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Found on r/detroitlions


Dunno who made it, but its pretty funny


'Jim Schwartz is an idiot'

I'm not sure if anyone's linked to this YouTube video by Chicago Tribune writer Steve Rosenbloom', who states the following: ..the Lions have an idiot head coach - and he seems to teach...


Caption This!

I don't even know if this needs introducing, but coming across this, I couldn't resist: Mark Sanchez Career Totals (Full)Games played 62 QB Rating 71.7 Comp 1028 Att 1867 %Comp...


A Thought

Disclaimer: I realize this would probably never happen, but hear me out. This'll be short, but after watching Sharrif Floyd's story on NFL.com, I started thinking, given that most of the main...


Take Notice

With 1 more win necessary to cement themselves in the playoffs, I think it's alright for us to begin to talk playoffs. Having utilized a couple of tools at ESPN (get it?) and the Wall Street...


Let's Put a Number On This

"Inspired" by joshsun's post regarding Jim Schwartz losing the team and an apparent necessity to already clean house (although even Marinelli was given 3 years), I want to cut past all the message...


Dude's got a point...

Just read an article on ProFootballTalk (via the Free Press) about yet another Suh response to the Dalton hit, and I think he made a good point: "Honestly, I really feel that I put the refs in a...


PoD Fantasy Football Benchwarmers League

Sean recently posted a psuedo sign up for the 'official' Pride of Detroit fantasy football league, and not being in a whole lot of leagues myself, I've decided to do a backup league for PoD,...


Bill Belichick does it again

So everyone (including myself) who was scratching their head about why New England picked up Albert Haynesworth and how he'd be utilized may have just gotten their answer: Bill Belichick may be...


Nate Clements?

The 49ers said today that they plan on releasing CB Nate Clements. I know this is some 'throw some spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks' shit, but I feel like Clements could have a decent...


PoD Madden Online Franchise?

I'm sure this has been attempted before, but with the new Madden supposedly getting a long deserved hard look at many of the glaring flaws it has had for years, I will once again be suckered into...


Week One Depth Chart

  Well guys, it's been a while since I've posted, and it seems we're nearing the end of this whole debacle. With that said, and free agency potentially a week away, I started dreaming up...


Sorry, gotta do it

With Mr. Irrelevant chosen, it means that my favorite client linebacker Mark Herzlich is officially a free agent.   I don't care what it takes, we need to get this guy. I can't believe he went...


2011 Draft Round 2 Open Thread

Lots to talk about, from Nick Fairley to the back and forth saga of the lockout, to where things could be going today... what about Minnesota's shitty pick? Did the Bears and Pack react to our...


The StarCaps Saga is over!

(Per PFT) Today the federal courts in Minnesota ruled on the long running StarCaps case, with Pat and Kevin Williams of the Minnesota Vikings and Will Smith of the New Orleans Saints attempting to...

Peppers 'Best DL in the NFL', Suh draws comparisons to Reggie White - NFL.com


Ndamukong Suh had a monster rookie year, which has one analyst calling him the best defensive lineman today.


Realistic Trade Scenario

I looked at the draft order pretty closely today, looking for opportunties to move around on Thursday. I really only came away with one scenario I saw as viable - and I do believe there's potential...


So let's talk about... Twitter.

This is more of a request than anything, though some other PoDers might find this useful as well. Since Facebook has now implemented something to allow you to view Twitter feeds instead of dumb...


Top 10... wait... huh?

In honor of my favorite holiday of the year, I figured I'd shoot a little post about the ever growing threat of marijuana usage and our favorite athletes. Who are the top 10 pothead athletes of all...


Draft Party?

So! The draft is, what, 2 weeks away? I live in the Metro Detroit area (Sterling Heights), and I've recently found out that I'm not going to be in Europe this Friday as previously thought.  So! Is...


Look, I'm not trying to be Rod Marinelli here...

But is it so wrong to want to continue plucking players away from the Tennessee Titans? Per the usual total speculation of Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio, the new defensive philosophy being...


Opinions on KC's Pick (Pride of Detroit Mock)

Hi all - I'm Nate from over at the Pride of Detroit. I popped in here a bit ago, asking a few things about the Chiefs' front office and draft plans, and I figured I'd stop in again to gauge the...


What's in a name?

With everyone holding their breath over whether Judge Susan Nelson will lift the lockout, and pretty much everything else aside from draft talk at a standstill, I figured this would be a good...


Trent Green: Matthew Stafford 'Next elite NFL QB'

NFL Network analyst Trent Green weighed in on Total Access, saying that he's looking for Matthew Stafford to enjoy a breakout year in the NFL. Taken with a grain of salt, Jamie Dukes said right...


Zack Follett re-signs with the Lions?

Just caught this on his Facebook. Could just be more Godspeak, but I'm pretty sure he's referring to playing for the Lions in 2011: God presented me with a 2011 contract that I just signed! If he...


All-Nate Team 2010 - Offense - Now With TE's!

In order to break up the monotony of Ayers v. the World among other burned and re-burned topics, I bring you on this 1st day of March, 2011 - The All-Nate Team of 2010! This is nothing formal, just...


Jets' Dead Weight?

No, this isn't some sort of half-baked Rex Ryan/zombie joke... Apparently the Jets are going to be cutting a handful of has beens and a never was in the near future, some of these names may...


Funny Observation

Just a quick thought - I looked over at the poll that the site takes regarding our faith in the teams' progress or whatever, and it's about at 100 right now... funny, because throughout the season...


Caption this picture!

I recently got a haircut and shaved off my winter beard in response to these last few 50 degree days in Detroit, and while I was trying to find a picture of Jim Schwartz with a goatee in order to...


Calvin Johnson on NFL Total Access

NFL Total Access had Megatron on during their Pro Bowl coverage, and it was actually a pretty good segment. They lauded Calvin and the upcoming Lions, and Calvin's response seemed genuine that he...

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