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What does the Parsons deal mean for the Rockets?


Chandler Parsons will sign an offer sheet with the Mavericks tomorrow. A look at what the deal means for the Rockets.

Running down 2nd round international prospects


No time to read up on guys whose name you can't pronounce? Here's your cheat sheet.

Elfrid Payton, Houston Rocket point guard?


Who is Elfrid Payton? Why is he rising up draft boards everywhere, and could the Rockets draft him?

Rockets Down Thunder 111-107


How Sweet It Is! The guys in red are back in the playoffs for the second year in a row, and they have the Thunder to thank.

Ridiculous Upsides's profile on Terrence Jones


Excellent breakdown on Terrence Jones' game for those that wants to know more

Summer League Roster Breakdown


Half of these guys will not make it into the NBA, but the ones that will, will look awesome.

Carrick Felix: Another Sun Devil Success story?


Since the last guy we got from Arizona State worked out so well, why not go for another. Carrick Felix is a hustler out of James Harden’s old stomping ground in Arizona state.

Nate Wolters: Best PG Sleeper in the draft?


Nate Wolters is an intriguing player that will get some interest in the 2nd round of the draft. What will NBA teams be getting if they draft him?

Examining the Offense of NBA Wings


Using graphs and numbers to group your NBA wings. Who were the best shot creators? Who were the complementary shooters? Who was tolerable and who was straight up terrible?

Tony Snell: Silent Assassin or Just Silent?


Tony Snell has a bundle of talent and a tremendous physical profile. Can he harness it and have a successful NBA career?

Mid-Major Moose Monster: Mike Muscala


Mike Muscala is a long, skilled center out of the Patriot League. Will he make it to the Rockets' pick, and will they take him if he does?

Glen Rice Draft Profile


The Rockets have a sneak preview of what Glen Rice can do after having him in the D-League this season. Will they take a chance on the talented 2-guard at the draft?


Draft and Stash: Snap judgements about 2nd round International prospects

Usually, international prospects are complete mysteries to me. They are just a bunch of difficult to pronounce names, grainy YouTube highlight, and statistics that do not really convey any...

Can Jeremy Lin rediscover Linsanity?


Linsanity was a lifetime ago. It's time for us to forget about the past and discover what Jeremy Lin can do for the Rockets.

Playoff Scouting Reports: The Beverley Effect


Since joining the Rockets in January, Patrick Beverley has found his way onto the court and into the rotation in no time. Now, he's one of Kevin McHale's most trusted bench players. What is his secret?

Preview to 2014 draft candidates


Watch this game and you will find out. April 20th

Breaking down draft prospects from March Madness


Don't care about college basketball? How about putting it in the context of prospective Rockets?

Rockets Cap update


David Weiner, always a good read


RGV GameThread: Let's watch Royce White

I hate west coast games. They start late and makes me go to bed hyped up on emotion. Before the games that matter starts, let's watch the Vipers and see if Royce White can play basketball. It's...

Western conference playoff race: the road ahead


I decided to take a look at the rest of the schedules for the four teams currently in the race using a couple different metrics to evaluate who has the easiest path to the playoffs.

GSW@HOU Gamethread

Warriors vs Rockets coverage We'll have to make do with this. Talk away!

Film Study: How the Rockets dominate off the ball


The Rockets offense has made a living on off-ball movement as of late. Let's take a closer look at how they've done it!

Rockets ahead of schedule


Kelly Dwyer get a lot of crap covering some of the less serious NBA news on Yahoo Sports' BLOG, but Kelly Dwyer is a hell of a dedicated writer that actually watches every game or at least close to it. He used to write regular short recaps on every single game played, twice a week on BDL.


Film session: Good Jeremy, Bad Jeremy

We've been seeing 2 different Jeremy Lin so far this season. There's is the Jeremy that was in Toronto and the majority of our road games, one that puts up numbers no better than some back ups...


Prevent offenses does not work

We've have had some god damn awful time scoring in the 4th quarter so far this season. We won last night's game, but really, we just barely failed to give up a big lead built in the 2nd quarter....

Dang. From Daily Thunder from some random twitpic


Dang. From Daily Thunder from some random twitpic

Jeremy Lin Highlights edit by me. Between this and the Harden highlights, you'd have watched 87% of...


Jeremy Lin Highlights edit by me. Between this and the Harden highlights, you'd have watched 87% of our offense

Hangout with J.Lin...virtually


if you cant talk to Linsanity in real life, maybe you can settle for a google hangout

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