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FO: NE win over Denver not as dominating as it looked

This nugget buried in the current rankings according to Football Outsiders: " New England is the only team from last week's top seven to go up in Week 15, and even there, the Patriots went up because of opponent adjustments on their past games, not because of their win over Denver. The Patriots get only 8.3% DVOA for this game; they recovered four of five fumbles in the game, and they actually averaged fewer yards per play than Denver (6.8 for Denver, 6.3 for New England)."


Why doesn't ESPN believe their own stats???

So reading the post about Golick's statement that Cam Newton is a better QB than Tim Tebow made me realize one of the problems I have with ESPN's coverage of TT: Even as they are backpeddling about...


Tebow: Best QB of 2010 draft

So far, I don't think there is any question about it. QB's selected and brief summary of career to date (Round and #):Rd 1 Pick 1 Sam Bradford - anyone want to trade? SB's QBR is 74.2, completion...

The Week in Tebow

The stat bandied about with regard to Tebow's comeback has been that he started the game 3-for-16 against the Bears defense. Chicago's pass defense played a sound game and actually induced Tebow's second interception of the year in the first half, but 3-for-16 grossly undersells how Tebow was playing. His receivers dropped six passes, and one of them was an easy touchdown to Demaryius Thomas that the second-year receiver flat-out dropped. It's also worth noting that, for whatever weaknesses he has as a passer, Tebow is playing with arguably the worst group of receivers in football. Thomas, Eric Decker, and former Patriots special teamer Matt Willis are not the sort of players who should be combining for 28 targets a game, as they received on Sunday. In fact, Tebow's begun to turn the corner from gimmick quarterback to something resembling a legitimate NFL passer. The Broncos have gotten away from the option stuff they installed as their offensive base after the Lions shellacking, and Tebow's been given more responsibilities as a standard dropback passer. Sunday was the first game since the Lions contest where the Broncos threw more than they ran, and while part of that is related to the 10-0 deficit they were in during the second half, Tebow threw 13 times in a scoreless first half. Tebow drew two roughing-the-passer penalties to extend drives while exhibiting a legitimate skill, his ability to extend passing plays by making rushers miss. Tebow is getting better at improvising when plays break down as he develops a rapport with his receivers, and as those bonds get stronger, he should be even more improved when he gets out of the pocket. Tebow may never be a great pocket passer at the professional level, but teams are going to be very afraid of what he can do when he's outside the hashmarks and looking downfield. As bad as his receivers are, secondaries can't cover them for eight or nine seconds while also worrying about the possibility of a Tebow scramble.


The trouble with Michael Vick, or why Tim Tebow can win a Superbowl

My QB Michael Vick is electrifying, and a terrific talent, and will almost certainly never win a Superbowl. The reason isn’t because he’s poorly coached or has a bad work ethic, it’s because...


"Tim Tebow Experiment"

So for fun I did a search for "Tim Tebow Experiment" which as you doubtless know was a shorthand the critics used for denegrating any snaps Tebow might have thought about taking even in practice....

Coach asked Tim Tebow to talk

On the night before he delivered the Denver Broncos to their fourth straight win, Tim Tebow was asked by coach John Fox to address his teammates. According to the Denver Post, Tebow turned to the Bible, quoting Proverbs 27:17: "Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." Tebow's motivational message worked. The Broncos put together their third fourth-quarter comeback since Tebow took over for starter Kyle Orton, rallying past rival San Diego for a 16-13 overtime win. "He said iron sharpens iron and men sharpen other men. And I think that's totally true," rookie linebacker Von Miller told The Post. "He gave us a great speech. We came out (for the game) fired up. And that was a wrap." ______________________________________________ (NJ Bammer aside) I know TT gets a lot of flak for his constant bible quoting, but speaking as a motivated christian myself, there's quite a lot in it which will inspire men to be men. TT is often portrayed in a pretty negative light for his beliefs and his outspokeness about them, but it seems that Mr. Fox and the Broncos do not find him an object of ridicule.

DeSean Jackson Helps Fan Find Courage

Something to cheer up a fanbase which needs some cheering up right now...

NFL Midseason Report: The NFC

Philadelphia Eagles For all the talk of how the defense has failed to meet expectations in Philadelphia, the stat that most clearly separates their good and bad games is offensive turnovers. In their three wins, the Eagles' offense has turned the ball over just three times. In their four losses, they've given the ball away 14 times. Their offense has recovered six of their 12 fumbles, which is average, but it's been distributed irregularly; they recovered all three of their fumbles against the Giants and both fumbles against the Cowboys last week, but just one of the other seven fumbles in their other five games. It's a shame, too, because teams just don't stop the Eagles on offense, as no team in football has punted less frequently. On the other hand, only the Chargers have turned the ball over more frequently. If Philly solves the turnover problem, they make the playoffs. If not, they don't. It's that simple. New York Giants We forget to see this coming every season with the Giants; we get distracted by something and forget that the Giants are known for their second-half disasters. Since 2006, the Giants are 30-10 in the first half of the regular season and 18-22 in the second half. Their pass defense has declined in four of those five seasons, but the biggest reason why is usually that their schedule gets much tougher. 2011 is no exception. Their narrow victory over the Dolphins last week was the final pushover left on their schedule, as the Giants now have a home-and-home left with the Cowboys, home games against the Eagles and Redskins, and this absurd out-of-division slate: Patriots, 49ers, Saints, Packers, Jets. You know how newspapers prepare obituaries for aging public figures before they pass away? I am guessing the New York Post already has its op-ed pieces about the Giants quitting on Tom Coughlin written. It would be a great shock if the Giants were still in first place on Christmas Day.

Cover-2: Birds Out of Hand

'I asked Greg [Cosel] if he thinks the Eagles are generally using Asomugha to his (and their) best advantage. "This is not a knock on [the coaching staff]; it’s just my opinion of what Asomugha is," Greg said. "I don’t think he’s a great slot player. I don’t think he’s a great change-of-direction athlete. I don’t think he’s a short-area burst athlete. I don’t think he’s a physical player. I think he’s a press-man corner who has a great feel for using the sideline. He’s very balletic in his movements as a press man corner. He’s very fluid and smooth, which is very different from being a great change-of-direction athlete. "I don’t think he fits inside, but he’s being used that way –- obviously, the Eagles believe he can play there. That would just be a difference in evaluation between myself, watching him on film, and what the Eagles obviously believe. Time will tell, but I don’t believe he’s a slot player."'

Vick dazzles, but says he'd rather work

This year, Vick is allowed to call the offensive line protection -- and to change it up on a given play if he sees something in the defense that dictates that he should. That's new this year. It's something new offensive line coach Howard Mudd likes quarterbacks to be able to do, and Eagles head coach Andy Reid said it's part of Vick's continued development as a quarterback. Reid said the coaching staff loaded Vick up with tape and information on protection and opponent blitzes from last year and that Vick's lockout assignment was to study it. And once training camp started, Mathis said, there was a heavy emphasis on strategy and game plan, with Vick taking a leading role in the meeting rooms.

Bill Barnwell - Grantland - on the teams with the best shot at the SB

"It's finally time to get to the cream of the crop. After three previews traversing the league's pretenders, we're finishing up our NFL preview today by looking at the contenders. Today, we analyze the eight teams we expect will compete for this year's Lombardi Trophy. While our previous dispatches haven't ranked the teams in any discernible order, this fourth edition of our preview will list the Super Bowl contenders in reverse order of their chances to be celebrating in Indianapolis this February." .... "2. Philadelphia Eagles Odds to win Super Bowl XLVI: +834 We're not going to rehash the past few months here. Suffice to say, the Eagles won the offseason handily; their biggest weakness was at cornerback, and they added the second-best corner in football. " .. "But even after you account for the possibility of Vick losing a bit of his edge or missing time, this should still be a great football team. The Eagles get four games against the NFC West, and since the Giants have been torn asunder by injuries during the preseason, the NFC East doesn't look all that complicated anymore."


Quick comparison of Vick and Young

Of course, I hope Vick stays healthy, but I'm hearing quite a bit about how much the Eagles' success this year depends on him staying so. I really tend to doubt this will be the case, simply...

FO DVOA projections are up

I think these mean less than usual, given the offseason, but FWIW, the Eagles are projected as the best team in the NFC and to play (and lose to) the Steelers in the SB. Also, St. Louis is projected to have a terrible, terrible, terrible offense, second worst only to Seattle, so we'll see what's up this weekend. If the Birds look really good on D, it might just be the other team's fault...

20 Hurricane prepare tips from a pro

1.Bleach: You’ll use it to clean. Before the hurricane hit here last time, I became a whirling dervish. I cleaned EVERY piece of laundry. The house was spotless. The first thing that happens when the hurricane comes through — no electricity, no sanitation, no public works. Think about it. Think about not flushing your toilet. Yeah. 2.Extra paper goods: Toilet paper, paper plates, plasticware, garbage bags, baby wipes (no showers), etc. You can’t have too much. 3.Camp lamps: You know those propane camp lamps? Make sure you have fuel, too. But when you lose electricity, you’ll want to sit around in the sweltering heat and do something. Get cards, books (no iPad), board games. 4.Landline for telephone and MAKE SURE you have an old-fashioned phone that doesn’t need batteries. 5.Buy more perishable food than you think. Fruits, veggies. Dried goods get boring after a couple days. 6.CASH IS KING. ATMs won’t work. Banks will be closed. You will need money to buy things from whomever is still open. Their credit card machines WON’T work. 7.Fill up the car with gas. This could save your life. Your car engine is a generator. It can charge your phones. It can get you the hell out of Dodge. Fill it up. 8.Buy a chainsaw now. Laugh if you will, but we helped many people get out of their driveways and out of neighborhoods with our chainsaw. People were stuck. Don’t be one of them. 9.Buy a handcrank NOAA radio. You will use this. When the reality of no electricity settles in, you’ll start panicking because you don’t have enough batteries. Hand cranks work no matter. Buy one here. 10.Guns and ammo. Make sure and have it ready. There was no looting in Houston. Know why? Self protection. People get desperate. When we left and finally evacuated a week after the last hurricane, we stopped at a private gas station that our friends are part owner of — we needed to top off the tank after doing some running around. A very frantic dude came up (he was armed) who wanted gas. We all were armed (four men and me and the kids). It was a good thing we were. 11.High calorie food and multi-vitamins. Chocolate. PB&J. Boxed foods. Get a variety. You’ll be sick of it all before it’s all over. 12.Clear plastic covered containers and plastic bags. PUT ALL VALUABLES in clear plastic bags. Put plastic bags in the bin. Be ready to put them in the car and go. 12.5 Have a container with emergency items — hunting knife, rope, tarp, duct tape, etc. 13.Gas stove works. Everything else won’t. You’ll need a grill and charcoal and matches or a lighter. Keep em dry. 14.WHEN IN DOUBT EVACUATE. What’s the worst that can happen? You’re wrong? Who cares? It’s better than being stuck in a flooded city, I can promise you. 15.Get water. During the first hurricane, we had surprise guests. Friends and extended family lived in a mobile home. They couldn’t afford to leave but the hurricane was on a direct path. We had them come to our house. It was a good thing we had lots and lots of extra water. You want to be in the position of helping people–not needing help. 16.You have a short window to make contact with family. The government will take over the cellular and landline network for emergency channels. This will piss you off. Don’t panic. Addendum: Make sue someone knows what your plans are. Give out back up phone numbers. People will be worrying about you. 17.Extras: Duct tape (for windows and blowing and stuff) and LED flash lights. FIRST AID kit. Aspirin, antibiotics, butterfly bandages, etc 18.Take pictures for insurance. Right NOW, get out your phone. Go around your house and take pictures of everything. Save the photos somewhere safe. Insurance. Someone mentioned emailing them to yourself. This is a good idea. Get it in the cloud in case you need to make claims. 19.Last thing before all else fails: Fill the tub with water. And as @chrisofrights says, the water tank has extra. 20.Plastic bags. You really can’t have too many between trash and clean up. RT @FineCalliCat: wipes..don’t forget wipes.

August 2011 wettest month in Phil history - BEFORE Irene

I don't know about you guys, but I'm about sick and tired of all this F-ing RAIN!!!!!

ESPN - Inside a moment in time: The greatest game of Vick's life

It was the best game of Michael Vick's career: six TDs -- four passing, two rushing -- 20-for-28 passing, 333 yards. In fact, it was the NFL's best offensive performance of this century. And it could have been even better. "I easily could have been 28-of-28," the Eagles QB said of the 59-28 win over the Redskins on "Monday Night Football." Here's the inside story of the Nov. 15, 2010 game some of the participants said was like the "Madden NFL" video game come to life.

Key quotes from the GQ article

Everyone got all loopy over the Goodell comment, but here's more revealing quotes: "I had lost confidence and was losing my love of the game. Football wasn't fun anymore," Vick told ESPN The Magazine. "If I had stayed in Atlanta, I'd be a year or two away from retiring." "In the NFL, schemes make great quarterbacks," he added in the ESPN The Magazine interview. "I love Atlanta, but I wish now I would have been drafted by the Eagles." It has been widely presumed that Vick's 21 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to financing a dogfighting ring altered his perspective. But Vick told GQ that prison wasn't where he decided to make changes. "No ... I had changed my life long before then. I was just with the wrong team at the wrong time," Vick told GQ. "I was turning the corner. I was cutting my braids off. I was changing my life. I wanted to live the life where football and family were the only things that mattered. I was ready to do it. I felt like time was running out on my career. I needed focus," he said, according to GQ. So, would he still be an elite quarterback if he'd never went to prison or was never discovered to have been involved in dogfighting? "Only if I had gotten traded to the Philadelphia Eagles," he told the magazine. "They never tried to change me."

Big update: Not really anything said RE Maclin

Am I the only one who has been refreshing BGN trying to find out what the big announcement was supposed to be today? Anyway, Reid said "Today, right? Well possibly today. We haven’t finished today, I don’t think. We have a few hours." which is pretty much what you expect the giant sphinx to say when he wants to be opaque, which is always...

On the Eagles' new offensive line scheme

I was talking to Herremans after about the eighth or ninth day of training camp practice, so it was still a work in progress. And I'm sure he's grown more comfortable in the week-plus since I spoke with him that he was in the new system that day. I just found it interesting, an inside look at what's different about the way the Eagles will play offensive line this year, and I thought I'd share it with you. I wouldn't worry about Herremans, though. Yeah, he's a giant at 6-foot-6, 321 pounds, but he's too good a player not to fit into the new scheme, even though Mudd is known for preferring "athletic" linemen to huge ones. "He likes to keep active feet. He wants your feet to be active all the time, and that's tough to do if you're 400 pounds," Herremans said. "But we've always been drafting athletic linemen. With Juan, he wanted great big athletic linemen. Howard just wants athletic linemen. He doesn't care. If you can get the job done at 280 pounds, you're fine. If you can get it done at 370 pounds, you can still get it done. As long as you're productive with what you have, that's what it's about."

Giant's VP of communications apparently a 12 year old

Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens, even Maurice Jones-Drew, move over. The biggest Twitter trash-talker might be New York Giants vice president of communications Pat Hanlon. Another fan said the Giants are worse on paper than they were last year. "We don't play on paper. You know what you can do w/ that paper?" Hanlon responded.

Mono as an adult

Seeing some quotes not taking Maclin's mono seriously because they got it as teen and recovered quickly. Here's some stuff about getting it as an adult, which is quite another matter. "Adult symptoms of mono include an overwhelming feeling of fatigue. It can take as long as months for your energy to come back completely. An adult with mono will experience the same symptoms that a child or teenager will experience, including fever, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes and tonsils, headaches, lack of energy and loss of appetite. They may also experience jaundice, stiffness of the neck, a rapid heart rate, and shortness of breath. The major symptoms will usually last for two to four weeks, but a full recovery for an adult may take months." "The most important thing, if you are diagnosed with mono, is to slow down and give your body the time that it needs to heal. When people get mono as adults, they often try to continue with their routine. People need to understand that this virus can be quite debilitating and that they need to give themselves quite a bit of time to recover and to get back to their old selves."

Asomug-whaaaa?: The NFL's Madcap Free-Agent Frenzy Continues

Excellent summary of many thought RE: FA and Eagles: "Of course, there are extenuating circumstances for why the Eagles were able to get Asomugha so cheap. While the Panthers had to pay a premium to convince Johnson to avoid the free-agent market, the Eagles were able to extract a discount from Asomugha, who undoubtedly could have received more money from teams like the Cowboys or Texans. Why? Part of it is that the Eagles are competitive every season, but I suspect that there's another factor in play here: Players just want to be on Michael Vick's team, even if it's on defense. They're in awe of him. You see it on Twitter, but there's evidence of it from last season, when Cowboys running back Tashard Choice asked for Vick's autograph live on national television. The Eagles been able to sign elite free agents such as Jevon Kearse and Asante Samuel in the past by paying top dollar, but they've never been able to make moves like the signings they pulled off this weekend for 75 cents on the dollar. Vick has to be part of the reason why." "Back in 2008, the Raiders traded two picks to the Falcons for cornerback DeAngelo Hall and signed him to a seven-year, $70 million deal with $24.5 million guaranteed. Oakland naturally expected quarterbacks to struggle to throw the ball against a combination of Hall and Asomugha, but teams simply avoided Asomugha and lit up the overmatched Hall. The Raiders cut Hall after eight games. The scary thing for the Eagles is that Rodgers-Cromartie is more like Hall than any other player in the NFL, both stylistically and in terms of production up to this point of his career. In 2010, Rodgers-Cromartie allowed 7.4 yards per pass on 108 targets last year, which was just the 24th-best average among the 36 corners who were targeted 80 or more times. If the Eagles roll Rodgers-Cromartie out in the starting lineup, teams will likely go to town on him." Also, this little tidbit to answer the criticism that the Eagels FO don't value MLBs - neither does anyone else, it seems... "Middle linebackers, who have been squeezed out of a market that places an increasing amount of value on defensive ends and defensive backs. Paul Posluszny was smart enough to sign a long-term deal with Jacksonville before demand collapsed, leaving Barrett Ruud and Stephen Tulloch with little negotiating leverage. The Buccaneers didn't even bother to negotiate with Ruud, who took a one-year deal to move into the starting lineup of the Tennessee Titans."

Chas Henry, UDFA punter

I'm very big on Henry. I watch a lot of SEC college ball, and this kid is the best punter - by far - I have ever seen. This artcile summarizes a lot of what I remember from watching him. If he sticks in the NFL, I think he'll quite likely be one of the best punters in the NFL from day 1. He also does kisck off duties, holds, and can kick FGs and PATs.

Quick cap summary for Eagles, others

"Philadelphia Eagles -- Even in the unlikely scenario that quarterback Michael Vick plays the full season under the $16 million franchise tag, and backup quarterback Kolb ($5.35 million cap number) isn't traded, the Eagles have plenty of cap space to be aggressive in free agency. For Eagles fans that are wondering, Cardinals cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is signed through 2012 with base salaries of $950,000 in 2011 and $1,128,750 in 2012, though the 2012 figure could increase by up to $2.85 million through playing-time and performance-related incentives. " You know, the fact that the Birds have a lot of cap room and as I understand it, MUST spend it makes me wonder the following things: 1) Are we waiting on seeing how things shake out before giving DJax his contract? 2) Will we be signing Vick a new deal, heavy in the current season and lighter in future ones? 3) Are we possibly thinking of signing a very high priced FA (NA) and that's what's holding up the 'Zona talks? This third point haunts me. We have to spend the money, there's no other strong needs, why the holy heck not???

ESPN Report: Kolb to Cardinals by the end of the week

Kevin Kolb moving from Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback to the main man on another team was a hot topic before the lockout. It looks like that talk could finally come to something. Despite the delay, NFL sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that they still expect Kolb to be dealt from Philadelphia to the Arizona Cardinals by the end of the week. In return for Kolb, the Eagles are expected to get cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a draft pick

Whoa, Nellie: Keith Jackson mystified by longevity of trademark call

When people hear the words "Whoa, Nellie!", they think of one man: Keith Jackson. But if the retired broadcasting legend had his way, that wouldn't be the case. In fact, he's still trying to figure out how the two got so intertwined.

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