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TMZ Films Several Devils Leaving LA Nightclub After Game 6


For the record, I'm not posting this because I'm upset. I don't care in the slightest that they partied. I would have done the same thing after that devastating loss. I just thought you'd all find it cool to see several of the Devils filmed outside of Lou's bubble, even if nothing spectacular happens.


Be at The Rock 4pm Today to Congratulate and Welcome Home Your Devils

Devils fans at hockey's future and across Twitter are organizing a big welcome home and congratulations rally for the team at the Rock today. The Devils are flying towards Newark as we speak and...

2012 S.C.F. Devils vs. Kings "We Believe/Why Not Us" Trailer


2012 S.C.F. Devils vs. Kings "We Believe/Why Not Us" Trailer

Here's a video I made yesterday poking fun at Rag fans and their ECF loss. Bonus shout-out to ILWT...


Here's a video I made yesterday poking fun at Rag fans and their ECF loss. Bonus shout-out to ILWT in the credits as well!


Devils vs. Flyers -- Two Opposing Worlds Separated by 90 Miles

In honor of North American fans and media members alike giving the Devils no shot against the Flyers this series, and in preparation for what is surely going to be a grueling battle in tonight's...


All The Possible Eastern Conference Playoff Scenarios After Thursday

Tomorrow night's slate of Eastern Conference Game 7s is obviously going to play a significant role in determining the landscape of the conference's playoff bracket. Below I'll post all of the...


Our Enforcers Still Suck; and Peter Harrold is a Better Playoff Choice than Adam Larsson

The past few weeks have proven me, and I’m sure some of you as well, to be correct in our assessment of a few major issues surrounding the Devils. With the playoffs around the corner, some more...

Devils Game Discounts March 8, 15, 29


For $30 you'll get a 30 year anniversary Devils t-shirt, a 100-level ticket to the game, a hotdog, and a soda. Games to choose from are March 8 vs NYI, March 15 vs Colorado, and March 29 vs Tampa Go to Click find tickets Type in youth for the code Login to your Devils account And voila!

James Neal Trash Talks Devils Fans


I can't believe nobody else here saw this yet, especially since other parts of this story (like Paul Martin not being his girlfriend) have been quoted around on a lot of big hockey sites like Puck Daddy and Reddit Hockey. Maybe some of you have posted about this already and I just missed it. Either way, check out the response James Neal gives in his new interview for Pittsburgh Magazine. The question/answer I'm alluding to is the second to last in the Q/A section at the bottom. Pittsburgh Magazine


Landing Tobias Enstrom

Throughout all of the hype surrounding whether or not the Devils will bolster the defense before the trade deadline, one of the names that's been constantly thrown around as a potential...


2 Free J&L Parking Passes for This Friday 2/24 vs Vancouver

I have 2 extra parking passes for this Friday vs Vancouver. They're for the J&L lots which are closest to the Rock. If you want them then they're yours so just reply here and we'll work something...

What if Parise had no idea?

Disclaimer: The following is not a real article, but rather my (poor) attempt at sarcasm/The Onion type of NJD related writing. It is in honor of the joy I feel over our recent string of wins, and oh yeah, the free time I have from getting the day off. While addressing the media after today’s practice, Devils Captain and star left wing Zach Parise was asked to share his thoughts on the performance of head coach Pete DeBoer so far and whether he would want DeBoer back behind the bench next season should Parise choose to re-sign with New Jersey. "Sure, I mean there’s no doubt I would want him back," Parise said. "He’s done a great job making the transition to a new organization and getting us prepared without having the benefit of time on his side. I think we’ve felt and played confidently with him behind the bench and that our current position in the playoff race speaks for itself." But in what was surely an awkward moment for both members of the media and Devils staff, Parise continued his response as if he had no idea that a coach in New Jersey could serve more than one year behind the bench. "With that said, I guess each organization is unique in the way it operates," he said. "No matter where you go, there’s always going to be little changes in style and it’s no different here. Lou has a system in place, and one part of that system involves having the head coach either quit or be fired at some point during or shortly after each season. Would I love to have Pete back next year? Yeah, of course, but as a team I think we all know that’s against the rules. Collectively, we feel like Lou has a formula that recent years has shown to be very successful and I think it’s one that works and that we’re confident in. We’re a club that’s completely committed towards a championship; unfortunately we can’t let Pete’s second year get in the way of that. But I’m sure that he and Lou talked about this prior to Pete even being hired here, so he knew that eventually it was coming and that he’d have until at least late December to audition himself for a gig with another team next year." At this point a member of the Devils PR staff attempted to interject but Parise passionately continued. "Obviously it’s tough to know someone has to lose their job, especially when it’s a guy like Pete," Parise said. "But one year term limits are just another staple of how this organization operates; coaches definitely aren’t the only ones affected by Lou’s management style. I’ll give you an example, and not many people know about this because Patty (Elias) is a quiet guy, but there are few things he loves more than the mustache he’s able to grow each summer while home in the Czech Republic." "Now we all know that another part of Lou’s leadership involves a complete ban on facial hair," Parise continued. "So, every year I’ve been here has started off the same way. A week before the preseason camp begins; Patty will fly back into Newark sporting a mustache he’s more proud of than all of his Stanley Cups and his daughter Gabriella combined. He’ll tell us that he’d spent the entire offseason growing it, but the end result is always so scraggly and pathetic that it makes a playoff Sidney Crosby look like he’s Brian Wilson. Because of this, most of us are typically embarrassed to be seen with Patty during that first week before camp starts. In fact I think Mattias Tedenby is still the only guy on the team who’s ever actually seemed to be legitimately and sincerely impressed by Patty’s facial hair. Of course we’d never admit that to him though, because everyone in our room knows how much that ‘stache means to him. That’s why we’re really grateful that we can rely on the veteran presence of Marty to spend the night before each year’s training camp at Patty’s house, where he can ensure that Patty is as clean shaven and mentally sound for the start of preseason as possible." At this point in the press conference, members of the media were understandably shocked over the content being discussed. Tom Gulitti, widely regarded as being more closely in-tune with the happenings of the organization than anyone else in the media, lay dead on the floor with a heart attack. Rich Chere, seated closest to the aisle to ensure his desktop computer could be powered by a wall outlet, was still trying to figure out how to send the "Parise press conference is starting now" Tweet he had typed 45 minutes earlier. Chico Resch, seated dead center in the first row, continued to stare intently at Parise, raise his hands, and nod as if everything he had just heard made sense, but this was ignored because it’s always how Chico acts when he’s sleepwalking. Steve Cangialosi, normally praised for his punctuality, was dropped off for the day by his mom and apologized to everyone while stating they had experienced bad traffic. With no questions to answer, Parise left the podium and returned to the locker room, still very unsure about both his future and next coach.

Don't Boo Langenbrunner!


Regardless of what you feel about his contributions to last year's dismal season, I hope fans choose to cheer not boo Jamie when he makes his first return to the Rock tomorrow against St. Louis. I hadn't really given it much thought until I read the article below from Gulitti who interviewed Parise on the subject. What are your thoughts about what type of reception Jamie deserves? Gulitti - Parise Interview on Jamie


Halfway through the Devils season, five questions still begging for answers

#1) Why is Adam Oates still coaching the power play? The issue of Oates being an assistant coach in NJ has been widely talked about this season, and everyone has their own opinions/complaints....


Coming to see NJ vs MTL, is there Open Hockey?

Hi all, Me and a few buddies have been traveling from NJ to Montreal once a year to see our Devils take on your Canadiens at the Bell Centre. So far each year has been awesome. We've come to games...

Devils Trivia! Can you guess the story behind this fantastic piece of Devils inspired artwork?...


Devils Trivia! Can you guess the story behind this fantastic piece of Devils inspired artwork? Winners will all receive an autograph from an actual New Jersey Devil ...............................................................................................s fan. The choices are: A) Drawn by Rod Pelley while watching a game from the press box B) Mike McKenna's cousin's son's drawing of support. C) A supposed “original Rembrandt” that a drunken fan was able to dupe Chico Resch into paying $10,000 for in between periods at the Rock last Saturday. D) A picture used for a Devils article on Hockeybuzz that resulted in the only time Eklund has ever fired a writer Guess away!


The Devils and Accountability - A Rant

Recently, I've been going to bed each night not by praying for my friends and family, but by praying that Adam Oates would be fired and held accountable for the complete lack of success and utter...


Speculation: With Zajac Back, The Unofficial ILWT Reader Proposed Line Combos

He's not back just yet, but #19 is eyeing a return within the upcoming weeks. In the season prior to his injury, Zajac had surpassed Ken Daneyko and set the Devils ironman record for most...


Why The Devils Should Claim Sean Avery Off Waivers

Just kidding. But just imagine how great it would be if we had no worries about our salary cap for the rest of the season. Sign Avery, then ruin his career by making him a healthy scratch for the...

Anyone play NHL 12 on Xbox/PS3?


I've had NHL for Xbox for a few weeks now and it's a great game. I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but I thought it'd be cool to play with/against some other ILWT readers and Devils fans. So if you want to play feel free to either e-mail/tweet/post here your Xbox name and I'll add you. If you have PS3 it's fine to post that too, because maybe you'll be able to connect with other readers as well.


The NHL, NBC, and Winter Classic -- How the NHL Hurts Its' Teams and Itself

  Welcome to Part I of a long article I wrote about the Devils history, attendance, and new supporters section. This wasn't originally planned on being included in the series, but when I saw a...

This season marks the second straight year of the debate between me and my roommate over whether or...


This season marks the second straight year of the debate between me and my roommate over whether or not Nick Palmieri looks funny wearing a helmet or not. As you can probably imagine, this is a very important argument. I'm adamant that there's something not right with either the shape of Palmieri's head or the size of his helmet, and my roommate doesn't notice any difference between the way Palmieri's helmet looks on his head compared to any other Devil. That's where you guys come in. I'm looking for honest opinions here. Without using the picture I linked to sway you in any way, have you yourself noticed in the past that something looks funny? Or do you think I'm a moron/insane.


An Analysis of Nick Palmieri's Goals from 2010-2011

First of all, if you haven't yet read John's post which compares Petr Sykora, David Clarkson, and Nick Palmieri, you should. It provoked me into thinking and ultimately made me curious enough to...


Why the Devils Shouldn't Dwell Over Loss to Penguins

Yes, it was ugly. The Devils played yet another penalty filled game and for the first time all season, Johan Hedberg looked less than brilliant. The best way I can think to describe the Devils'...


Zach is Back -- Our New Captain Powers the Devils to First Win

  Ladies and gentlemen, Zach Parise is back. Ever since the preseason began our new Captain has been looking like his old self, skating his legs off and giving 100% effort on every shift.  But up...


Josefson/Kovy combo could be lethal for Devils

Yes the season hasn't started and yes, neither has the preseason. But scrimmages have begun and we were finally able to catch our first glimpse of potential line pairings for next season. After our...

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