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Sheldon Richardson Practicing At The School He Committed To Is News

Sheldon Richardson’s through the clearinghouse and into meetings at Missouri, and it’s absolutely anyone’s guess how long he intends to stay there.

Colorado Football, Now Featuring Football

A new era begins in Boulder, and — pinch yourselves — it might even contain some organized sport. No, I know!



We have the superflu, you might have heard, and are whiling away our days of guest room quarantine by determining the future of sport, to tide us over until FutureSport becomes reality. And though...

Indiana's Kevin Wilson Versus Talk Radio: Choose Your Corners


Had I not heard anything but "Kevin Wilson got into it with talk radio bros," I could've described these guys to their shoelaces

Knile Is Not Just A Running Back In Arkansas

SB Nation’s Arkansas Expats sits down with Phil Steele, the hallowed oracle of NCAA football.

James Rodgers Shining In Early Oregon State Practices


SB Nation’s Building The Dam celebrates the return of James Rodgers, whose recent knee surgery doesn’t seem to be slowing him down in cone drills: Rodgers’ performance almost seemed to be a quiet...

Has To Leave Hands Free For Texting Up New NCAA Rules, See

Eleven Warriors has about had it with the college athletics amateurism debate:↵↵I’m still trying to figure out what is morally wrong with taking money that people want to give you. I’m still...

The First And Only Time You Will Hear Anything In The SEC Referred To As 'Tidy'

God’s own college football conference, from an across-the-pond perspective.

Last One Uninjured Wins!

According to reports, Kevin Prince has leapfrogged Richard Brehaut in UCLA’s quarterback race, and without even shredding any tendons!

The Black-Eyed Peas Could Become Lubbock's Signature Finishing Move

What’s the opposite of enliven? Endeaden? How to further endeaden football at Texas Tech, even atop swapping out Mike Leach for Tommy Tuberville? I’ve got a feeling they’ll think of something. [Via...

The Nicest Thing Steve Spurrier Has Ever Said About Tennessee

↵[ESPN] ran an ad featuring fans saying “Roll Tide” during the bowl season. “I said, ‘How much did Alabama pay those guys to do that?’” Spurrier said, recalling his conversation with Slive. “He...

Photo Of The Coach As A Young Whippersnapper

Via Jay Paterno, here’s JoePa as a dashing young devil and some guy named “Coach Bryant” at the ’75 Sugar Bowl.

Why, Yes, You Probably Would At That

↵“No doubt, if Coach Meyer were still coaching, I’d still be playing for the Gators,” says Jenkins, a star cornerback and a potential first-round draft pick whom Muschamp booted from UF’s team...

Al Golden's Internet Is Streets Ahead

Behold Miami’s new digital media guide, being billed by the university as “one of a kind,” meaning, correctly, that it is the only media guide about Miami football.

Whatever You Do, Everybody Make Sure To Keep Feeling Sorry For Jim Tressel

AP sniping is always the coldest sniping, in its way:↵↵Jim Tressel made $21.7 million as Ohio State football coach over his decade-long tenure before being ousted for breaking NCAA rules,...

Horn-Twisting In The Increasingly Inaccurately-Named Big 12!

Well, this ought to take care of those pesky programming issues:↵↵

Seantrel Henderson, Warrior-Poet

Miami’s Seantrel Henderson promises to be back sooner rather than later (we think) from his back operation, and in the meantime, he’s entertaining us in social media verse:

Who Knows Bo?

Auburn’s 1983 team photo in the Tigers’ official media guide appears to be missing a certain someone:

If You Have To Ask, Sir, You Haven't Met Bryce Brown

A Wichita columnist asks of the K-State transferrin’ tailback, “Does Bryce Brown get it?” Oh, he gets it, sir. But perhaps not in the way you intend.

To Say Nothing Of The Crucial Question Of Whether Or Not They Sparkle

Mark Richt, you will be interested to learn, is taking this whole “energy vampire” thing terribly seriously:↵↵

You Give Away Our Position One More Time, Mark Dantonio'll Bleed You Real Quiet

At first glance I thought this was Predator with a real distaste for ferrets, but either way, I’m a big fan of Michigan State DT Jerel Worthy’s body art.

There's Strong, And Then There's Dan Persa Imperial Army Strong

[via @ESPNCommentary]↵Quippeth EDSBS: “Dan Persa is a quarterback for Northwestern, and according to the school is a candidate for the Heisman trophy.”↵

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