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We Should Have Seen This Coming


The writing was on the wall years ago, and we all owe Landry Jones a very big apology...just not the apology a lot of media types thought was coming.


It's Time to Lower Expectations

There was a uniform consensus at the beginning of the season that for OU's new 3-3-5 defense to work, there were three players who couldn't be hurt: 1) Jordan Phillips 2) Corey Nelson 3) Aaron...

The Real Reason OU Fans Are So Excited About Quincy Russell

In life, as in football, sometimes you just need a win. You need something to go your way. You need to catch a break. When it comes to recruiting at OU, that hasn't happened in quite some time. ...

Collusion, College Football, and Failed Logic


Greg Couch is a sportswriter who covers tennis and football for Fox Sports. If you read any of his work, it's clear that tennis is his forte.

OU vs. ND | Looking Back to Look Forward


After watching ND beat Stanford and BYU, I take those lessons and apply them to the big game.

Advanced Metrics & The Mike Stoops Miracle


After all, statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.

What must happen for the Sooners to win


After the first 5 weeks (or so) of the 2012 season, we now have an idea of the identities of the rest of the teams on our schedule. While one would be remiss to try and analyze Texas (or really...

What Oklahoma Can Do To Help the Offensive Line


"But OOOOOOO the offensive line losses … how can all that be overcome?" -Jason Kirk, editor for on OU's line woes. How, indeed? With the losses of Tyler Evans and Ben Habern, not...

Thanks for the Memories, Ben


Ben Habern's playing career is officially over. The stalwart center of the OU offensive line has decided to quit playing due to lingering medical issues. "Our coaching staff knows this was a...

Want To Make Team USA's Men's Basketball Roster? Move to Oklahoma


It's apparently true for the 2012 Team USA men's basketball team. Six on the final 12 man roster have ties to the Sooner State. Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden hail from the OKC...

Suspending Disbelief


The suspensions of Jaz "Hands" Reynolds, Trey Franks, Quentin Hayes, and Kameel Jackson have been addressed well on other articles here at C&C, and you can read them if you need to catch up to...


And It's Goodbye To A&M...In Video Form

Thought you'd all appreciate this. It's a short, but sweet, send off to Texas A&M football courtesy of Nuked over at LandThieves. It celebrates their glorious swan song of a season that brought...

An Appeal To Reason


After losing to Baylor for the first time ever, and losing at home for the first time since 2005 (let alone that loss being to a horribly mediocre Texas Tech), it would be easy to get frustrated...

Trevor Knight and the New OU QB

Last night, Trevor Knight apparently got the offer he wanted as he switched his commitment from Texas A&M to OU.  This is huge news (my thoughts on Knight after the jump), but I'm going to start...

Alex Ross v. Adrian Peterson: Junior Track Times


Because it's the offseason and we have nothing better to do, I decided to look up Alex Ross' track times after reading that he won state in the 200m and took 3rd in the 100m.  Later, I read a post...


Jaywalking with Barry Switzer

So, the Wall Street Journal did a decent little piece on the interplay between the new media and college football.  The moral of the piece is that modern e-media like bloggers (Hi!), TMZ, message...

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