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60-73: Chart

A "win" against an "opponent".


8/27: Open Game Thread

Hisashi Iwakuma Vs. Derek Holland

Kendrys Morales claimed on waivers

Actual, sweet, blessed quasi-news.

59-69: Mariners get fans excited for football

Starting to think this may not be our year, you guys.

59-69: Chart

3+ hours of very substandard product. F---------- would not use again.

Felix Hernandez threw a perfect game

It really happened and it was as great as you remember it being.

55-64: Mariners lose to Rays, Farquhar joins club

Brad Miller and some good relief pitching had the Mariners in position to win the series against the Rays. But then they didn't.

55-64: Chart

Aaron Harang started versus David Price and the Mariners lost I don't know what you guys expected to happen. Oh...

Ichiro is just like (most of) us

One of the many touching moments of Saturday night was the Mariners' penultimate star paying tribute to its greatest.

Ken Griffey Jr and me

There are as many ways to write, think, talk and remember Ken Griffey Jr. as there are Mariners fans. My perspective isn't unique, but it is mine.

(Pictured) The Mariners Hall of Fame

Dan Wilson, Jay Buhner, Randy Johnson, Marilyn Niehaus, Ken Griffey Jr., Edgar Martinez and Alvin Davis in one beautiful picture.

53-61: Mariners snap broom, stab Blue Jays with it

A Mariner game in which one team got off to a very large, early lead only to see the other team slowly overtake them and win in dramatic fashion. Only this time it was fun.

53-61: Chart

All hail the unstoppable battery of Quintquhar!

48-53: Saunders, Noesi pitch like Noesi

The luck and skill finally failed at the same time and the streak is broken.


7/24: Open Game Thread

The Mariners are winning. A lot. Consecutively. It's happening through methods dominant (sweeping the Angels), strange (beating Houston with 1 hit) and fortunate (last night's 9th inning). ...

Poll: Winning, here to stay?

A check up on where your expectations stand with the Mariners.

Are the 2013 Mariners the turn of the tide?

With the 2nd season about to start we take a look at previous Mariner 1st halves, and what this year's team does and does not have in common with them.

The Home Run Derby is a decent silent film

Do you love the derby? Hate the derby? I do not care why do you have such a strong opinion on this issue?

41-52: Mariner beat Angels, hit more dingers

The pitching finally got the whole "be good" vibe from the offense and the Mariners cruised to an easy 8-3 win over the Angels.

40-51: Mariners re-flip script, get destroyed

An onslaught of Boston hits for the 2nd straight day hold the Mariners comfortably within known waters.

A Justin Smoak poll

The Mariners former first basemen of the future is teasing again. Let's gauge the patience and faith of the fan base.

Danny Hultzen, Raul Ibanez, and what is fun

Your 2013 Seattle Mariners are a unique collection of talents and storylines. They are also exactly like the last decade of Mariners' teams. What do we do?


7/2: Open game thread

Hi guys. Very nice to be back. Glad to see little has changed with the team since I was awheyyyyyyyyyy wait a second why do we have a shorter, no glove Michael Saunders in Center Field? Why isn't B...

32-41: Mariners Aren't As Good As Mike Trout

Song as old as rhyme...


6/19: Open Game Thread

There's no point in playing the "what if" games in life. They do nothing but fuel the train to crazytown. But I can't help but wonder myself how different the feeling around the Mariners would if...

32-40: Mariners Aren't As Bad As Josh Hamilton

The Mariners ride the Josh Hamilton Disaster Express to victory.


6/18: Open Game Thread

Storylines: Jeremy Bonderman looks to continue an unlikely run of success, which is unlikely. Tacoma is harboring a fully armed and operational Erasmo Ramirez which has Scott in the unusual...

29-38: Mariners Do That Thing They Do (Lose)

The Mariners are the parents who get you boxers for Christmas and stuff them in an X-Box package before wrapping them.


6/12: Open Game Thread

I hate to bring up the USMNT match again since Scott already mentioned it but I was reminded of the powerful way that shared interest and hope can cross differences reading this account from the...

28-37: Mariners I Guess Win Or Something

Some days the other team is just worse than you and there's nothing you can do about it.

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