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The Lockout Would Suck the Most for ...


Guys, is it still the offseason? Seriously. After a summer of mostly hockey hibernation, I'm starting to get the itch for the game again, which got me thinking about how much it would completely...

Eulogy: Remembering the 2011-2012 St. Louis Blues


Dear cruel, cruel hockey world: The Blues are dead. The body isn't quite cold yet, but it's on its way to the morgue. Rigor mortis has set in. We know some of you out there were drooling about the...

We can (kinda) thank Lee Stempniak for this playoff lead


I was reading through Gallagher's bullet points (dangerous, those) on last night's game, and one of them caught my eye (ow, bullet in the eye). He posits: · Alex Steen's goal was his first career...

How to Watch West Coast Games and Not be a Zombie


Well Blues fans, here come the sleepless nights. The Blues have drawn the San Jose Sharks in the first round, thus ensuring us at least a few nights in which games will start at 9 p.m. or later. So...

Jerry Halak. Enough said.


Jaroslav Halak will take the net tonight against the Blackhawks. Now I know Brad Lee just got done making the case that Ken Hitchcock has a harder decision to make regarding who starts in the...

Believe It Or Not, the Blues Could Be Better


So you’ve probably read all over these fancy interwebs about how good the Blues have been so far this season. They’re a billion and zero and one when facing the Eastern Conference of Pansies....

Ken Hitchcock and Playing Russian Roulette


Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Enter, Ken Hitchcock. Exit, Russian player. It sounds like a story we’ve heard before, doesn’t it? Late Thursday night, just days after Hitchcock was hired to...

Blues Fire Davis Payne...And Hire Ken Hitchcock


Well, that was unexpected. The Blues' Twitter feed and website and P-D beat writer Jeremy Rutherford both say Payne is out and Ken Hitchcock is in as the Blues' next coach. I have no idea what to...

What Should We Expect From Our Two New Veterans?


So, Game Time readers, I know you like to love and be extra positive on the Blues (don’t we all, except for Brad Lee?). With that in mind, here’s the good news: In case you haven't heard,...

The Blues, Like a Smart Kid's Report Card, Have Too Many A's


Today, we got official word of what we all wanted, and what we all hoped the Blues wouldn’t fuck up. And fuck it up they didn’t: They named David Backes as captain. That, friends, is awesome. ...

Chris, You Were Only Osgood From 2002-2004: A Ballad


Dear Chris Osgood ... First and foremost, fuck off, you Red Wing piece of shit. I remember calling you OsBad when I was 12. That’s right, a 12-year-old Nate the Great hated your damn guts. In...


Does this really bother you like it does me? I read this article about some NoDak kid and I just think it OOZES Oshie. The shit...


A Spectacular List of Dan O'Neill's Non-Hockey Ledes

Since we've seemingly discussed this a lot lately, I went back through the (horrible) P-D archives to check out just how many non-hockey ledes he's written since the season started. The answer:...

Sunday, bloody Sunday


Sunday, bloody Sunday

Looks like Steener's out 6-8 Weeks ...


Kerber tweets: Alex Steen expected out 6-8 weeks with a fractured wrist suffered late in 3rd period yesterday. He flew home to St. Louis. Does that mean we'll see Killa Cam every night?

saw these comments on a friend's Facebook status last night. "Tina" is excused because she...


saw these comments on a friend's Facebook status last night. "Tina" is excused because she disclaims herself -- she doesn't watch hockey, and acknowledges that. But the blatant douchebaggery that ensues in the next comment ... jesus christ, just wow. What a fuck. This guy must must be blind deafliving in a hockey-less cave a ball-gargling asshole from Detroit. I railed him in a followup comment ... but seriously?! Hating on Mase? I almost shit my pants. Chris Mason's beard > you, asshole.

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