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Grew up in Fremont playing and watching basketball. I tend to follow players drafted by the Warriors, even after they leave to other teams. Currently, my favorite player on our team is Steph Curry.

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Bazemore Starting For Lakers

He started last game, too, and he put up some solid numbers. Maybe it wasn't such a bad deal for them. We'll see.

O'Neal Set to Make Early Return

Less than six weeks, and he's playing full contact practice, when he was told recovery would take three to four months. Plus, Lee and Bogut have mild injuries.

Kuzmic Recalled

Just a blurb from Y! Sports. Kuzmic is back after picking up 9 boards in just 16 minutes of play. Sounds good to me!

Monta Ellis's Best Game So Far This Year

The link is merely to a box score. I just wanted to point out that I've been following him this year, expecting him to be his old inefficient self. Instead, he's been playing well. Really well, in this case. I've been impressed with his improved scoring efficiency and his assists. I can't speak for his defense, since I haven't been watching his games, though.

New knee ligament discovered...

Turns out, this previously unknown ligament, if torn, contributes to a common ACL tear complication. This may lead to more comebacks for NBA players whose knees are blown out, like Rose and Rush.

Trade Machine Fun

We need bench offense in the worst way right now. With the Rockets moving Lin to the bench and since David Lee would be a great complement to Howard, I was thinking they would make this trade. The Kings wouldn't, of course. Still, I would love to have Lin back, and I think unloading Lee's huge contract would help balance things out, leaving money to sign another PF. Our starting lineup would be weaker but our bench would be much stronger.

Broken Wing's Broken Wing

Former Warrior Brandan Wright's left shoulder is broken. Better than a torn ligament, though.

Warriors Visiting Prisoners

The Warriors are going out on a limb, playing basketball with prison inmates. The idea, I think, is to treat them like human beings and possibly encourage them to get back on a more productive, lawful path in life.

Steph Curry Leaves Nike For Under Armour

I guess they're paying him more? Or maybe he got tired of spraining his ankles with Nikes?

Former Warriors Playing on Really Bad Team

Worst team ever? Probably not. Can you spot all three former Warriors?

Y! News Discusses "Burning Questions"

Discusses the new lineup and potential for next season. The author posits that Barnes would work best as the 6th man and makes a good case for it.

Former Warriors Draft Pick's Signs of Life

Marco Bellinelli is getting some praise and has apparently earned the starting spot for the Bulls. He has certainly shown some good things, even when he played for the Warriors. He seems inconsistent, unfortunately, but it's good to read about how he's doing and that he's playing fairly well.

Bargs to the Warriors?

Apparently, a guy from the Toronto Sun is saying we inquired about Bargnani. Did we ask for him and a 1st round pick in exchange for Biedrins?

Daily Dime Warriors Heat

I wanted to post this to mock ESPN, actually, because they called Richard Jefferson a "key veteran." It's also a pretty good read, other than that.

Great Article on Green

A write up from the Contra Costa Times going to various sources to explain how Green has been a great asset to the team and seems like the kind of guy who will become a coach.

Mark Jackson a Worthy Coach

This author gave himself credibility pretty early in the article. It's Bleacher Report, but this guy, Hugh Grant, is a good and thoughtful writer who would fit in with the GSoM community.

Yahoo Power Rankings

We're not in a bad place so far. It'll be good to have Bogut back, though, right?

Barnes Gaining Confidence

From the Contra Costa Times. Good read and exciting.

Decent Bleacher Report Article on Festivus...

I rarely read Bleacher Report, because it's just not that great. But this was pretty good. A good read, albeit, not exactly up to par on analytics.

Draymond Green's First Year

Just an article I came across that discusses Green, whom I consider to be an exciting acquisition. Triple doubles as a PF? Very interesting.

Lin Starts Again, Scoring 28

Lin is turning out to be a great free agent acquisition... so far. I would have gambled on him, too, looking at his size, defense, poise and ball handling.

Ekpe Udoh's Defensive Rebounding

While this is a small sample size, the difference is immense. Last year, DRB% (or total percentage of defensive rebounds pulled down while on the floor) was only 11.4%, far too low for a PF. However, this year, after 8 games, while Udoh's offensive rebounding remains about the same, defensive is up to 18.2%. Per 36 minutes, he's gone from 3.5 DRB to 5.8 DRB. That's much, much better! Others have pointed out that most bigs don't improve as rebounders over time but remain about the same. Of course, considering Udoh's length, that he started out injured and that he was not well trained last season, we may see an exception.

Herniated WHAT??

Former Warrior Baron Davis, according to a news article doesn't have a herniated disk, nor a herniated disc. Yahoo! Sports whites out the typo but gives us the idea.

Udoh to Play in Israel

Being a big Udoh fan, I anticipate him developing his offense against lesser opponents... hopefully. He'll own these guys, I predict!

Full Season May Be Possible?

Negotiations are progressing, apparently, says this Y! Sports article. Hope that's the case. Missing basketball badly!

Spurs Looking to Trade Parker For High First Rounder

This will make trading Ellis for a high first-rounder more difficult. It also signifies rebuilding for the Spurs, which is interesting on a couple different levels.


The Behemothic Off-Season Thread Of Colossal Proportions

Word Of The Day: behemothic--of enormous size and power

Jerry West's "Brutally Honest Voice"

Nice article discussing the tremendously positive impact Jerry West could bring to the Warriors... unless the Warriors botch it by not taking his advice.

Minnesota Considers Trading #2 Pick?

Anyone else interested in making a deal? They're looking for solid vets to stabilize the team. David Lee, whom the T-Wolves bid near what we bid for him, Dorell Wright and Monta Ellis all fit the bill for that. I think a three-way deal is in order, personally.

Monumental Decision to Sign New Coach

Or is it monumental? Will we be building a monument, should Sloan come here? I thought this article was informative and thought provoking. It lays out our situation and puts things into perspective, as far as signing a new coach.

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