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prognostication: the coaching hot seat

We've hashed the Blazers to death so for a change let's turn out eyes towards the competition as I think the consensus will agree that Stott's job is safe unless we see Meyers take over the...

Westbrook makes questionable decisions


saw thsi when checking out daily thunder and couldn't help but share

Sloan was offered Blazers coach job before Stotts


In ESPN's blurb about Jerry Sloan coaching the Bucks was this: Sloan, who has 1,221 career wins to rank third all time, turned down an offer from the Portland Trail Blazers last offseason and also was in the running to take over the Charlotte Bobcats before removing himself from consideration.

somewhat OT: The intersection of politcs and sports


I ran across this article which talks about the recent labor lockouts in sports, the Royce White issue, how sports journalism has become a broadcast partner, and more. Fascinating read for those who like to think about how our entertainment fits in the workings of the world.

Lawyers of the lock-out


It turns out one law firm is representing the owners in the lockouts of the NBA, NHL and NFL. One more interesting tidbit, both David Stern and the Comissioner of the the NHL are past employees of that same law firm. Next time there is a lock-out just know that the fans are being played against there own and the players interests.

Is Kobe an amenesty target?


After reading the numbers on Kobe's contract, it got me thinking might Buss be wise throwing Kobe under the bus through amenesty in order to rebuild around Bynum? This assumes that no one wants to trade for his contract. Personally, I think it might make the most financial sense to the Lakers. Trade Gasol for a future star(draft pick + scraps) and then throw Kobe to the curb if he gets no takers. Besides this discussion gives us sometbody woes besides the Blazers woes to discuss.

Patty Mills a Faker?


According to the Chinese, Mills is a faking the hamstring injury. Somehow I doubt it unless Mills is dying to get back to the Austrailian league. It's not like he's got a spot in the NBA waiting.

Occupy NBA... even though the CBA has been settled


Here is a very interesting take on the lockout and CBA that lays out the dynamics of all 3 sides Owners, Players and Fans drawing comparisons to current global economic crisis.

Giving up on Greg


Illgauskas anounces his retirement and the money quote is as follows: "Ilgauskas was on the brink of forced retirement 11 years ago after five foot surgeries had mentally drained him. But he vowed to give it one more chance after a radical reconstructive surgery. As a result, he was able to reach two NBA Finals and two All-Star Games and retire after 13 seasons." Five foot surgeries over 3 seasons. Sure he played 91 games in those 3 seasons while Oden's netted 82 games over 4. But yet, Big-Z still went on to play 9 more years. Could Greg do that? Sure eh could, but he could also go the path of Darius. In my opinion, I don't see Greg as the kind of person who is just doing it for the money. I think he really wants to play. Therefore I'd bet dollars to donuts that Greg eventually has a long successful career. I hope this topic hasn't been broached before. /end{sarcasm}

How good are the Blazers and Wallace interview


Though I contend that Wallace is becoming more of the teams leader rather tha Lma, only because he's carrying a bigger offensive load than Lma. I want to see Lma quit defering to teammates before the playoff begins and re-establish himself inside. The linked article is a nice read.

The union favors eliminating the current CBA's ban on players straight from high-school, but says...


The union favors eliminating the current CBA's ban on players straight from high-school, but says that the issue has not yet been a big factor. Hunter explains the union's proposal: "I don't know if there has been much discussion. Our position is that players should be incentivized to stay in school if that's what they want. Let's reduce the duration of the rookie scale. For every year a guy stays in school, a year comes off the rookie scale. So if a kid decides to stay for four years, he'd come in, maybe spend a year in the league, then he'd be an unrestricted free agent." ' This sounds like a really bad idea from the teams perspective. The problem with preps to pros was guys entering the league too early and taking up valuable roster spots. If the above change is enacted then there would be incentive to draft younger players not older more experienced players due to the shorter rookie contract. A better idea would be to add a multpier to the rookie wage depending on your experience. For example 0 bonus from HS., 10K for 1 yer colloge, 30K for 2 years, 60K for three years and 100K for four years of college added to the currecnt rookie wage. It could work and make kids realize that staying longer in school gets them drafted higher and more pay. Your thoughts?

Miller tells it like it is


This was a great interview of Andre and his perspective of the team and the playoffs. It's nice to read something outside of BEdge that doesn't concern any of the following: Miami, LAL or the Knicks.

Stealing the Euros moves


Nytimes has a nice article on some of the moves the NBA has introduced from Euor-roots. Most discussed is Ginoblli's direction switch two-step. Supprisingly, there is no mention of the flop.

The Suns health secret?


Well Nash's secret anyway, Diet probably has more to do with health than any training might. Oh and a good night's sleep helps too.

Hinrich to wizards


Wizards take on a third PG. Chicago gets a former pick from russia and cash considerations. Something else is going on here. And it may have nothing whatsoever to do with the league Primadonna.


OT: Comcast to acquire NBC

News release and an opinion discussion B...

KP? comment on State of Blazers


The article is okay and over a week old , But I notticed a comment from "KP". posted By Kevin Pritchard, 22 July 2009 11:28:58 AM Hello to all Blazer fans, and fellow NBA fans.... I usually read these sites, and dont respond ever. But I feel I need to clear the situation regarding Brandons contract. There is no doubt that we want Brandon to be a Blazer for his entire career. Brandon has said he wants to play here for his career. For those of you that know Brandon, it is not about total money. He plays to win, and he wants to win multiple chmapionships, and be a contending team every year. I clearly laid out what that looks like. If we pay him and LaMarcus max dollars for the next five years, they will be using 60% of our cap space. With the assumption that the salary cap goes down further next year, if we sign them to MAX deals this summer, they will be using 70% of our cap space. I walked them through the history of teams that do this and their inability to compete for championships. (Orlando circa 2000 is the perfect example). I can not surround them with 13 complementary players with only 30% of my cap space left. I pointed out the successful teams and how their stars have made some concessions to win. (San Antonio, Detroit, 90's Chicago. At the end of the day, does it really matter if you were paid $160 million during your NBA career, or $150 million? I would challenge you to ask Kevin Garnett, or Ray Allen, or Pau Gasol, anyone who has tasted championship victory. With winning and winning championships comes more exposure and endorsements. I would argue that those dollars outweight the few NBA dollars you sacrifice. Lastly, Brandon Roy is an MVP talent and natural leader. You don't win MVP's overnight as your winning reputation has to build. I am a huge fan of Kobe, and he has been a great great player in our league for years, and you see how much he had to accomplish to win his first (and last) MVP. Just kidding, laker fans, wanted to have fun with a respected rival. I am a huge fan of the NBA and love talking hoops. -KP That honestly sounds like it really could be KP. Do you agree. Either way, the comment has some very good points that I hope KP is making to Roy about salary sacrifice for winning.

Dberri's wages of wins article


has some interesting comments regarding the Blazers especially Greg and Rudy. Read the comments too; there are some mad fans that ODen and Rudy are both more productive than Rose.


the first daily trade idea post

In repsonse to the the poll regarding trades, I've taken the initiative to create the first daily trade post.  This post may be created daily for guys who like ot discuss trade ideas.  My hope is...

Hollinger's Blazers team forecast


The article is a good read and had some very intersting stats regarding the Blazers D last season. O fnot eot me was the following quote. "Between the low rebounds and the infrequent steals, the Blazers were the league's second easiest team to get shots against, surrendering 0.99 shots per opponent possession. But with all the long arms on the Blazer roster, opponents tended to miss the shots they took. Portland ranked eighth in opponent shooting percentage and ninth in opponent true shooting percentage, negating some of the advantage of all those shot attempts and placing them a respectable 17th in defensive efficiency overall." That's right we were one the easiest teams to get a shot up against but most of those shots weren't very good. Nate's defsnise coaching was impressive one and done making sure that one shot was a contested shot. Later Hollinger made some inconsistent remarks. "Long term, of course, Portland's youth is a major advantage, as several players are likely to improve rapidly in coming seasons. But with only two rotation players older than 25, it could be an impediment this season." Hello you just finished praising their veteran playing ability witht he youthful tema but now thier youth becomes a question mark. Anyhow, this was a better than average team report.


What if?

Let's say we got the number 2 pick in the draft and Rose went with the first pick.  By the best player available (BPA) mantra, KP would select Beasley from Kansas. But would he really do that? ...


Site format frustration

Does anybody know what happenned to the links to other blogs (basketball or other sports related).  Blazersdege always became my Blazers homebase because I could easily navigate to the other...


Z-bo's current worth

Over at Truehoop it was stated"Charles F. Gardner of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "The disconnect between Bucks owner Herb Kohl and general manager Larry Harris came to the surface at the trade...


Building a succesful team

It seems everybody and their mother thinks the Blazer's  should be trading Zach and Jack.  I just don't see it.A good team has a rotation, not just five starters.  That means about eight rotation...

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