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Post-Darvish Rumor Thread

Let's face it, things have been boring since the A's traded Cahill for Jarrod Parker, Collin Cowgill, and Ryan Cook. The next big hump in the 2011-2012 MLB postseason, which was the announcement of...

MLB releases footage of Hatteberg's walk-off, A's 20th consecutive win


MLB.com finally released footage of Hatteberg's walk-off homerun.


Piliere: "Zack Cox to the A's looks more and more like a safe bet"

IMPERIAL PROCLAMATION!! Let's have Nate's excellent Draft post, which exceeds what I could achieve even were I to receive Joe Posnanski's brain in a transplant, be the thread for comments and...


A's interested in Cuban defector Arguelles

The A's season is over. The minor league season is over. The AFL is over. This is a sad time for baseball fans, and with Beane's recent comments that the A's likely will not make a big splash (or...

Joe Morgan does it again!


You guys remember Fire Joe Morgan? Yeah...I miss it, too. But FanGraphs has picked up where FJM left off and proved that Joe Morgan has literally no clue regarding anything in baseball except how to hit the ball, which he stopped doing when he retired. It's a dandy, folks.


If you think Beane is a bad GM, I hate you and find you stupid

Something I’ve never understood, as a baseball fan—or even a sports fan in general—is why fans are so quick to turn around after a failure and go for the throat. Even in the playoffs, fans are so...


Which team has the best young players in the MLB?

  Obviously this website is for MiLB players, but there are plenty of posts regarding prospects that recently reached the majors, and how they are faring. If you guys don't think this is the right...


What is wrong with Jack Cust?

I love watching A's games, and I love dissecting box scores afterward. And while I do pay quite a bit of attention to some of the more intricate statistics, I rarely check up on season statistics....


Implications of the Draft

Taking a page out of last year's draft's book, the A's took several talented players in the later rounds and went over the recommended slot bonus to sign them. That's why we have Brett Hunter,...


Oakland's Trade Bait: 3B Prospects (NL Edition)

In the third installment of my Oakland Trade Bait series, I'm going to be doing something a little differently. Instead of looking at who Oakland has to trade, I'm going to be looking at who...

A's had 2nd best 1st round draft picks in the 90s


An article over at BtB looked at 1st round draftee's WAR for their years under team control. With Zito, Mulder, Grieve and Chavez, the A's were second only to the Blue Jays in getting value for their 1st round picks.


Oakland's Trade Bait: Ellis

The Unicorn is an interesting case when it comes to Oakland's trade bait. He's injured right now and it's a leg injury which, if it ends up affecting him when he comes back, could hurt his range an...

Bailey is awesome - Article about pitching stats at BtB


Couple of interesting facts about A's pitchers: Dana Eveland is actually in a group of pitchers that includes Halladay, King Felix and Cliff Lee; the stat is for the rate of pitches thrown in a specific zone, which is surprising because Eveland kinda sucks at throwing strikes. Also, it's kind of clear that Bailey and Jon Broxton (LAD) are pretty much the two best relievers right now. Apparently, for every 100 pitches that Bailey throws, he allows 3.7 runs LESS than the average pitcher (around 6.5). In other words, Bailey is awesome.


Oakland's Trade Bait: Holliday

Alright, I'd like to start by saying that the season is less than 1/5th of the way over, and as poorly as the A's have played, Mark Ellis is set to return in 4 to 6 weeks, and Duchscherer is able...

Duke to come back as a starter?


SuSlu reporting that Duke has remained adamant about starting instead of relieving--and that's what he'll be doing. There was talk earlier this year that keeping him healthy and in the bullpen might be the safest for his heath, but that will not be the case. Duke comes off the DL on June 4th.

Wow, He Looks Good in Green and Gold


MLBTradeRumors has a small story about Miguel Angel Sano, a 15-year old shortstop (HEY! Don't we need one of those?) from the Dominican Republic. I just thought this video was very cool, and like the title says, Sano looks fantastic in green and gold. Another story about him here at ESPN.

Comparing Anderson and Cahill's Journey to the MLB


Over at AthleticsNation, I looked at their stats, contrasted their styles and compared their minor league track records. The two are quite a bit more similar than one might think.


The Ultimate Anderson vs. Cahill Fanpost

I was comparing our two young, bright-futured pitchers and I was surprised to find that their careers mirror each other's so closely, and yet they're still such different pitchers. It's actually...


Thoughts on How to Improve the A's

I understand that it is very early in the season to be making posts like this, but today's near perfecto/no-no/shutout left a bitter taste in my mouth. And also, it may be not be that bad a time to...


Confusing Offseason All Beane's Doing?

That's what Yahoo!'s Tim Brown is saying.


MAC: A Good or Bad Thing?

Sweeney's Power to Come?


Now, I understand that this is, in fact, Spring Training, and that he has gotten only 13 AB so far. We are dealing with the smallest of sample sizes. But as I was doing my daily A's website jumping, I came across this video about Sweeney doing blah blah blah. Then I noticed a little something about different about Sweeney's swing. This little video is all I have, but it's interesting. It looks like he has raised his hands slightly to about shoulder level, maybe a little bit above. In comparison, take a look at this video. His hands are just barely at the letters. Everyone has always wondered if the power would ever come with this kid. It's always been there. But as people have pointed out, he's basically got a slap-style swing, the kind of swing you'd find on a player that's 5'8" with no power, not 6'4" and athletic as hell. Now I'm no expert on hitting mechanics, and I wouldn't stake my reputation on this one little video. But I would assume, based on intuition, that you could get more power if you started with your hands higher and didn't slap at pitches. If he does figure it out, and ends up hitting ~20 HR a year, he might end up being one hell of a player. Just remember, he just turned 24. And he is hitting to the tune of .528/.600/.846 in those 13 AB.


Matt Murton to the Rockies

According to MLBTradeRumors.com, the A's have traded Matt Murton to the Rockies for infielder Corey Wimberly. Wimberly played primarily second base for the Colorado system and he ranked as the 26th...

Jack Hannahan: King of the Little Things?


Over at DrivelineMechanics, devil_fingers attempted to come up with a statistic that measures the "little things." I really wish I understood the stats as well as some of the people of AN. And honestly, I don't understand this fully, but I get the gist of it. Jack Cust came in second. Another strike, no pun intended, against ye ole strickout-haters. Ellis is #32, Giambi is #34 and Daric Barton is #58. Surprisingly, Crosby only cost the A's a little over a half win by failing to do the "little things" last year. Anyways, read it yourselves.

Rickey Henderson Denied Unanimous Entry.


If this has already been linked somewhere, I apologize. But... well, you'll know.

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