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Bama boy who moved to NJ (Philly metro area) and made good. Follow the Eagles and Phillies, but my heart belongs to the Tide.

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Whoa, Nellie: Keith Jackson mystified by longevity of trademark call


When people hear the words "Whoa, Nellie!", they think of one man: Keith Jackson. But if the retired broadcasting legend had his way, that wouldn't be the case. In fact, he's still trying to figure out how the two got so intertwined.

Phillies choose Adam Morgan in draft - what's the scoop on him?


Picked him up in the 3rd round. Don't follow Bama baseball, but my Phils just chose Morgan in the draft? Can anyone who follows college baseball tell me anything about him I can't find out from draft boards? I want to impress my friends with my inside knowledge.

Trent Richardson NFL Draft prospect notes


"Bold statement: If he enters the 2012 NFL Draft, Richardson will be the first running back picked. "

Dre Kirkpatrick NFL Draft scouting notes


"Bold Statement: If Kirkpatrick lives up to his potential and physical skills, he will be the first cornerback taken in the draft."

Alabama 1992 Defensive Game Charting


We don't have much college data pre-dating 2003, but Sports Illustrated's Andy Gray posted an image from the SI vault that would make any stat geek drool. It is a snapshot of head coach Gene Stallings' 1992 Alabama "Defensive Quality Control" chart (click here for larger view), documenting dozens of defensive standards charted throughout the Crimson Tide's undefeated championship season. Some of the metrics are self-explanatory, others appear to match some of the data we're charting now, and others are a bit of a mystery. Also an intriguing mystery: what appears on this chart beneath 'Pistol Force' and what do the missing 'Q ~ Quality' metrics entail?


Lockout resolution prediction thread

Bonus points to anyone who can figure out how to make this into some kind of fantasy thing, Predict the day the lockout will end, the basic terms of the agreement, how many regular season games...


Reflections on Watkins and the draft

No one predicted Watkins would be the guy chosen with the draft, but my thoughts on it are this: Football is an incredibly dynamic and complicated game, so this is somewhat of an...

5 things you need to know about the NFL lockout


If you follow this stuff, this is old news. If you are too lazy to really have been paying attention, like me, this summarizes things in pretty clear language from a legal (not a partisan) perspective. I found it helpful. Summarized (expounded upon at the link): 1. The Owners Forced the Issue 2. The Players Aren't Making Things Any Easier 3. The Legal Battle is Far From Over 4. Players Are Feeling the Effects of the Lockout Already 5. Parties Bargain in the Shadow of the Law


Proposed Bleeding Green game: Guess the 1st player drafted by Eagles

It's not like we have anything better to do!  How about the winner will get a 2 month subscription to Bleeding Green Nation for free! After seriously spending literally minutes analyzing the E...

Greg McElroy NFL Draft Scouting Report


"While McElroy has good intangibles I just didn't see many skills that project to the NFL. He struggled with his overall accuracy and his lack of arm strength is a concern. When evaluating McElroy you have to consider the talent he was surrounded by and how that impacted the result of many plays. His football IQ and and willingness to learn makes him a good candidate to become a back up quarterback. I wouldn't invest a high pick on McElroy and feel his is in the 5th to 6th round range."

Highly entertaining suggestions for improving the game


Please add what changes you think would help the game. Me, I would eliminate the OL ineligible rule. Make only the center ineligible, but anyone else can catch a pass. So, would you have your RG a big bruiser, or a small TE type pass catcher? Anyway, back to the article, some of my faves. 2. Narrow the goal posts - Field goals are the least interesting, most random, but often the most decisive play in the entire sport. A single specialist rolls the dice in a classic example of sample-error theater. We should encourage fewer FG attempts and more 4th down conversion attempts, which are some of the most exciting and pivotal plays. 11. No coin flip in OT - This is one of my long-held pet peeves. No matter how contrived the NFL makes the OT rules, why does it have to start with a coin flip? Why not award the flip based on home field? Home field advantage is already an accepted part of the game, and playoff teams have to earn home field during the season. This way both teams, as they head toward a potential tie in regulation, will know who would have the advantage. If I'm marching down the field to tie things up with a FG, I might be more aggressive knowing I would start OT on defense. If I need a TD to tie, I might just go for the 2-pt conversion knowing I might not ever get the ball. There are lots of other interesting options for how to decide who starts with the ball in OT: -A yard-line bid, either sealed or an open auction a la Name That Tune -A split-the-cake method, where one coach picks the kickoff yard-line and the other chooses whether to kick or receive -And so on. There are a million other ideas here. 14. No roster size limit - If there's a hard salary cap, why shouldn't teams be able to dress 60 guys on Sunday? Teams would have different philosophies, quality vs. quantity. If you sign a big free agent, you might have to get by dressing 45 guys. 15. Eliminate the draft - The draft is almost a sport unto itself, and it provides grist for us to talk about in the spring. But if there is a hard salary cap, what's the point? If all teams must limit the total resources they spend on players, why shouldn't new rookies enter the league as free agents? 17. One foot in-bounds.


What's weirder? Castillo, or Munchak

Haven't seen this angle taken yet, but the first thing I thought of this morning was huh?  Lifetime OL coach promoted to a position he has zero experience in.  Promoted over other possible...

8 useless stats...


A fun read which may change some of your opinions about football and the way it is covered. The stats named are: Official NFL passer rating Red Zone efficiency QB win-loss record QB come-from-behind victories Offense and defense rankings by yards Clutch performance history This [team/player]'s great record of winning close games shows... Time of possession

Julio Jones Draft Scouting breakdown


"Final word: In any other year, Julio Jones would be the No. 1 receiver on our draft board. In 2011 he has to compete with A.J. Green in a fight he will not win. Jones should be lauded for his exceptional play at Alabama, and for his many talents as a receiver. A fighter, Jones has played through injuries and will run routes across the middle with no fear. A dominating deep threat and downfield blocker, Jones will bring immediate value to any NFL team. Jones projects as an early 1st Round pick, and could hear his named called anywhere from pick five to twenty in the first round."

A whole lotta luck gets teams to the championship


Along with great play, naturally. Here's an interesting thought or two... "For the Steelers, you could say their season turned on a single play in Week 12: this drop by Bills receiver Stevie Johnson, wide open in the end zone in overtime. If he just cradles the ball, the Bills win. Now, it’s problematic to project the future from there, but let’s assume that the Steelers would have ended up 11-5 instead of 12-4. That would have made them the sixth seed in the A.F.C.! Does that mean they wouldn’t be in the Super Bowl? Of course not. But their path would have been tougher; they might have had to go to Indianapolis, and then, assuming they won there, to New England before playing the conference championship game on the road." "As for the Packers, it’s fair to say they were fortunate even to make the playoffs. Remember: they won the sixth seed based on the strength-of-victory tie breaker over the Giants and the Buccaneers. But if Tampa Bay hadn’t lost to Detroit in overtime in Week 15, the Packers might very well have been heading home for January. Tampa took the lead late. Detroit tied it at the end of regulation, then won the overtime coin toss. The Lions drove down the field and kicked a field goal to win, an extremely rare road victory for Detroit.What if the Bucs had won the coin toss? They might have done the same thing as Detroit and won the game. A Tampa Bay win there could have then translated to an 11-5 record and the N.F.C.’s sixth seed… a spot the Packers rode to the Super Bowl."

Football Outsiders discuss Ingram's NFL prospects

1 Rob Rang of NFLDraftScout told me this last week, "there's basically Mark Ingram and everyone else." Mark Ingram is a little of everything. He's not the strongest runner in the draft class, but he's strong. He's not the fastest, but he's fast. Really, the only elite trait he seems to possess is his footwork. He takes small, sure steps as he's figuring out his chosen path, then he bursts into the open field. He appears extraordinarily sound in his fundamentals, and because of that, he maximizes his abilities.


Red zone defense and regression to the mean

So remembering my stats class, I decided to take a look at what kind of defense we might expect next year based on what happened this year, adjusted for a little regression.  In a nutshell,...

Dom Capers' "Cover 7"


"To begin, let’s look at a staple single high coverage in the Capers playbook. He calls it Cover 7. Why is it called that? I really don’t know. What I do know is that each team and coach run similar things but call them different things. For instance, a high school team may call their defense a 5-2 while at the professional and college level it will most likely be called a 3-4. What it’s called isn’t as important as to how the scheme is implemented and what a coach has his players do within the given scheme. What is Cover 7? Well, to sum it up, it is this: 4 men rushing the QB with the intent of having the weakside OLB rush along with 3 other men, a safety that will always cover the middle of the field, and the corners locked up man to man on the X and Z receivers wherever they align."

If Atlanta wins and Chicago tweets this game in, that would mean Philly killed the Giants three...


If Atlanta wins and Chicago tweets this game in, that would mean Philly killed the Giants three times twice on the field, then a third time when they choked against Minnesota (handing that 2-seed to Chicago and by proxy handing this game and the 6-seed to Green Bay. A triple homicide! Hey Eagles fans, would you rather have the 2-seed, or the 3-seed with the added bonus that you destroyed the Giants fans a third time? (Waiting.) You picked the 2-seed ... but you had to think about it, right?

Bill Simmons

The Falcons should not have punted


Down 17 to 14 with 2:52 left to play, the Falcons faced a 4th and 6 from their own 43-yard line. With two timeouts and the two-minute warning in their pocket, they chose to punt, hoping to make a stop and get the ball back with enough time to tie or win in a final drive. Did head coach Mike Smith make the right call?

TMQ - Easterbrook rips Coughlin


I'm posting multiple quotes, Easterbrook goes on and on about this... "As for the Giants' coaching: Has any coaching staff ever had a worse quarter? Ahead 31-10 with eight minutes remaining against the top big-play combination the NFL -- Michael Vick and Jackson -- if the Giants had gone to backed-off shell coverage and forced the Nesharim to nickel-and-dime their way down the field, the clock would have run out on any comeback. Instead, Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell ordered furious blitzing, and coach Tom Coughlin did not overrule him." "Vick's two big scrambles in the fourth quarter, for 35 and 33 yards, came against blitzes. Yes, the Giants sacked Vick twice in the first half on blitzes, but early in the contest, this tactic caught the Eagles by surprise. At halftime, they adjusted. Calling blitzes when protecting a late lead was like sending Vick an engraved invitation to make big plays rather than forcing him to nickel-and-dime: "Dear Mr. Vick, please do us the honor of sprinting toward our end zone."" "Then there was the onside. Philadelphia had pulled within 31-17 and was kicking off with 7:28 remaining. This is an obvious onside kick situation. Not only did the Giants fail to deploy their hands team -- it was worse. The Giants had only five players on the receiving front and lined them up 15 yards off the ball." "Does anyone seriously believe that all five special-teamers up front decided on their own to defy orders and line up too deep, then retreat, rather than watch for an onside kick? Coughlin obviously was trying to shift blame from the coaches to the players, especially special-teamers, who are expendable." "As Jackson entered the end zone, Coughlin ran onto the field to scream at Dodge. OK, he had made a mistake. He was hardly the only Giants player or coach to make a bad mistake during the meltdown. But he's a rookie punter, the most expendable guy on the roster -- so Coughlin screamed at him at center field to make sure everyone got the message that the rookie punter, not any highly paid coach, was to blame."


A couple of positive thoughts about the defense

This is not a great defense.  You can blame McD, you can blame injuries, you can blame talent, it doesn't matter, they are what they are.  Giving up as many points and passing TDs as we have, well,...

Giants' game odds of winning mapped out


We went from a 1% chance of winning to winning the game, as you all know. Biggest play of the game (other than the final one) was the 3rd down stop on the Philadelphia 40 down by a TD. Our odds of winning went from 4% to 23% based on that one play.

Why the scouting combine means nothing.


Why the scouting combine means nothing.

Despite destroying the #1 ESPN team, Birds only #6


This actually makes me happy, since as yet no one is overhyping the Eagles, who DVOA thinks is the class of the NFL clearly over everyone else. But the logic at ESPN is strange. We destroyed the #1 team with our backup QB. We destroyed the #11 team. Our only losses were to the #7, #17, and #18 teams, all without our starting QB for the entire game. Ah well. If logic ruled ESPN, where would Dick VItale work?


Crazy thought, what do you think?

If the Eagles were to win the Superbowl, would Any Reid retire?  My thoughts:   1) Reid would have proven everything he wanted to. 2) He would be able to remain as some kind of consultant...


Vick has the chance to inspire many forgotten men and boys

  This post is about Vick, but has to be a about me as well.  When Vick was released I assumed some team would give him a shot, and even thought he deserved a chance, but I certainly didn't want...

Football Outsiders breaks down Vick's career day


"At the time, Greg and I believed that we saw the best game of Vick's career in Week 2 against the Detroit Lions. It was Vick's first NFL start since 2006, and he completed 21-of-34 passes for 284 yards and two touchdowns. In that game, and in the season opener against the Green Bay Packers, Vick also amazed with a rocket arm that could fire off mercilessly accurate 40-yard bombs with minimal effort. I saw a Vick that stuck in the pocket and made plays with his head first, his arm second, and his feet third. It was only a question of keeping it going." "What's clear in this incarnation of Michael Vick is a quarterback I've never seen before. He's a considerable improvement over the sometimes tentative, simple-read player who was still trying to integrate into a more advanced offense mere months ago. With the talent around him -- especially his deep receivers -- Vick now commands an offense that's lethal in the same way that Oregon's offense is lethal when it faces a half-decent Pac-10 opponent. That he's doing this in the NFL is the thing that leaves everyone incredulous -- and wondering just how long it can last. "

DVOA shows Eagles #1, plus a lot of Vick talk


Best quote for my money: "Overall, this has to be an incredibly damning statement about the coaching staff of the 2004-2006 Atlanta Falcons, doesn't it? I mean, Dan Reeves got quality out of Vick in 2002, but for this guy with this talent to be that bad from 2004 through 2006, under Jim Mora and Greg Knapp, well, it boggles the mind."


Playing out of his mind

Andy Reid used a rather interesting phrase when referring to his decision to start Vick over the designated heir Kolb, “He’s playing out of his mind right now.”  Speaking for myself, when Vick was...

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