the Huns White Sox!

Game 97 Overflow Thread - Pray For A Sudden, Violent Hailstorm


Greinke's out, Peralta's in, it's 7-1 as the fifth inning starts and we somehow still need an overflow thread. Three cheers for us for our ridiculous devotion (it has nothing to do with having...

Jeffrey Flanagan gets squashed


And...once again a mainstreamer strikes back with the ever-witty "Mother's Basement" joke. Okay, look Jeffrey, that doesn't fly with anyone, really.

Spreadsheet Baseball: Catching A Cold...Again


I've been therapeutically playing the Blue Album and Pinkerton all day to try and take the sting out of how thoroughly farking mediocre Weezer's latest effort is. Yes, I realize probably no one...

Game 86 Overflow Thread - Comeback Time!


But we will come back, of course, because we are the Greatest Team That Ever Lived. I fully expect an Avilance pinch hit Grand Slam off Sherrill.

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