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Chiefs trade Edgar Jones to Cowboys


Edgard Jones traded to Cowboys

Is a Deal with Philly already in place?


There's this nugget from WalterFootball.com's latest update. 'It's no secret Philadelphia has serious interest in Smith. Sal Paolantonio first spoke of it on 97.5 the Fanatic. "From what I'm hearing the Eagles are serous about Geno Smith and it's not a smokescreen. They're dead serious," he said. The Eagles then sent their entire contingent to West Virginia's Pro Day. I might as well capitalize ENTIRE because owner Jeffrey Lurie was there too. Lurie has only visited one draft prospect as the Eagles' head boss. That was Donovan McNabb. The Eagles' interest in Smith shouldn't be a surprise. They need a quarterback - the current starter will be around for only one year, while Nick Foles doesn't fit the offense - and Smith would be perfect in Chip Kelly's scheme." Andy Reid has maintained a good relationship with the Eagles' ownership. They also supposedly spoke with one another at the Combine. If Philly wants Geno that badly, they'll obviously have to leapfrog Jacksonville & Oakland to get him. I think a trade/deal might already be in place.


RIck Gosselin's NFL Draft Grades


For what it's worth, he graded the chiefs draft as an A+.

Potential NT's and LB's still available

  1. NT - Cam Thomas - North Carolina
  2. NT - Al Woods - LSU
  3. ILB - Eric Norwood - South Carolina
  4. OLB/DE - Ricky Sapp - Clemson
  5. OLB/DE - Thaddeus Gibson - Ohio St.

Where's the love?


All of this Sanchez talk regarding the Seahawks, Browns, Jets and Redskins and not one mention of where the Chiefs fit into this scenario.


Bears, Lions & 49er's fans interested in Thigpen

I took a peek at few other SB Nation Blogs and it appears there's some interest in Tyler Thigpen out there.   Wonder if Pioli & Company are testing the market with him now?    I think we should...


Patriot LB Tedy Bruschi Quote

  "We’ve lost perhaps our best all around football player," he said. "Defense, offense, special teams, Vrabes did it all. His intelligence and on field adjustments can not be replaced. This team...

I just took a peek at the Lions Fan Blog


and didn't see much support for Stafford or Sanchez being taken #1 overall. It appears they're more interested in Curry or an OT. I got the same impression from the Rams Fan Blog as well. Considering their new head coaches are defensive minded guys, one would think that Curry would be a no brainer pick at #1 or #2 overall.


Why would we tip our hand to the Defensive scheme

we plan to run considering all the secrecy regarding the new staff up to this point?   If we are in fact planning to switch to the 3-4, now everyone knows the type of defensive players we’ll be...

Shotgun triggered Cassel’s second-half surge


Sounds eerily similar to Tyler Thigpen in the pistol/shotgun last year doesn't it? This reinforces the fact that we shouldn't give up valuable draft picks and $$$ to go after Cassel when we have a similar QB on our roster already. We can grab a QB later in the Draft to compete with Tyler in training camp. Go Chiefs

Here's a new blurp this a.m. from Chris Mortensen


and the Chiefs future HC.....if you can believe him. Go Chiefs


Pioli's Draft Protocol and QB's.

BobGretz.com  has highlighted some very interesting points regarding the Pats draft history - especially how Pioli & Belichick have gone about drafting QB's in the mid to late rounds.   I wonder if...

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