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User Blog

New Sturm Blog: Running to Win or Running After Win


A great post on the tactical advantages of running the ball. This post challenges assumptions made on both sides of this issue

Bob Sturm's Decoding Callahan


Always Excellent Piece. Bob Sturm really should be on your list of must reads every week

MMQB: Simplicity is Key


Peter King describes why Offensive Simplicity is the future of Football


MAFS: Turnovers Is the Name of the Game.

Meh. Overreaction thy name is Dallas. First I have been given permission to put up a NY/A Graph weekly on my posts. So let's get right to it. First O NY/A Given the way averages work I shall...


Justifying NY/A: A Fool's Errand

You may think with the title of this post that I will in some form or fashion bash the use of the statistic NY/A. That's incorrect. Instead I will attempt to show why certain members of this...


Sacks Hits and Pressures or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Doubt Anthony Spencer

There has been, I think, some confusion in recent months as to the nature of what I shall dub as "The Spencer Skeptical Position." This confusion stems from what I believe to be a lack of a...


Bad Reasoning

This is going to be a quick post because I just want to make a single point. Take this case as a starting example: Jake wants to ask Mary out on a date. Unfortunately for him before he gets the...


Senior Bowl Open Thread

Use this thread to discuss the awesomeness of the god among Wide Receivers: Marquise Goodwin.Or you know any of those other guys. Hmm... I somehow have to make this thing strech to the proper...


Whither Tony Romo?

I have tried to come to terms with the frustration and anger veered at one Tony Romo since the Sunday Night Football loss to one Washington Redskins team, the quarterback of whom is now the best...


This Defense Isn't Good. It Probably Never Was

I hate to be the fly in the ointment. But seriously, what is this I'm hearing about this defense being great this year? It makes no sense to me. The argument goes something like this: The defense...


Enemy Film Review- Seahawks Offense

So, this idea came out of my love for reviewing film from NFL games for all of the useful tidbits that we often miss when we watch the games. So, of course, I wanted to review the stellar game 1...


Cowboys Game 1 Recap

Great game last night. Lots of points I want to make but I want to add a new section to my recap posts. Expected Win Projections As most of you know, Statistics are great. Well, when I say great, I...


Question from Dallas Fan new to Atlanta

Does anyone on BtB know of any Pro-Cowboys sports bars in the Atlanta area. Just wondering if that is a thing down here


Preseason Game 1: What to Make of the First Team Offense

Terrible, just terrible. I don't know what else to make of the First Team Offense last night. Well, ok I do. I'm just going to cut right to the elephant in the room: The O-Line. We had good and...


How Can the Cowboys Improve (Part 2)? Inner Linebacker Position

Could the reuniting of these two Lions make the Linebacking Corps Elite? To start this article I want to pay tribute to both Keith Brooking and Bradie James. Keith Brooking was one of the better...


How much of an Upgrade was this offseason (Part 1)

People who have read my comments and posts before know that I can be alternatively one of the most homeristic not-paying-attention to facts fans on this site, but at other times one of the most...


Let's Look at the Big Picture

Can we really determine which one of these guys is better based off stats and win totals? Hey BtB, it's been a while and I think we should have a talk. Pull up a chair; sit down; have a...

Five Questions You've Never Been Asked (With Miles Austin and Tony Romo)


Five Questions You've Never Been Asked (With Miles Austin and Tony Romo)


PRPR: Pass Rusher or Defensive Back

I made this article in response to ScarletO's excellent post on the need for cornerbacks in a good defense. To preface, I agree with Scarlet in premise, but I disagree with his conclusions that...

Brett Maxie Gone


My secret CIA sources tell me Maxie is gone. I'm not sure how much he was responsible for the collapse of the Secondary but still. Apologies if this has already been posted


ITAR: Are There Better Rookie HCs Out There?

A Man Among.... Well, Men. Welcome to my second post of ITAR. Although it may seem that this series is devoted to Jason Garret, and although I certainly am a fan of continued faith in Mr....


ITAR: Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

When first logging on to my computer in the morning, I tend to try to figure out what has gone on in the X number of hours I haven't been with the program. Usually this first involves...


IIWI: The Story of the NFL Playoffs

Greetings my friends, I bring news of the future. It turns out that the winner of the Superbowl will be one of 12 previously selected football teams. And there's a good chance it won't be the B...


CISL: The Cowboys Struck Out

Well that was depressing. There will be ample time to discuss the loss to the Giants last night and the 7 others. Rather than do this, I wanted to share my feelings on a couple of things after the...


ORDJ: Pass Defense Isn't Really Your Thing? Choose Cowboys

Ok, I kid. I, like many people on here, am annoyed with the lack of adequate Pass Defense on our team, and while I don't think it was the biggest reason we lost, it seems that we always let bad...


WDFJ: Using Jones the Wrong Way

Well, Demarco Murray certainly has been an interesting emergence. A 3rd Round Running back is one of the best rushers in the NFL, at this point, only having started really rushing in the St....


DMAB: Murray Film Analysis

Well this certainly has been a fun week. We beat the Seahawks; the Eagles lost; The Giants proved once again to be the luckiest team on the face of the planet. Personally I was expecting a slightly...


YPAL: Objective Vs. Subjective

In this version of Why Do You Only Post After Losses You Horrible Person, I'll be examining my views of subjective analysis on Football, as well as other things that irk me make me a pleasant and...

BR Author Calls Out BTB for being Bandwagoners


I don't know if anyone has seen this, but apparently someone over at BR has felt free reign to call multiple members of BTB out for being Band wagoners.


DYRC: It's all about the clutchness.... OR IS IT

Theme Music: Fire Your Guns by AC/DC. Got this idea from 2 other SB nation sites. In this weeks edition of Do You Really Care (How many words my title is so long as I can make it four initials), I...

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