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Washington Football is Worth $213 Million?


Washington is listed as the 22nd most valuable NCAA college football "franchise", and 2nd in the Pac-12 behind USC. Although the article suggests that growth prospects are projected in the valuation, I'm not convinced this really accounts for the full revenue streams that will come from the new broadcast deal. In a related article, an overview of the total campus and football revenues are analyzed. UW is ranked #5 and #17, respectively. These are actual, not projected numbers, and the author ranks programs on football revenues as a percent of total. Expect Pac-12 programs to come up quite a bit in the future as they benefit from those same broadcast rights.

Recruits that Holt Overlooked


These are the guys that we should have had on the field against Stanford. They never would have let up against that fur-faced QB! How could we miss such talet? Damn you Holt!

UCLA - Arizona Fight Suspensions


At the risk of looking ahead one week, the suspensions of several wildcat DB's for the Oct 29 UW game should make for an even more wide open passing attack, especially in the first half. Aside from the self-interest of a Husky fan, I completely agree and understand why Larry Scott took this action. He's building a national brand in the PAC 12, and that whole episode, on national TV was an embarrassment. For now though, on to Palo Alto, hopefully a great game, and a Dawg upset.

Arik Armstead Decommits From USC


He's got Washington on his list. Even with the in-state OL targets, this would be a huge pick-up if Sark and Coz could get him. Sounds like he is pretty upset with the Trojans. Come to UW, stay in the PAC, and spend the next 4-5 years pounding those guys from SC. Sounds like a good idea Arik.

Sailgating - A Little Love From the NY Times For Husky Stadium


I thought some of you might find this entertaining. I attended games for years during undergrad days, and after graduation while still in Seattle, but never experienced game day by boat until going back for last year's Nebraska game. A forgettable game (requiring heavy drinking), but certainly a great time. Fall Saturdays at Husky Stadium are something I probably miss most about Seattle. Go Dawgs!

Is This What it Takes to Beat Oregon?


This is an interesting take on the LSU defense, and how to some extent it was adjusted over the past off-season to address the challenges of facing the Ducks. Surprisingly, LSU looked to increase the speed up-front as a counter to the speed and pace of the Oregon offense. After watching the Auburn game last year, and the LSU game this year, my impression was that it was the size and gap-stuffing ability of those defenses that was the difference. This article was a bit of an eye-opener, and made me re-think my assumptions. I'm still not sure if I buy in to this thinking completely, but it does make sense after watching the Cal defense get out-run on several plays last night.


It’s 4th Down – Quick, I Need My Calculator!

With the bye week upon us, what a great time to consider the brain-numbing calculus of 4th down decision-making.  I know you’re all thinking, “yes, yes I love that stuff, and want more!  The...

The Story of a 1992 Husky Walk-on


If you haven't already seen this, I thought some of you might enjoy a good story about a former UW walk-on. It was certainly a unique time to be part of the Husky program.

Maybe the Senator was really the Warden


Is it just me, or does Jim Tressel remind you of Warden Norton from The Shawshank Redemption. Not only does he look the part, but more to the point, his public image appears to be a complete fraud. While preaching from the Bible and establishing moral authority for the masses, in reality he's scamming and gaming the system. Clearly, he was fairly good at his job, but a cheat nonetheless. I just find the parallels humorous.

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